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Monday, 30 November 2020

Gunfight II - Setup

 So after considering the changes I thought needed  to TRWNN to suit my less chaotic style of play, I set up another simple scenario as a trial run.

[The Law, given a couple of rifles to even out the side]
The Law this time would have five characters, using the character generation rules as previously, save for one major change as I've added a new charater class which I've entitled "Gunslinger" and lies between "Gunman" and "Shootist"
Randomly determining the Law, I used the following results on a D20
1-4 Civilian; 5-9 Gunman; 10-14 Gunfighter; 15-19 Shootist; 20 Legend. 
Using this system the Law had a Citizen (J above), 3 Gunmen (F,G,I above) and a Gunfighter (H above).
The Banditos (below) had a vastly superior force, though they too had a civilian (E below) in addition to their two Gunfighters (A ,  B) and two Shootists (C,D)
[The Banditos]
The scenario was a simple one, the Law have just come from the telgraph/post office with th latest wanted notice but on emerging (a 2D6 random didtance towrds their office) instantly recoginise the notious Mexican gang on the notices coming down the street towards them The Mexicans are merely going the Bog Hotel looing for their friend.
The 'Citizen' of each group would be in a random building and would emerge on hearing a gunshot and on their action card if they passed a 'Nerve' Test (I've reduced the Nerve values by one  from the original TRWNN rules). A Civilian having two 'Nerve' adding one for each Level above to finally a Legend having a Nerve of '6'.
[The main street, where all the action will take place. Top left is building one, clockwise to building six]
[The Law heading down Main]
[The opposition heading up Main towrds the Law]
For the Action Deck, I used two cards for each Character and added the four necessary Action cards, one for each  Class. With the additon of the end of turn indicator, te Joker, this gave me a deck of 25 cards - much better for shuffling !
With orders of "Head for cover " fromBoth Leaders (C and F), the game started.
The first card out allowed Diego to activate and he immediately opened fire on rifle wielding Frank, despite the range and throwing only a single die he managed a '6' to hit, giving him a serious leg wound, leaving him lying in the dirt for the remainder of the turn.
[The Law all headed (successfully) to cover, leaving poor Frank where he lay]
 [Benito (top right is killed, but Jake (with his rifle] emerges from the  "Silver Dollar" back door]
The Meicans too headed for cover and given a second intiative Diego managed to get into the doorway of the big hotel, poor Benito though, having made it into cover was hit by a single die roll of a '6 was dispatched with a further double '6' 0 right between the eyes !
Frther exchanges of gunfire caused no casualties and Erico was still to appear (he did activate but failed his Nerve test.
With all the Joer turning up, indicating the end of the turn, I decided to call it a day and return to the game later this week. Setting up had taken well over an hour and even though I'd shortened the distance around the table, standing playing a single turn for about a further hour was as much as I could take. (bad back, old age,,arthritus, weak eyes etc., oh, I also have a cold!). 
Part two then next week !
I enjoyed the simple scenario, with its random elements and my idea for walking running and sprinting worked well imo. I also allowed the Mexican Shootist to have a pistol ability of '6'. as having read through the skills is even plausible with the original TRWNN rules. He may be a tad exceptional, but is equally easy to kill!
Doubling the number of character cards also worked well imo, giving a much better act and react typ of game and a much better 'feel' overa;;.
In case you're thinking rolling 6 dice, to get a '6' is a bit excessive - he had to roll a '6' three out of four 
times  to get there.
And for those that are interest (though I doubt anyone is), here are all the percentage chances of getting at least one '6' dependent on the number of dice rolled:-
No of Dice:                    1          2         3        4        5         6         7
Percentage chance:     16%    31%    42%   52%   60%    67%   72%

That's it then for this week, hopefully there is something here of interest and as always your comments , brickbats a bouquets are welcomed and appreciated. 


  1. Sounds like the modified rules are working well so far Joe, look forward to reading more.
    Can fully understand the pain gaming can cause, and sitting on a chair can cause other problems as well as not making it any better sometimes ! Hope you feel better soon

    1. Thanks Dave, the game worked very well imo and as a solo effort it flowed quickly.
      I beeen plagued with a crushed disk for fifty years so I'm used to it but it is tiring.
      Thankfully I suffer a ot less than I used to.

  2. Thank you for my Monday treat, Glad to see you are playing games,all be it in short doses,does give the chance to re live the action and the anticipation of the next stage.
    Thanks for the effort.

    1. Tou're welcome Douglas and thanks for commenting.
      The game was simple but felt good; I think I was a bit too keen gettint ino it, but next time there won;t be any sttting up !

  3. Bad back, old age and weak eyes - I empathise with these!!
    Great game so far Joe and I'm looking forward to the finale

    1. Thanks MJT, with the randomness fpof the xards, even playing solo it's hard to know how it's goinf to go.

  4. Great posting, Joe. Glad to see you getting a game in and the new rules working so well. Bit of a bloodbath too from the sound of things - its hard to overcome a bullet between the eyes!!! :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, playing a game is a good way to re-energise enthusiasm.
      Blood bath ? Two wounded ?
      There was a lot of shooting tbf, but not a lot of 'hitting'

  5. Ha! That's sounds really great Joe!

  6. You can't argue with a double six in any rules.

    1. Thanks Vagabond,
      (Don't tell anyone, but I got that result wrong. 6,6 is a serious leg wound in TRWNN !)

  7. Very nice indeed I have shared your post here https://wargames-directory.com/forums/topic/gunfight-ii-setup/

    Feel free to join and share your work

    Take care


  8. Sorry to hear your a bit under the weather Joe, setting up a game can often take as long as the game itself, good to see your rule changes are working out for you & must add a double 6 only hitting someone in the lag is way off the mark, between the eye's works much better :)

    1. Thanks Frank, I'm going to re-write the table so that a double '6' is a kill ! (Dave Docherty adjusted his table too in his rules "Blazing Dice".)
      I'm feeling a lot better now too, so thanks for that.

  9. Looks fun. Nice to see you getting some games in

    1. Thanks Brummie, it was a relief tbh to get a game in, even if solo. Finind a renewed interest in one of my favourite gaming periods was very welcomed too as my enthusiasm for most things has wained.

  10. Fun sounding game! The main street shot is really evocative, nice work!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, despite the fact that they're really just toys, I think they capture the 'western tone' well. Skirmish games imho were made for 54mms!
      Even solo the various dice rolls did make a fun experience, even if solo!