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Monday 28 March 2022

A Building and Bits

So another week and the contents of another two boxes from Bryan's (Vampifan's) collection to post about, the first of which is shown on the right.
The main content of the box is a building with a lot of additional bits and pieces.
The second box is much smaller, the contents are all resin, consisting of a car, a motorcycle and a lot of scatter materials too.

So here's the photographs:

Three-quarter view of the front and side of the building.
View showing the rear and other side of the building
View of the interior, a desk/counter and two filing cabinets - simple but effective
Another view of the interior
A very useful watchtower
A wind powered generator type thing
Newpaper boxes (an American thing)
Various scenics, cones (metal !), a computer, mal boxes, solar panels amongs others.
The house is mdf, the other things are either resin, card or mdf too, but where they all come from is beyongd my knowledge, though the card pieces are probably WWG.
The car, sans windscreen and a couple of tyres from the second box.
All the other bits from the second box - spot the car's windscreen !

I think the second box is all part of some garage deal of bits, but I haven't a clue where they are from.

That's all from this week, I'll never get around to using the resin bits and pieces so they'll be up for 'grabs' too, but the small building and bits I'm considering retaining for my own use. 
I'm begining to think no-one wants any of the things I've shown over the last two months as I haven't recieved a single request for anything - now where's my  closest charity shop ?

Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated..

Monday 21 March 2022

Werewolves and Fatties

Once more a couple of boxes of Bryan's (Vampfian's), correctly labelled boxes. The fatties are of course, from the Judge Dredd universe (of which I'm a fan) and iirc all appeared in Bryan's blogg sometme in the distant past. 
Of course with Bryans interest in the undead, vampires, werewolves and generally things that go bump in the night it wa sno surprise tocome across a box of werewolves - but there was a still a surprise inside!
First off then,

The Fatties:
Three huge fatties
Three medium sized fatties
First four of seven smaller fatties...
...and the rest, all bigger than a 28mm figure !
Final photograph of the whole blob

The Werewolves:
Smaller werewolves, even one on a 20mm base...
... and again more partially clothed
Some armed and dressed (cultist?) werewolves ....
... and they just keep coming...
... and keep getting bigger (these are about 40mm tall - excluding base)
...with a few wolves thrown in for good measure too
More, rather large werewolves...
...and some larger ones
... and they still keep coming and still keep getting larger...
...and weirder (imho) - dominatrix werewolf on the rught ?
The largest figure of all, armed and armoured at about 55mm tall excl. base, with smaller type for scale.

So 50+ werewolves in a box of every type/size/descritption you would want, unless you were Bryan as he want some obviod female type werewolves (to go with his dominatrix werewolf?) and here they are :
The female werewolves with obviously human lady-parts.

That's it then, a dozen or so fatties, both metal and plasticand a huge pack of nearly 60 werewolves, the latter in every shape, size and gender anyone cold want or maybe just one or two they would want ?
Once more another post wherein the contents are of no use to me and will all need a new home.
As I'm now coming towards the end of my rescued things from Bryan's collection, please take the time to have a look at all the posts and let me know if you're interested in anything so far. My email addy can be found on my profile page. I you are interested in more than a single item, give me some idea of your preferances in order. I 'll also require postage costs and your preferred methods of post (registered, 2nd class etc,)

There's still a few more things from Bryan's place to show, so there's no panic or rush from my pov.

That's it then for another week, hopefully there was something here of interest to you (or shock you?) and of course your comments are still welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday 14 March 2022

Wild West buildings in 25mm

Once more here is a selection of builidngs from part of Bryan's (Vampifan's) collection that I'd managed to rescue. I got a big clue of the contents of this box by the very large lettering on the box!
I don't know the provenace of all of these buildings and judging by the dust and slight damage they've been unloved for a long time. I suspect they could be World Works Games or maybe Whitewash  City. I hope I can find someone who will give them a clean-up and use them in future gunfights - they certainly deserve to be used.
The first photograph  shows three minatures and their 'sidewalks'; left to right is a 20mm Roman (provenance unknown, a 32mm cheap plasic farmer (Britain's rip-off imo) and finally a 25mm Hinchliffe (iirc) Prussian fusilier - the latter is well over 30mm tall !!!
Three of the smaller buildings...
... and their minimalist interiors
Two of the larger buildings, a Livery and a Bank/Assay Office
Upper floors of the above
Ground floor of the Bank
Two more businesses and a shack
More minimalist interiors - plenty room for figures!
Stage coach station and a bunk house - sorry no interiro shots (The Camerman is rubbish - Ed.)
The Silver Dollar saloon (lloking very much like my 54mm version) - and a Hotel
Ground floors and upper floors of the above
Three more businesses...
... and their interiros; the Undertaker's wa sstuffed with coffins - expecting a lot of business perhaps ?
A grain store and house
The interiors of the above.
A very large adobis style house (High Chapparal anyone?)

Three-quarter view of the adobe.
The internal view of the highly detailed interior
A complete model of the old plastic  Airfix  'Fort  Apache'
A few more bits and ices, the water tower is a plastic kit by Tyco and the very small plastic building is probably Faller.

So about twenty small wild west buildings plus a jail that's somehow been omitted, a few needing a bit of tlc, but well worth it for an instant western town imho.

That's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there is something here of interest.

As always your comment are welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday 7 March 2022

Half-dead, Undead and Dead.

 So, many boxes this week, from Bryan's (Vampifan's) collection of boxes I rescued from the dreaded, kind hearted, neighbours' clutches. The header photographs shows many boxes, the contents of which I don't think I've found, but took them specifiaclly for the foam inserts, knowing there wasn't a lot of protection for many of Bryan's figures.
I have the contents of another three boxes of  figures to show this week, two were unmarked but the third was labelled as 'corpses'.
So here's a view of the contents of the other three boxes, starting with the half-dead, then a brief look at the undead and finally the corpses' box.
(Be aware that theres a fair amount of photographs here)

The Half-dead:

The are all Bio-synths or synths by anther description - it's no use asking me !
Mk II Androsyths, one of the many MKs, and labels that are used
Another type of synths
Muscular types
Theses look like they mean business (in a mean way probably)
Human looking Athena class synths
More muscle-synths, bu a different class to the above !
Another huge figure, with a couple of others, Medusa and Nyx classes iirc
A group shot of the whole lot (not padding at all - Ed.)

The Undead:

A non-descript brown box conatined this sleeve of "Zombicide" Zeds
A few of the painted figures from the above
And a few more of the same.

The Dead:

Contents of the box marked corpses (twice)
A lot of dead and dying, all with flattened backs
A few corpses with integral bases
Some very large dead, mostly rounded, full figures.
Comparison of the larger, rounded figures and the smaller flat-based ones
A selection of dead animals, roadkill and seated hostages (!,?)
So a very eclectic mix of figures this week, Sci-fi zombie apocalypse and to some extent rural casualties of modern living.

But that's it for another week, and I still have a few more boxes of things to show, but I think I'm nearing the end !

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there is something here of interest. 
As always your comments are both welcomed and truly appreciated.