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Monday 25 May 2020

More Stalls

Ok, so i's a bit of a cheeky title, but just two more stalls to show and the finished butcher's stall.
The stall on the right is from "Frontline" (iirc), which I've painted up in various metallic colours for variety - the figure shown is from Eureka for scale.
I have three other similar stalls from "Frontline" only one of which I'm currently building a canopy for  and I'm undecided on the others.

 Next up is an "Irongate" market stall of spices, herbs and so on.
The two tier arrangement is a nice feature imho and is seen a lot in the current Cairo markets, sometimes seen stacked up to five or more times.
This is 'finished' but I'll be adding a few more things as I've done to the Butchers (shown last week) to make it a more interesting scenic item.

Really boring rear view
Only slightly more interesting side view
Other side view (Padding - Ed.)
Updated Butchers stall - in its final state

Side view with the freshest meat possible on the right !
Other side view (More Padding - Ed)
Obligatory group shot
My canopies I decided should be faded and worn, most I see look 'brand new' with bright colours, a look I didn't want. The third stall I have (a fish stall) has a similarly washed out blue-striped one and should be ready next week!

So in a week where I didn't stick anywhere near to my regime of an hour a day hobby time, (insert usual excuses) I still feel I managed something worth posting about.

That's it then for yet another week, thanks for taking the time to visit, I hope you've found something of interest and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Monday 18 May 2020

Warthogs and more

In a week where I've felt busy, I really haven't produced a lot, just two warthogs (from North Star) to add arity to the many different ways you can die in "Jimland". (They're the two models in the photograph on the right, just in case you hadn't realised).
Work on my market stalls has also seen a lot of progress and even though I'm very disappointed with them I've continued working on them.
Here's a few more pics of the results of this week's output:

The 'hogs' running the other way with figure for scale
Full frontal view (ooh err!)
 The stalls:
Bitcher stall (incomplete), from Iron Gate
View of ;table top'
Scratch-built stall probably for materials

Another scratch-build earmarked for a pottery stall
Scatch-built canopy over a "frontline" stall
I've got two more 'Irongate' stalls to finish and there's obviously still a lot of work still to do on all of these, but progress is being made and I'm yet to tackle all the 'extra' produce bit and bobs. (as yes I'm bored shitless to bits painting and making these !

Order from "w=Warlords
By way of some retail therapy one of my two recent orders arrived, a box of "Tribals" - destined for "Jimland" and a box of ACW 'Perry' Zouaves that will see service in the Sudan.
£20 for 20 Tribals and £20 for 42 Zouaves, I can;t figure out why one is relativel so expensive.
The Zouaves came with a single usable officer (I wanted two), whilst the Tribals can muster eight archers (I wanted ten), so slightly disappointed but overall happy.
The brushes are OK, a large a small and a dry brush, which should see good service.
The Afghans I ordered from "Atlantic" still haven't materialised, but given the current climate I'm not surprised.

That's it then for this week, I'll once more be playing catch-up with all the blogs I follow.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Monday 11 May 2020

More Jimland Fauna

In a week where I've probably managed no more than a couple of hours painting, I've still managed to finish half a dozen more critters to deploy into the wilds of "Jimlnd".
First up is this 'herd' of Wildebeest shown in the photograph on the right (obligatory slightly blurred); these are "Blue Wildebeest" and are not to be confused with any other types of Wildebeest variants. Who knew that even with animals you have to research their type, body colours etc.?
Almost obligatory rear view
Hardly the seething mass of creatures you see on documentaries and far more sedate.
The models are all from North Star and good sculpts with a bit of easily sorted flash, though I would
Not a pretty sight
have liked them in other poses and in motion.
Well that's the Gnus  and now for the weather final animal, a Cape Buffalo and once more these come in a variety of colours, I went for the one that matched the paints I was using for the Wildebeest.
Again it's a "North Star" mini and needed a bigger base than the 20mm x 40mm of the Wildebeest.
Side view (obviously)
Rear view showing its colouring more clearly than the washed out ones above
I couldn't drum up enough enthusiasm to finish the two Warthogs (again from NorthStar) but still awaiting my new brushes which should hopefully bring about renewed energy and enthusiasm to paint.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, apologies for the lack of exciting stuff, but opefully there may be something here of interest.

That's it then for another week, as always your comments are welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday 4 May 2020

The (Not) Famous Five

In a very lethargic week I've managed to finish a mere five individuals, three bound for the Sudan and two for Jimland. In the photograph on the right four of the figures are Perry minis (iirc) and the gorilla/yeti is of unknown origin, though I suspect it's an Irregular Mini !
I think these three are all meant to be Germans.
Rear view for those that like that sort of thing (you know who you are)
The two bound for Jimland
In their natural environment (obligatory slightly blurry pic)...
...and a bonus rear view
I may not have had a massive output this week, just insert all the usual excuses here, but at least I produced something and I've also ordered some new paint brushes too ! Interestingly enough if I'd spent £50 I'd have got free postage on the brushes, so I added a couple of boxes of (dreaded) plastic figures to the order to make it up to the requisite amount,
I've been working on the market pieces, adding ideas as I go, so what was originally just adding a couple of canopies to existing tables turned into an extra two stalls being scratchbuilt.
I'm building the two stalls from very thin garden cane, twigs and a couple of lolly-pop sticks.

That's it then from me for this week, I'll be catching up on all the blogs that I normally comment on over the next few days, though I reckon I'm pretty much up to date .

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully you'll have found something of interest and as always your comments are both welcomed and truly appreciated.
Until next week then, stay safe everyone.