Welcome to my blog, the story of my continuing journey into the World of Zombie Wargames.

Figure Views

It would be invidious of me to comment upon the quality of various figure manufacturers as I couldn’t sculpt a figure to save my life (not one that would appear vaguely human anyway), so here is just my views upon each manufacturer that I’ve either got figures for, seen or would like.  The list is not complete and I'll add more as time allows

Old Glory UK: (Blue Moon)
Four packs of Zombies, (the fourth being 14 “historical” figures), good solid zombie figures. Two packs “unarmed” (one pack is two-part castings)  and one pack “armed”,  at twenty figures per pack, good value for money and good service.

Zombiesmith Miniatures
Small but good selection of figures, with some survivors having duplicate “Zombified” figures.

Cold War Miniatures
Thirteen packs of Zombie figures each with a different “theme”, from “The Diner” to “cops”, plus one pack of five survivors.  All fourteen packs are available as one big deal, with a large discount and free postage ! Great value for money and some great figures.  

Wargames Factory
A bag of 30 self-assembly, multipart figures in plastic, great for bulking out a zombie horde or for conversions.  Price and availability vary tremendously, best to shop around (ebay).

Mega Minis
48 zombie figures plus a few “specials”, cheap and cheerful would best describe this range.  As well as Zombies they also have a large range of civilian figures.  There are obviously two different sculptors at work in their ranges as some figures are substantially more expensive than others and in a unique style, the latter not available in packs.
Black Cat Bases
Large selection of civilian types, and others, plus many accessories.  Small selection of Zombies.  There are far too many figures and accessories to even try to start listing what is available from this manufacturer.  Great service and good value for money too

Wargames Foundry

Foundry have more than 40 different packs of figures, in their "Street Violence" range, each with 5 figures and a couple of “special packs, there are no Zombie figures in this range.  The packs have themes to them, such as SWAT, Police, Militia, or Girls with Guns in Bikinis !  If there is a not a sale on at Foundry I’d advise waiting a while as there will be one pretty soon.


  1. Hi I just finished contagious by emily goodwin and Iam trying to find deathly contagious,would you send me the book?only if you have it, of course..maricel.bosela@gmail.com

    1. Sorry, but my copy of Deathly Contagious is an e-book.