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Monday 3 April 2023


 So, feeling slightly guilty of not doing anything wargame related for at least a month, I decided toget my arched building (for my Magnificent7 project) out of storage and paint it. Well that was the original intention,until I got the big boy paint brushed outs (size 2's and over) as this is a big model some 18" long, 12" deep and  6" high (45cm x 30cm x 15cm).
Before I'd even sorted out the paints and brushes I was going to use,  the photograph on the right shows some of the tools I used first.
Filler for the small surround wall at the base of the building that hadn't been done. 
Scissors to cut card for key stones that I'd just spotted when checking colours.
Door frame support/bollard things, has also been missed.
Two sets of matche, used as bricks had also to be sawn off
Finally a lot of filing of excess plaster had to be undertaken.
The door's key stone (left) and the door bollard things (right)
The photograph above I was using for colour reference when I spotted the omitted features and note the lower wall of dark stones that surrounds this building, that had to be plastered too.
Doors, now with the relevant additions.
One of two sets ofMatch sticks that had to be sawed off

Once all the 'extra; bits of work had been done and dried out overnight I started on a quick paintjob, that took 2hours or so a day for three days,
This was only the base colours that will have two more colours added, a lighter wash and finally highlighting.
Here's how the model looks with all the base colours done (very similar to the way I painted my Sudan builings).
The building with all its base colours more or less finished,

Rear of the building (pretty boring huh?)

The roof  (equally boring)

Well, what I thought would be an easy job has turned out to be just the start of a marathon painting and modelling seeion. Hopefully I'll find the enthusiasm to continue and try to finish it off before its once more put into storage.

That's it then for another month and just in case you think I was having fun, just to be clear - I wasn't !

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