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Monday, 2 November 2020

Casey Jones...

..." Steamin' and a rollin'".

For those of a younger disposition this was a black and white western )one of many) from my youth, concerning the adventures of a railroad, its engineer (him of the title), Casey junior (his son), Fireamn Wally, redrock and the rest of the crew on the "Cannonball Express"..

[Not me in the pghotograph above, I was decidedly older when I bough this set]

All of the above preamble was so I could show my two railway set-ups for my Old West skirmishes. Railways and their robberies (invernted by Jesse James iirc) played such an important part in the OW that I had to have one.

[Contents of the Timpo set] 

[Forty inches long]

[Engine and tender, the latter held the electric motor]

[Inside the carriage and parcel compartment]

[Parcel bit with opening door !]

[Caboose with sliding doors, but no other detail]

The second set I have is even mor toy-like:

[What you see is what you got - I bought two sets]

[My two sets]

[Engine comparison]
[The two sets, side by side]
[In the foreground is my full train, two carriages and a scratch-built Express car]

[My roofless Express car with siding doors !]
[View showing unfinished internal detailing]
[Another view of the insed of the Express car]
[The whole of the upper structure of the carriage is removed to get inside]

The second set doesn;t come with tracks, but is a hefty model, well over five feet long if I added the flatcar.

In  a week where I did very little modelling or apinting, I found half an hour on Sunday to put togther these models:

[Three and a half beads and a drink straw - can you see hwat they are yet ?]
[How about now ? - they're meant to be old oil lamps - just in case you couln;t tell]
[And how they look in use]

So that's it for another week, the good news being that I managed to get a post together despite doing very little and Blogger is almost like it used to be. I even put in photographs as I typed and re-sized one of them !

Thanks for taking the time to visit, I hope there was something of interest and of course, your commetns are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Wonderful sets there Joe, both look great as a basis, and can see so much that could be done with them.
    Your oil lamps look excellent, great idea and use of materials.

    1. Thanks Dave, both sets have their pros and cons and, as you say, need a little work to use.
      The oil lamps came about because of an ACW scene in the Whitehouse, I thought the lamps there looked like veads and an idea was born.
      I have a lot of 'stuff' I've collected, including straws of carious sizes from drinks packs etc. - I demand my Grandkids hand them over after they've finished their drinks!

  2. Excellent trip down memory lane, with lots of gaming uses too. Those lamps are a terrific idea. Great work, Joe :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I hadn't realised I had the Timpo set and could only remember the "Big Train", but I'm pretty sure one or the other was used in a game.
      (For the Lamps, see my reply to Dave abov)

  3. Well that brought back memories Joe & I was even singing along, It's Casey at the throttle of the Cannonball Express :)
    Love the trains mate & once again you have hankering to get back to my OW stuff for which I even have a train to put together for.

    I love the lamps & I here by notify you the I will be steeling that idea at some point to make my own :)

    1. Haha, thanks Frank, I haven't been able to get the damn tune out of my head all day! I'm sure we'd all like to see everyone's hidden-away toys of shame too! I'm oretty sure all gamers have wanted or have played OLd West games.
      The lamps were easy, but they're bi, I wouldn;t like to do them in 28mm!

  4. Love the trains Joe! Casey Jones was a favourite of mine back in the day

    1. Thanks MJT, I watched Casey Jones mainly because there was little choice, but I remember there being a different western on just about every night! (Boots and Saddles, Maverock, Gunsmole etc. etc.)

    2. So true! When I was a child there were 3 channels and they only broadcast for a few hours a day - and you try telling young people that today and they won't believe you...

    3. Haha, our first TV was a 5" screen and I remember watching "Muffin the Mule"; at about age seven I watched the adverts for the up and coming Independant T.V. channel, including "Wagon Train" - all very exciting!

  5. Oh yes! I had the Casey Jones train when I was a kid. I had many a game of Cowboys and Injuns with it.

    1. Thanks ray,me you don;t still have it as it's worth about £200 now!

  6. Thank you Michal, still doing bits and pieces

  7. Splendid looking train sets! Excellent scratch built lanterns too!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank Iain, the trains, sadly, have hardly been used but are still very usable.
      The lanterns were done on a whim after finding inspiration in a real one from TV.