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Monday 1 May 2023

Playing Games

 Currently any bobby-related activites have been put on holdf everything and I can't get into my games room without a struggle. The problem is that my time has beentaken upp conforming to the wishes of SWIMBO and we have had to go out, select new living room furniture then removing the old pieces until they can be whisked away, Un addition tto this, newflooring, carpets, lino etc. are being laid meaning that entire rooms and hallways have had to be emptied of everything (guess where to!).
 Nevertheless I have had access to sdome spacec in the living room and during the Easter school holidays had the delightful grandfatherly duty of keeping two of my older granchildren amused.
First up was the game "Mastermind" by Invictus, which plays a lot like 'Wordle', but with eight colours rather than letters.
We started with five coloured pegs from the eight available, but reduced it to four for simplicity. Once they had the idea of the game and had both played against me, they wished to play against each other, which suited mefine.
Two hours of bliss later they discovered they couldn't score properly.But a great time was had by all.

 I had another opportunity to play a game with my #1 grandson after an emergency at his mum's work meant we could have another game of somehting. I settled for The old classic "Space Hulk", my version being the orignal v1,0. Whilst the Terminators were nothing to write home about, the genestealers were excellent and I had them, undercoated and painted (with inks) in no time flat.
We played the first game in the mission book, he being the Marines first time around and we then swapped around for the second game. Needless to say I spanked his bottom both times, but he'll learn.
On the other gaming front with my console, I'm still playing Bannerlord, my Character is now 66 years old and his marriage has been childless, but I am the Khan and have around 5 million gold in the bank.
So, whilst surfing the online store, and with the happy memories of Space hulk playing in my mind, I came across this:
A console game, costing around a fiver, it was worth a punt.
The game is clunky, showing a lot of age and should b re-done, but for all its faults it's a decent enough game and far better then the "Amiga" version I wowned all thise years ago (Space Hulk came out about 1990 iirc). 
Here's a couple of screen shots:
Your initial squad

The initial campaign map

The "normal" viewfor playing - you can zoom in and out - the detail is excellent.

You can also go into a first person mode - scary as feck.

I had no photographs of my own for this post, as my camera is safely tucked away in my games room whist the various work activities are carried out (next up is decorating - ^Yay^) 

But that's it then for another month, hopefully I'll remember  it's a Monday next time, before our evening meal !.
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