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Monday 25 February 2019

Forgotten Armies #4

"Army" is perhaps an exaggeration for this particular force as it was yet another project that never really came to fruition, though I'm pretty sure that others had forces to add to my own puny effort.
Nevertheless many small-scale engagements were fought mostly to "The Sword and the Flame" rules (an excellent set of rules and still going strong after more than twenty years - Edit there is talk of a 40th Anniversary Edition).
The more observant amongst you will realise that they are for the Indian Mutiny, but the whereabouts of the single artillery piece I had for this force is a mystery.
(Note: The anachronistic two dozen infantry from the Zulu war in the foreground are merely stored here and should be ignored)
Close up view from the above (with unpainted gunners!)
The civilians (bit obvious really)
Mutineers and regulars Indian allies,
Civilians and bandits etc.
As previously mentioned, not much of a army (less than 200 figures total!) but twenty of the figures have seen service in Jimland as soldiers and slavers (and a Missionary!).

Pony Wars event cards
I haven't been completely idle in other matters, having been sparked by memories of past Pony Wars games, I dug around for my set of rules and the various charts and QRSs that accompany them; my task was, I am pleased to say  fruitful as I also came across a set of yellowed event cards that I had forgotten about. The ones I originally used were all hand-written on very small pieces of card. I photocopied the cards and laminated them to preserve them further and of course if I ever get the urge to play another game then they'll be cut out !

That's it then for yet another week , one in which my spirits have had a nostalgic lift.

Monday 18 February 2019

Forgotten Armies #3

Unlike my previous two "Forgotten Armies" (three if you include my pirates I posted about many moons ago) this 'army' has seen action on the wargames table many times.
It might seem strange that the first pic is of a facade of a "Hollywood" fort, but this is an integral part of the game "Pony Wars".
The game starts with a force of US cavalry emerging from the fort in true Hollywood fashion, in column of twos. To rescue homesteaders, fight off injuns, fight rustlers to aid law and order and many other things. Events are by card draw, that bring reinforcements, some unwelcome predicaments (Clam Bake!) and of course Indians, the latter being dice/situation controlled as the players all play the US Forces (not all Cavalry).
Opening gates !
In addition to the fort, there are homesteads needed, an Indian village and other terrain features in addition to the figures used.
I 've used my 15mm ACW collection of buildings as stand-ins for the game and initially used waggons, artillery and a host of other stand-ins for other things.
The cavalry
Close up
The cavalry are straight form "Hollywood" and bear little resemblance to the real thing !
The opposition - the Injuns !
The game suggests a force of 600 (!) mounted Injuns (compared to about 150 cavalry) but I never managed that figure, but I can field somewhere over about 350 - not too shabby imho.
Close up - looking a bit worse for wear

Stored in three different rooms, and five 'boxes; hasn't helped.
More Imjuns - including some on foot!
Villagers to be slaughtered
Some of the extras needed, cattle, buffalo, a stagecoach and an Indian Village
All can feature in the game!
Six horse stage coach and tipis scratch built from paper clips and clay
Townsfolk, Ranchers, Rustlers, Buffalo Hunters  - a cast of thousands (ok hundreds)
One of a half a dozen waggons for the game
Some of the civilians that will need rescuing
One of the homesteads
More US forces that are needed, infantry artillery, scouts  etc. it just goes on and on
The gatling detachment
It's been some years (at least) since this 'army' saw the light of day, but I can recall that it was used on several occasions and was a truly fun game, that could be played solo. There were many laughs to be had alone the way too as the The cattle Drive would intercept the route of the stage or the Buffalo whilst the Lone Ranger (and his mate Tonto) tried to stop the Indians.
It's a game that's not seen around shows these days (hardly surprising considering the amount of preparation that's required) , but a very enjoyable romp that I have many happy memories of !
The 15mm figures etc. came from many sources, Irregular, Minifig (iirc), Skytrek and probably others.

That's it then for this week, another that has seen me do absolutely nothing in regards to the hobby (save for doing this blog), but on a good note, I think I have finally caught up with my reading of others' blogs.

Monday 11 February 2019

Forgotten Armies #2

Whilst I haven't raised my enthusiasm enough to do anything hobby-wise I have had my spirits lifted by the return of Clint at "Anything but a one", one of my original followers who seems to think along similar lines to myself (as so many others do).
My second army in this (now) series is my Roman Imperial army. I did have a Republican army (some 600 figures) that I sold on, as I can't really seem to 'get into' ancients. This army was formed after the Warhammer "Ancient Battles" was published and my opponent decided he would paint up the Celts. He managed to finish only two units of Celts and the project died, though I did buy the finished Celts of him and sold them just last year.
Two units of the army did see action, one unit of 24 Legionaries and one of Auxilia, but the rest have resided in storage for about 18 years !
Five units of 20 x Legionaries

The Auxilia and 'extras'
Close up view (bit obvious really)
Some of the mounted chaps, stuck to the side in the above pic (magnetised bases)
The rest: Archers, slingers, artillery and cavalry
Cavalry  bods, close-up pic.
Maybe not as many figures as my Boxer forces, but still a sizable chunk of lead, with just the bases to complete.

That's it then for this week, I'm still trying to catch up on blog posts, but I'm getting there.

Monday 4 February 2019

Forgotten Armies #1

The German Marines, only one unit of the three would be needed !
So what do you post about when you haven't done anything ? Well, in true 'Blue Peter' fashion (and like a lot of other bloggers have done, I'm sure), you post about something you did earlier, which in my case is some fifteen years or so earlier!
The Siege of the Legations in Peking (now Beijing) at the turn of the millennium 1900 have always fascinated me and were the object of a project that (like many)  I've participated in, that sadly never came to fruition. Various friends decided to join and tasked themselves with providing the figures for one of the many legations present in the siege. For my part, I went with the Boxers, the German marines, the civilian 'Carving Knife; brigade and some sailors, whilst my #1 son provided the British RMLI , Other had US marines, Russians, Japanese and other sundries.
Here's my efforts
Sailors (top three units) and the civilians at the bottom
Six units of Boxers
Another four 'proper' units, plus a host of musicians at the top !
Boxers flags, officers and a unit of Chinese regulars
The British RMLI
I also tasked myself with the making of buildings, most of which were mere shells and none were ever finished, including the 9 foot (270cm) section of the Tartar wall:
The wall, leaning up against my wall.
Well that it then, about 500 figures with their bases all but finished and that have never seem the table... and they're not the only ones  !

Next week will be my 359th post on the 7th anniversary of this blog, but don't expect anything special (sorry).

Thanks for taking the time to visit.