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Monday 18 December 2023

Happy Mithrasmas*

 Yes, it's that time of year when we celebrate the birth of Mithras (25th December), where we celebrate a winter holiday by dressing in our finest clothes, exchange presents and slaughtering a bull (of course). Saturnalia, the Roman holiday had a similar take  on the festivities as have other winter Holidays.

 Enjoy the winter festivals in whatever manner you wish and have a good time.

* Other religious holidays are available.

In other news, I am getting medication for my illness, having a clinic check-up (tomorrow) and two one-day visits to Hospital, at the end of this month and the beginning of the next for traetment that lasts the whole day. I'm an old hand at the procedure, having had it done three times previously in the last ten years.

That's it fom me, but I will be posting again sometime in the new year.