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Monday 28 February 2022

Terrain and Random Boxes

 Once more this week, I'll be showing some of Bryan's (Vamifan's) terrain pieces and a few boxes that I picked out, more or less, randomly.
The piece on the right, I believe is an Ork settlement (?), possibly a GW piece made from a hard foam like material - but I can't be sure. It's about 1' square (30cm square).
There are a couple  of pieces below, one is a ruin from Ziterdes, the other is a graveyard  or (more likely) a cemetary and probably a fantasy piece. It is again a very light-weight piece, probably foam material again, but the manufacturer is unlnown to me.
Here's the photos:
The Ziterdes ruin, (it's much darker than this photoshopped image)
The excellent cemetary, mostly devoid of skulls !

Next up, some random boxes:

A Mordheim building, card and plastic bits ?
Contents of the above, possibly for Mordheim (generic DnD  adventurers?)
Another Mordheim box, but with two buildings inside and a set of rare instructions (rare for Bryan)
Two boxes of zombies, a host of Mantic frames (top) and two frames of Zombie Vixens.
The box lid says it all, only a few items are missing!
A box of Termagants - about forty in this box though, metal and plastic
All painted, to my eye, resembling wood lice !
So a wide ranging collection from several era and genres; I  hope some of you will recognise the pieces that I haven't a clue about and that something among this lot is of interest.
I'm intending; to as readers to show an interest, I'm able to pass a lot of Bryan's collection on to a good home, but will be asking for postage at cost (lead is heavy). When I'm ready I'll be posting more on this at a later stage, so please dont inundate me with requests at present. Also not I'm no good at this sort of thing, so please be patient.

It's all been a bit of a rush today, my camera not having a charged battery hasn't helped either, but I got there in the end.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday 21 February 2022


Yet another box of Bryan's (Vampifan's) figures, many of which I 'd never seen before. From what I've seen before they're all from WEst Wing, but there may be others amongst the mix. I newhe had a Biker gang, but it's doubled in size since my last memory of them on his blog. The two above right are unique in that they look very futuristic, even Tron-like, whilst the rest below are a mix of 'normal' sized bikes along with the 'choppers'  I more normally associated with the typical byker gangers.
 Here's the photos:
The box, with the give-away labelling
The wonderful cornucopia of the contents
Cops with their dumounts - chips anyone ?
These took me a little aback - not what I was expecting
Another surprise - Orks maybe ?
The above's comrades
Smaller bikes, but with well-armed riders
More civilian types, but unarmed
More well armed civilian types
Chopper types, armed of course.
Yet more choppers and a trike on the right.
Even more choppers and a mystery biker on the right
These choppers are huge - note the size of the bases !
And more of the same, note the lady  passengers
And that's it, thirty eight bikes and riders, not the ten I was expecting and knew about - it puts my ten or so riderless bikes to shame!
Hopefully the contents of this box amazed or amused you as indeed it did me - another rwonderful collection rescued from the 'helpful' neighbours' donations to the local charity shop!
As always your comments are welcomed and truly appreciated.

Monday 14 February 2022

"Ladies" and more.

I'm now in the deep wilds of Wiltshire as I write this post, but luckily I'd prepared the photographs beforehand, so not a lot of work to be done there. 
This week's content shows what I found in an unmarked  box from Bryan's (Vampifan's) rescued items, the photgraph on the right showing the general tenure of the contents.
Here's the rest of the photographs:
From a maid to a nurse, something for everyone ?
These seem to have lost some of their clothing
It must be very hot, some of these have lost all their clothes.
These do seem to be enjoying their freedom from garments.
Moving on to some of the more unusual items (I believe these are Chibis (?), but I'm open to others' knowledge on these:
Pass - I've got nothing
Still got nothing
Some form of marker/objective 'things' - but another pass

Well I think this post has gone from the sublime (did you spot Marilyn ?) to the ridiculous (imho), but I'm sure something would have brought a wry smile to many a face.

That's it then for yet another week and next week will see me revealing yet more of Bryan's treasures and in due time I'll be explaining what will happen to all his items as I don't intend to keep the vast majority of them (but neither will I be selling them on ebay !). There's at least a dozen more boxes of models/figures, including a huge box of Wild West buildings in 20mm (though I still haven't found any relevant figures !) 

Thanks for taking the time to visit and surely you've something of interest (?); as always your comments are welcomed and truly appreciated.
Note: If you comment today I will probably be able to reply, but I will be incummicado for several days hereafter.

Monday 7 February 2022

Zombicide Humans

 Another box of Bryan's (Vampifan's) figures had the correct labellling, inside was a collection of painted and named figures, that I believe are from the board game Zombicide. They were loose in the box, but I've put them into foam, gleaned from many of the empty Star Wars (and other) boxes. I suspect that they're not varnished either and required a bit of protection imho. Once more these are some of Bryans best work that I've seen.
Here's the photographs:
All the figures in their protective foam.
The skater waitress is a bit skewed
The two girls on the left looked very similar (more later)
Interesting figures - Dirty Harry maybe on the left ?
Another well armed group
I doubt I'd be using a flamethrower in a zombie apocalypse!
The poses are a bit hit and miss imho
Chainsaws ! In a zombie apocalypse ? I don't think so !
Holding guns in the air is a sure way to tire your arms
Yet another flamethrower and another wonky character
"It's dah Bishop !" (Now, where's Bycycle repair man? - Ed.)
Some interesting characters here
A couple of figures here that wouldn't look out of place in the Wild West
I mentioned previously that the figures have names on their bases, there were two pairs of figures that looked identical and had identical names. Why ? I haven't a clue...
Amy Goddard(s) on the left and two Wanda Jane Venturas
The two pairs of figures, Amys on the left and Wandas on the right
I know next to nothing about Zombcide, save that it was very popular  when it first came out. The well -proportioned and sculpted figures were (imho) a boost to the games popularity.

That's all I've got for this week, the tenth annivesary of my blog. Next week, sadly,  I'm away at a funeral in the deep south, but I will try and prepare a blog before then, to be posted the day before the funeral.
In other news, I've still not attempted any hobby work of my own, my painting area and gaming table are still  a mess with little enthusiasm on my part to do anything about it.
I did intend to stop posting my blog about now, but will continue to post about many of the rescued items I have from Bryan's collection and, in time, what I intend to do with them all. 
I've managed to catch up on my commenting on others' blogs after some difficulty with blogger not putting up my reading list for a few days , but it seems to be fixed now.

That's it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as ever your comments are both welcomed and truly appreciated.