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Monday 27 December 2021

Happy New Year

Normally I'd review the previous year's progress but as I finished so little in the last year it hardly seemed worthwhile! The fifty or so figures I have painted up this year have all been 54mms, which is just about all I'm capable of atm. 
My Christmas haul,  in hobby terms, as is usual, was very small, just a single book (as shown). It's a book about the campaigns of the British and Egyptian forces in the Sudan (just in case you're not familiar with the illustration on the cover). I'm looking forward to reading this at a leisurely pace, having only had a quick scan of its contents so far.
My hobby intentions for this year are limited to tidying up my wargames table and painting area, whilst trying to make some progress on my storage issues. If I can find things to post about, then I'll keep posting, but playing games doesn't seem very likely atm.
Christmas went a bit pear-shaped when we cancelled dinner at #2 son's house, due to Covid (of course) and consequently there was four less than the usual ten around our table !
I trust though that this year will be better for all of us, it can;t be any worse can it ?
So here's wishing a HAPPY NEW YEAR to all reading this and stay safe !

Monday 20 December 2021

Merry Mithrasmas !

 Once more we go into the festival of the winter soltice, whether it be under the guise of celebrating Mithras, Yule, Saturnalia or Christmas, plus no doubt many others.
As I've been emptying my various drawers and boxes to present my old 7YW collection (which I've roughly calculated at over 2000 foot, about 1000 horse and 30 artillery pieces) I thought another photograph or two of my Prussian Pioneers around a snowy fir tree would fit the bill (and pad this post out a bit -Ed,).
Whilst reminising of my battles past I've also dug out my copy of Savoury's "His Britannic Majesty's Army in the Seven Years War", which although highly scholarly is also a damn good easy read. It still amazes me how the armies managed to manouevre, considering the conditions they served under, night marches in the poring rain and infantry havng to push and pull artillery through mud on almosy non-existent 'roads' .
My new 18th c. rules (more blattant padding -Ed)
I've also bought myself a copy of rules that weren't available when I did most of my 7YW games. I thought of it as an earlier Xmas present to myself. I used "Principles of War" for many years, using 6mm armies. The game is designed around division level actions but we used them for corps level games culminating in a huge action of five Prussina corps against three French ones in the Franco-Prussian war. The French corps are about twice the size of a Prussian on, but the Prussians still won ! It was played over a 24 foot by 6 foot tabe using rolling terrain and ocassionally having to move the tables too ! To the best of my knowledge, like our Minden game, no photographs of this battle remain.
I have though, found some very old photographs (from the early 70's) of my Napoleonics (now all gone) and other things I did then. These photos will be presented at some future time when they are scanned and photshopped !  
For my 7YW games I'd ammended the PoW  rules to fit the 7YW and my version is very close to the one shown.
Let me thank everyone who has visited this blog and an especial thank you to those that have commented on my efforts over the years I've been blogging.  
Here's hoping you have a very enjoyable break over the holiday period in these very trying times and stay safe and well.
Merry Chrstimas from all on the western front in the 18th century too!

  Thanks for taking the time to visit,  your comments, as always, are both welcomed and truly appreciated.
Merry Christmas !

Monday 13 December 2021

7YW Artillery and more (FA#18)

This weeks sees the last two drawers of my painted 7YW collection (the eighth drawer contains my Vietnam collection of helicopters !), though there is another drawer of unpainted figures and other stuff. 
The first drawer contained all my artillery, for Prussia, Hanover/Britain, and Austria, though there may be some French in there too!
The photograph at the top  is of three Hanoverian guns, from left to right, a light gun, a howitzer and a field gun, the three different barrels then supplied from Spencer Smith. The gunners in this instance are all metal Hinchcliffe figures iirc. 
Here's the rest of the photographs:
The mixed contents of the artillery drawer
Left-hand view of the top three guns
Bonus right hand view of Austrian guns, metal and plastic figures
Bonus rear view of the Austrians
All the guns are virtually identical for each nation are quite identical and I think pretty pointless in showing row upon row of them imho. There's alost certainly more than two dozen pieces .
Of far more interst, to me at least, was the final drawer:
The hotpotch of the final drawer
So here's what was present in the drawer:
Yet more Prussain combined grenadiers (probably casualties from the final game)
British Cavalry with French Cavalry (probably) in their rear
French or British Cavlry in front with Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers behind
Nearly a whole Cavalry brigade, probably stored in the wrong place !
My homemade limbers (- probably Prussian)
Prussian pioneers/engineers, all conversions, probably for some specific scenario
Commanders, all probably Austrian, plus of course Charles Stuart on the right !
Prussain and allied Generals, Zeiten left, Marlborough (?- yep I know), a generic Hanoverian General, my converted Frederick II and of course Oliver Cormwell,. Note:We were very short of officers!
Bonus rear view of the above, Zeiten's cloak was plasticine !
From other Drawers :
British and Hanoverian generals
A Hanoverian general and a coupe of Austrian generals (probably)
The general officers were a mixture of Hinchliffe and Minifig, plus a few converted plastics, the metal gunners were all Hinchcliffe iirc.

That's it then for this week, the next two posts almost take care of themselves, Xmas/holidy greetings, and hopes for the comig year, plus maybe the Xmas haul - mine will be a single book !

In the New Year, I have some old photographs to show, mostly from the 1970s ! My wife came across them whilst 'sorting' whilst I came across a yellowed Newspaper clipping of myself  and a friend posing with some Napoleonic figures (the latter long since gone).

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there was something of interest and I will be returning to my 7YW in the coming month, for no other reason than I can't think of anything else to write about !
As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated  - so comment whilst you still can ! 

Monday 6 December 2021

The Cavalry (7YW FA#17)

 So I got the drawer of Cavalry out for this week's post and immediately spotted it was full of Austrians - only Austrians ! After some deep thought as to where the Prussian, British, Hanoverian and French cavalry were to be located I finally found them in yet another drawer (not from the same set as all the others !).The photgraph on thr right shows an Austrian heavy cavalry regiment -curassiers (Ansbach iirc). All the Austrians were not painted by myself as far as I recall but were painted at the same time as my Prussians, more than forty years ago.
All the figures were dusty, of course, having not been used for some twenty years plus, some were minus heads and finding an intact unit was tricky.
I think everything had been quickly packed away after our refight of Minden.
Today's photographs were  taken with the added disabilty of having shaky hands, so apologies for the somewhat dire photographs, Nevertheless here they are:
The first drawer, all Austrians - aaarghhh !
The second, larger drawer - everything else ?
Ansbach cuirassiers with two replacement figures,
Austrian and Prussian cuirassiers looked very similar
Rear view, note no backplate (and the substitutes!)
Austrian Dragoons
Austrian Hussars - no idea which regiment
Another view of the Hussars, with Asbach behind
A mixed selection of figures
The Prussian Garde du Coprs, with Vexillum style standard
Metal Austrian Horse Grenadiers (Hinchcliffe iirc)
Royal North British Dragoons - The Scots Greys (obligatory blurry pic)
Prussian Cuirassier regiment, missing three bases
Hanoverian Horse Grenadiers
These really need dusting, their horses are black !
Prussian Cuirassier standard
French Cuirassier regiment, with shiny back and breast-plates !
This is the complete regiment, just two squadrons strong !
Rear view, for those that like this sort of thing
Prussian hussars
Hussars with colbacks trimmed to mirlitons,

Many of the figures here had their heads replaced with grenadier heads (remember I have a huge surplus of these and some were re-fitted with drummers heads (also in the surplus category). Some hussars had their furry colback headgear cut down to represent mirlitons and had very thin paper 'streamers; added, the latter being lost many years ago. 

I still have two more drawers of figures from my 7YW collection (sorry t bore you all still)  to post about, cannon and ancillary stuff - probably some more cavalry too ! I've also comeacross very few generals, though I  thought I had about twenty Hinchliffe ones - they'll be somewhere no doubt!

Thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are always welcomed and truly appreciated!

Monday 29 November 2021

7YW - The French (FA #16)

I never intended to have to ever paint a French army, as my friend had a larg collection of them, but when we decided to do Minden and totted up the number of battalions we needed versus the ones we had (even with using my Austrians as French and my Prussians as Allied forces) we needed aquite a few more.
I had the figures and got to work, these are the results - another two dozen or so extra French battalions of foot.
The French wore, for the most part, grey/white uniforms, but they do have a large contingent of mid-blue, dark blue and red-coated battalions/regiments.
Rather than show the rather boring (imho) regular grey-coated battalions, here's some photographs of the others and a selection of flags:
Battalion of St. German (L) and Bentheim(R) - Light blue coats !
Close up of their colours
Royal Baviere, a two battalion regiment - dark blue coats
A battlion of the grenadiers de France
Rear view of above, showing their incorrect flag
Grenadier serjeant (arrowed), from a later Spencer Smith plastic Range
The flags of my four grenadier battalions have the flagstaff on the incorrect side of the flag - I blame Pengel and Hurt, the lack of information available at the time, my youth and enthusiasm, bad eyesight etc. for the error.
A shot showing mnay French flags, regiments etc.
I knew I'd painted a four-battalion French Regiment, that wasn't in the drawer and had to dig out another box that I remembered using for transprtation:
The Liquorice French forces...
...and the contents - another nine French Battalions and two more Hanoverian grenadier battalions
The colours of the four battalions of the regiment Monaco
Flags from four of the other regiments in the box
The two Hanoverian grenadier battalions (obligatory blurry photo)
So my French forces, from nothin, had risen to be the numerous force I have, with somehwere in the region of three dozen battalions of foot, all for a single battle.
The French and Hanoverians were the last figures I painted for my 7YW arnmies, some twenty plus years ago, but they all did see service on the table-top, ven if fot just the one battle !
Having, more or less, shown all my infantry forces, next week I'll show the Cavalry - there only  drawer and a half of those !

Sorry it's been  bit of a boring journeyfor most of my followers and visitors, but it's all I got ! 

That's it then for another week, apologies again for my self-indulgence and as ever your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.