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Monday 24 June 2013

Night Cops

I retained four of the boards from my previous scenario, rotated them 90 degrees and added my SuperDuperMart and a parking lot for this scenario.
This was the night after the events of "When Jimmy met Milly".
The alley between the bank and the burger joint are at the bottom of the picture.
  The object of this scenario was a try-out for my driving rules, and would basically have a cop car drive around the table, spotting various markers. The route for the cops is shown by the yellow line and the objective markers are within the red circles, though they can't all be seen. Only one marker wasn't visible from a vehicle, the one just off the top of the picture.
 This would mean at least one cop would have to leave the vehicle and move to a position where he could spot the objective.
The markers do look out of place but it didn't really matter to me as they served their purpose for the game and were obvious to the player who would play as the cops.
As this is only the first night of the coming apocalypse there would still be civilians on the street and traffic - there was a lot fewer of both throughout the game. As I'm slowly introducing new elements of play to my scenarios, this game would feature PEFs (potential enemy forces) and the use of Events. For the latter I used the excellent set of cards produced by Colgar6 . I determined the Encounter rating of the Area to be 6 as it was really just a continuation of the previous scenario, This meant that every turn when two initiative dice were thrown any doubles of  '6' or less an event would occur.
Cop start position
As the chance of this happening is one sixth, to simplify matters we threw a d6 at the beginning of each turn, a '6' indicating that an event occurs.
PEF '5' start position.
All three PEFs
 Three dice were used to mark the positions of the PEFs, which were a '4',  '5' and a '6' for initiative and they were all positioned in the bottom 2/3rds of the table.
The three PEFs can just be made out out on the photographs.
PEF '6' is in the bottom left of the photograph whilst  PEF '4' is in the top right; PEF '6' can just be seen in the top left of the photograph.
The player  playing the cops (my son-in law) had two cops at his disposal.
Officer Gunther Toody and Officer Francis Muldoon. As cops go neither of them are at all special, I've assumed that they were drafted in from their day-time desk work as the ongoing crisis develops in Perdition.
The stats for the pair of cops were:Officer Muldoon: Initiative 4, Leadership 3, Shooting 3, Melee 3, Driving 3
Officer Toody: Initiative 4, Leadership 3, Shooting 3, Melee 3, Driving 3
Both are armed with BA pistols (and a back-up pistol) and a nightstick. there is also a pump action shotgun in their vehicle.
On turn 1 the cops entered the table from their start point as planned and turned into the car park, they're travelling at speed (2) which with their bonus die gave them 15" of movement. The picture below shows their position after their movement. The die at the rear shows a '2' which is their current speed. One of the few civilian vehicles that entered the game can be also seen (no dice were used for the civilian vehicle speeds, they were all travelling at a uniform speed of '2'). Other vehicles and civilians on foot moved around as in the last scenario. The three PEFs all moved toward the cops location (they had actually activated  first).

Two joggers arriving
PEF '6' arriving fast.

The start of turn two set the tone for the rest of this scenario with an event.
The cops had ran out of fuel ! So rather than just sitting idle.
Muldoon elected to leave the vehicle  to investigates the objective marker whilst Toody called for help.
We decided upon three possible outcomes for the call for help, A tow truck (1), a tow truck with petrol can (2-5) or a new vehicle (6).  the result was a five and the tow truck would arrive on turn 5, from a random road entry point (there are 6).
On turn 3 Muldoon checked the first objective and the marker was removed and other than the normal civilian traffic nothing much else occurred.Turn 4 saw Muldoon moving towards the second objective which he could spot and Toody sat in the car eating pizza , whilst PEFs '4' and '6' continued their inexorable movement towards the lawmen. PEF 5 had decided to play at being a yo yo and move back and forth from its original start position.
[Somehow I'd missed moving PEV (6) allowing PEF (4) to catch it up, but it wasn't noticed by either of us whilst playing].
It was probably inevitable, given the way thing were going, that on Turn 5 another event occurred.
Was it officer Toody caught somehow in the handbrake reaching for a piece of fallen pizza  No, of course it wasn't ! It was Muldoon snagged on the pallettes he was near.
Coupled to this was the fact that all three PEFs would activate before the three cop groups. (Muldoon was now far enough away from Toody that they were now two groups of' '1' and the civilian driving the tow truck was about to enter the table too)
PEF (6) activated and made a bee-line for Mulhoon and was resolved as 3 zombies, perilously close to Muldoon. Luckily PEF (4) had stayed in place. On the cop activation they both passed their Zed or no Zed test. Toody exited the cop car and both drew their pistols and shot twice at the three zombies, two of whom died (again). The civilian in the truck with the jerry can of fuel drove entered at the same point ads the cops and drove into the car park blissfully unaware of the current events.
(The yellow counter shows the "dead" zombies)
Turn 6 and the single remaining zombie activates first and charges Muldoon; Muldoon's shoots manages to kill the Zombie. PEF (4) activates next and enters the fray, revealing itself to be a single zombie. The single remaining PEF decided now would be a good time to make a bee-line for the cops.
On the police activation Muldoon shoots twice and misses whilst Toody also shot twice and got a '2' and a '20'. The '2' is a hit and merely knocks the zombie down whilst the '20' is a possible Out of Ammo result.  Rolling for Out of Ammo (based on the Target value of the weapon) of course resulted in Toody being Out of Ammo! Mulhoon is still snagged on the palette too!
The driver of the truck (now named as Mitchell Davis for reasons that escape me) slows to zero speed but takes his 1d6 bonus inches of movement.
Turn 7 opens with yet another event (the player playing the cops threw all the dice throughout this game).
Another die was thrown to determine which of the six possible roads this dog (and the zombies closely following it) would enter from and of course it was the one nearest the cops !

Luckily the cops acted next, Mulhoon fired once more at the downed zombie this time  successfully ending its existence. Toody, having heard the ruckus behind him turned to see the dog and the four pursuing zombies then made a dash for the car to retrieve their shotgun.
"Mitch" accelerated to speed (1) and started to turn towards the exit. PEF (5) continued its movement towards the cops and was revealed as three civilians.

Turn 8 heralded yet another event, although at least this one was potentially beneficial to the cops. this bit of luck continued as the cops activated first.
Muldoon took advantage of the short lull to free himself whilst Toody takes advantage of the shotgun and lets blast at the first two of the approaching zombies, hitting the first twice and the second once.
The result being that the two zombies are knocked down. Mitch stopped the truck and watched.
To determine what the civilians would do we gave them three possible courses of action, this resulted in one going home, one going towards the cops "to help" and one watching the events as they unfolded.
The zombies and dog of course had their own agendas, the dog continued running and the two remaining standing zombies moved towards the cops.

 Turn 9 saw no event but did see two of the zombies shuffling forward whilst the other two stood back up as they activated first.
The now freed Muldoon closes on the zombies and shoots twice whilst Toody once more with the shotgun opens up.
In the picture the white dice represent Toodys three shots, the yellow dice represent Muldoon's
and numbers show the order of their shot.
The gunfire result means the front two zombies have shook off their mortal coil, leaving just two more to deal with. It also results in Toody's once running out of ammo ! (for the shotgun)
The civilians decide that they've both had enough and head for home.
Turn 10 and the zombies activated first, but are still out of their 6" range (which would allow them to go into frenzy and "charge") and so continue their shuffle towards the two cops.
Muldoon shoots once at each zombie and misses both. Toody draws his small backup pistol and rushes a couple of shots off, getting a single hit but killing the zombie.
Turn 11 and once more there is no event and the single zombie activates first and charges Toody who manages to get off two shots, hitting and killing with  one of them.
 Up to this point we'd been playing for about 4 hours (with a short break). As there were no more PEFs we calculated how long it would take for the pair to get their  patrol finished (12 turns). We next threw for possible events getting events on turns 5, 8 and 12.
Turns 5 and 8 were "none events", in that they didn't apply, but turn 12 summed up their patrol and yes, that is the edge of the board, just by the carpark.
At that stage we called it finished.

I know how I get frustrated with some bat-reps leaving you dangling, waiting for the next part so although this is a very long report I thought it worth the effort of posting it all at once - congratulations and thanks to all those that managed to read it through this far.

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated

Monday 17 June 2013


I went to Durham Wargames show on the 8th June and picked up a few bits but the title "Loot" is rather grandiose for the meager "haul"  I managed to get. I ventured to the show for the first time in many years with my son and a mutual friend as company (and excellent company they both were). The most pleasing part of the whole visit was seeing and chatting to many old friends and meeting several fellow bloggers (all of whom I already knew but hadn't seen in a very long time).
As for the actual 'Loot', I picked up two buildings, from the ever-friendly Dave Thomas. The first was the "North American Farmhouse" which I quite liked the look of, being very similar to the cottages I scratchbuilt a while ago.
It'll fit in with my own modern set-up as houses like these , I'm led to believe are still used all over America. Even if they're weren't it could still perhaps be a preserved historical building (birthplace of Jebediah Springfield perhaps?).
The second building was the Renedra "Ramshackle Barn". It's a very simple barn and can easily be used in a modern setting.
It's barns just like this one you can see used as garages, hideouts and so on in all sorts of eras. It obviously won't fit in with my modern city set-up, but for the rural areas (and maybe in the suburbs), it'll be usable.
Both models consist of very similar and basic components - four walls and a roof, with no measurable internal details. the farmhouse has the extra 'L' shape on the front, whilst the barn has a 'shed' type structure tacked on the side.

The farm house
Renedra fences
The farmhouse has three sprues, two for the main building and a 'Renedra" fences sprue which has three different fence types on it making it less than useful. It does encourage the buying of a box of these in future to have a fence of usable size at least.

Side walls and roof
Barn front and back
The barn's three sprues have one sprue duplicated, containg a side wall and half of the roof. Although this means  the side walls are identical one of them is intended to have the 'shed on it' so it isn't really  that noticeable.The most annoying thing on this model is that the front doors are one piece and overlap, making it a nightmare for conversion.
In addition to the two buildings I picked up some d20s that I could actually see (my current ones are mainly all very dark colours) and some animals, both from the very friendly Ian and Ron at the "Irregular Miniatures" stand. As long as I can remember I've always used whatever cash I have left buying things from them at this show.
I've slowly been writing up my zombie game rules (based heavily on ATZ - of course) and I'm using d20's for shooting and for some aspects of melee.
The animals I bought were mainly dogs (there is a cat there somewhere) which I intend to either use as feral domestic animals, as yet another hazard for survivors to face or as markers for PEFs (potential enemy forces). In my latest game I realised I hadn't anything to use as PEF markers and had to simply use dice, which wasn't a particularly elegant solution. I'll be adding to my dog pound in the future with the dogs from "Black Cat's" gangster ranges and I'll be adding a few from their other animal ranges too.
Other than buying yet more things to paint I've had a burst of energy and undercoated another batch of figures ready to paint (aarghhh)
Zombies, Civilians, Survivors, MIB and Hazmat guys

"EM4" Plastic Troopers
 I've also finally assembled my "EM4" plastic troopers I'd bought more than a year ago along with the metal heavy weapon conversion pack.
They were easy enough to assemble and do some minor conversions on.
I'll be using these as the Military in my games (if they ever get undercoated and painted) even though they're a bit Sci-Fi.
Other than the zombies (Blue Moon) all the figures bases are 20mm washers and gunked up with wall filler from Poundland.

That's it for another week, I'll be writing up the last game for my blog next week.

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Monday 10 June 2013

When Jimmy ate Millie (Finale)

Part three of my game continued for another two fairly brief sessions, unfortunately without assistance.
Turn 7
Initiative results: Civilians   5; Emergency Responders 8; Zombie 7
Large red counter = feast, small red one= running away.
With nightstick and pistol drawn Officer Talltrees moves bravely towards the suspect (Jimmy the zombie), recognises him for what he is, sees him feasting and then bravely skedaddles away into the sunset screaming like a big girl. Officer Hallihan makes her way to the rear of the ambulance takes one look at what was happening and ducked behind the ambulance for cover.
The ambulance crew stay ducked down but have the foresight to step on the brakes and the ambulance is halted [it was probably a bit of a fudge on my part but things were messy enough].
 Old Jimmy the Zombie seems to be revelling in his new role and continued his feasting.
Ivor the wannabe hero
Ivor Adams in the boy racer car (the black one), looks up and decides he’s had enough [he passed 2d6 on my "hero table"], with a quick look around his car he finds nothing to use as a weapon and goes into the fray against Jimmy with his fists and boots.
The outcome isn’t pretty,  Jimmy gets 2 successes against Ivor’s single success and Ivor is quickly dispatched (dead), and Jimmy will immediately start to feast on him instead of his previous victim Millie.
Anne Nhon in the silver car is content enough to continue watching.
The driver of the red car is still ducked down whilst the passenger is taking photos on her phone and messaging her friends.
Mac has decided he's seen enough and having done his civic duty heads for home probably phoning his wife to say he'll be late for dinner.
The group of civilians opposite can't see what's was going on and continued walking up the street whilst even more civilians enter the area (even with multiple random chances of moving elsewhere this particular street seemed to be a magnet for the civilians). 
Turn 8
Initiative results: Civilians 8; Emergency Responders 5; Zombies 10

The initial casualty Millie was not being feasted upon this turn and had a chance to turn into a zombie.[i] Millie, right on cue, rolls a six, turns into a zombie and stands up.
Old Jimmy the zombie happily tucks into his dessert of the now deceased Ivor.
Anne Nhon in the silver car decides she’s had enough of this fiasco; a quick five point turn and she’s at least headed in the right direction.
Fleeing civilians and Officer hallihan behind the ambulance.
Five civilians all come into view of the new feasting malarkey, all of whom see the two zombies and Jimmy tucking into his new victim. The results are that three are stunned by what they see and two flee from the abhorrent sight.
The driver of the red car finally looks up just to see her passenger decide to attempt to batter the nearest newly raise zombie with her phone and fingernails (she, like Ivor, couldn’t find anything handy in the car to use as a weapon) In the ensuing even melee, both sides having 3d6 she gets one more success than the zombie knocking it to the ground.
The driver of the red pickup was left sat wondering what all the fuss was about.
[As it could be important as to who acted first amongst the responders I diced for it and the Ambulance crew “won”]
The Ambulance passenger decided it’s time to act and emerges from the Ambulance with his trust metal clipboard and attacks Jimmy, in the melee, it’s 4 dice for the Doc against 3 dice for Jimmy with a result that neither get a single success, so they’re locked in combat.
Whilst Officer Talltrees continues to head for them thar hills; Officer Hallihan emerges from behind the ambulance shouts a quick warning and determined to get her man (Jimmy) she pops off two shots from her pistol, which  results, in a hit and a miss The impact of the shot blows Jimmy’s head off shooting him dead (dead again, but permanently this time).[ii]
 Turn 9:
Initiative results: Civilians 5;    Emergency Responders 7;  Zombies 9
The red counter represents Ivor
Millie the new Zombie can do nothing but stand up, so she does.
Officer Talltrees is no more to be seen, (having by now fled the table); Officer Hallihan shoots at Millie the Zombie and with the same chance as before, gets two hits, enough to put two rounds in her head.
The Ambulance driver finally looks up and realises there’s work to be done whilst Doc looks to see if anything can be done for poor Ivor, who after all, has only suffered a few bites here and there
The Citizens have little to do now (except perhaps applaud), Anne Nhon drives away and  more civilians arrive.Most everyone else tries to take in what they’ve just seen .
Aftermath "...and you say there was a silver car..."
At this point I declared the game over after I had determined how long it would be before Ivor turned into a Zombie (needing a 6 on a d6),  as it turned out it was actually six turns, by which time I thought the ambulance crew would have loaded him in their ambulance and headed off, for him to revive en route back to the hospital.
More police and detectives would be called to the “crime scene”;  ambulances to remove the remains of the three deceased would also be needed etc.
I took the final photo illustrating a possible aftermath for my own amusement.
The "named" NPCs will be given a proper character card, with suitable stats and an attribute according to how I interpret their role, so they may well feature in future games.

There were a few times that I had to back-track when I’d forgotten which side of the road the Americans drive on, but it was fairly amusing at the time and just something else to remember.

I spent a lot of time photographing and taking notes, (which didn’t get any quicker as the game went on) and was much more than I’d anticipated. Writing up this whole scenario, selecting and clipping photographs, took about the same length of time as playing it. I’m sure though that once I find a writing style that I’m comfortable with it’ll be easier – I won’t be explaining as many of my rules in the future either, which will help enormously
I was quite pleased with all the various alterations I’d made to the rules; the game worked and flowed at an acceptable rate for my first effort.
There were various things that I hadn’t though of, such as the number of markers needed - feasting, stunned, ducked down/back running, away (and in future games for gunfire noise).
The dice I used for car speeds I’d already envisaged but were still a little larger than I’d have liked (they were 5mm cubes). As the campaign progresses though fewer vehicles will be involved, so it won’t be that much of a problem.

I would of course have liked actual casualty figures and better tokens for the various events, but these will all come in time. It also became apparent that I didn't have any figures to represent the crew of the ambulance (I've since looked around and have only come up with two alternatives - "Warm Acre" do a set of British first responders and the minions from "Crooked Dice" could do at a pinch), but I'm still looking. I'm also still looking about for vehicles, especially an ambulance and typical US police cars

[i] [In ATZ  it’s decided after the scenario whether or not someone turns (a d6 +Rep needing a ‘9’ or better to survive), in FFO it’s decided during the game by a slightly different mechanism in that as soon as a character is stunned or put OOF by a zombie then the die roll is done then and there as above, but if the character will turn then he carries on whilst a die records how long it will be before he does so)
I’ve decided that I don’t like knowing when someone will “turn” or be OK – so I’ve decided on a middle ground, so each turn after a character has a chance to be turned a die is thrown when he would normally activate. If a 6 is thrown then the decision is made.
The character throws 2d6 and needs his Initiative or less to avoid turning, though I am considering revising this slightly)
If he was previously OOF and survives it can be assumed he will lapse into consciousness long enough for anyone seeing him to know he’s OK (my “Harry I’m actually Okay !” rule)
If he was previously stunned and turns then he’ll fall to the floor and immediately turn into a Zombie, activating when the zombies next activate and standing up – even in the same turn –“Harry I’m actually not Okay !”
[ii] I use d20’s for shooting (and for weapons in melee),
The base chance of anyone shooting is a 4
Added to this is the shooters ability x2 (I’ve been considering making shooting skill have a scale of 1 to 10 rather than my current 2 to 6, which would mean simply adding your skill rather than having to double it, but it doesn’t quite fit in well with the head shot rules against zombies)
There are various other additions and subtractions to be made to the chance to hit, according to both the shooter’s and target’s situations.
In the above example, Officer Hallihan has a 4 (basic) equalling +8 (2 x Shooting ability 4) +1, (shooting a zombie) and so needs to throw under a 13 to hit.
She threw a 19 and a 2 giving her one hit. Had she threw a 13 she would have hit the Doc (firing into a melee). The head shot was achieved by throwing under her skill of 4 on a d6 (Zombies are easy to kill rule).

That concludes this scenario, let me just say "Welcome" to my latest follower "Hobbyworker" whom I hope finds something here of interest.
I received an interesting email from a fellow zombie enthusiast and as a plug for him here's the gist of it:
"...you might be interested in a rule set I am currently creating. It is free to download and I could use some feedback if you have the time. You can find the rules on the google community (link below) along with some video battle reports I made on my youtube channel."

Lastly, as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated
Some of you may not yet know that fellow Blogger and friend Bryan/Vampifan (Vampifans World of the Undead) was recently hospitalised and has undergone surgery.
I'm sure that, like me, you'll all wish him a speedy recovery.

Monday 3 June 2013

When Jimmy met (and ate) Millie (2)

My second session of this game saw the arrival of a friend to help me with decisions about the game, move pieces around and look up rules whilst I continued to bimble about taking notes and photos. This speeded the whole process up and we got through four turns in the time it had taken me to play two.
 Initiative Results:Civilians 4, Zombies 6
The red car arriving (turn 2)
And the red car swiftly exiting turn 3

 Zombie Jimmy is currently feasting and a throw of the die indicates that he’ll continue to do so (he needed a 5 or a 6 to stop).
Skater girl ducked back.

The driver in the red car is stunned at seeing the feast (passed 2d6) and drives straight on, despite what he may have wanted to do or where he may have wanted to drive.
 Skater girl ducks back behind the shop on the corner whilst the Old woman heads for the hills abandoning her ward, the footballer wannabe; the woman who was with the skater ran down the alley.
 TV guy and the football child are no longer stunned and are joined by "Mac", the man in the tan raincoat.
None of the three are in any particular danger, nor are they aware of the zombie, though Mac is currently out of range of seeing the feast.
"Mac" arrives
As no player was actually in charge of the civilians, it was at this point that I decided I needed an extra test to see what those involved may do and this test came about:
Pass 2d6 – Have a go (get involved)
Pass 1d6 – Stand and Watch (rubberneck)
Pass 0d6 – Walk away from the incident.
 (This test subsequently became known as the Have-a-go or Hero test – even passing this would not counter the Zed or no Zed test or the Brown pants rule, it’s just a mechanism to decide what NPCs may do)
Turn 4:
Initiative results: Civilians 5, Zombies 9
Old Jimmy is certainly enjoying a good meal, (probably the best he's had in a long time) and continues to do so (Zombie continues feasting).
Wannabe hero Adam leaps into action...
Ivor Adams joins the fray, driving to the scene in his black "boy racer" car, jumps out and “sees the feast”, then immediately ducks back in to hide.
Civilians outside of the action area mill around as usual, but tests are made for the TV guy, the wannabe footballer boy and Mac.
...and suddenly it's Mac by himself !
Both the footballer boy and TV guy have both had enough and decide to head off (Hero test)
Mac passes 1d6 on the Hero test and it’s decided that he’ll call the cops and continues to watch events unfold as he does so. The cops will be here in 1 to 3 turns.
 Skater girl decides to have another look and reappears from behind the shop having finished ducking back (using the hero test)
Turn 5:
Initiative results: Civilians 5, Zombies 10
Perhaps not surprisingly the Zombie, Old Jimmy, continues “feasting”:
 Anne Nhon, the driver in the silver car has recovered from her duck down and now decides to call the emergency services (she passed 1d6 on the hero test)
 Skater girl continues to rubberneck, probably texting her friend and/or taking photographs on her phone.
Mac  continues to chat to the emergency services and to survey the unfolding drama.
A red car pulls up and has two people in it both of whom see the zombie and the feast with the result that they both duck down in their vehicle. (They turn out later to be an old woman and a young girl)
 Another vehicle (a red pickup with a crate) drives onto the street with a single driver in it as the various other civilians go about their business as do other vehicles.
 Sirens can be heard approaching fast as both Emergency Responders enter the table at speed. Turn 6:
Initiative results: Civilians 5, Emergency Responders 10, Zombie 10
After a re-roll the zombies have initiative ahead of the responders.
 With nothing better to do Old Jimmy the Zombie continues feasting
 The Cop vehicle hadn’t slowed and had come to rest about 1½” behind the red pickup with the crate in it.
The situation at the end of turn 5
 The police car is in a precarious position and must slow down, it is currently doing a speed of 3  (18") and has less than 2” to spare before hitting the red car in front.
It slows by 2 “speeds” as normally allowed in my rules but must dice against the driver’s skill for an emergency 3rd reduction in speed.
The emergency braking table results (throwing two dice against driving skill):
Pass 2d6: may decelerate an extra speed
Pass 1d6 may not decelerate an extra speed this turn (may try again)
Pass 0d6 may never decrease an extra speed again in this game (with the same vehicle).
With a driving skill of 4 the cops pass their test with 2d6 and screech to a halt taking another 1½” of movement from their extra d6”, to enable the following ambulance to get passed their rear. I imagine the driver in the red pickup, breathed a sigh of relief as the cops didn’t rear-end his vehicle.
The situation becoming crowded once more.
The ambulance has a clear path now to make its way to the scene of the “accident” reducing its speed to 2 which with its d6 die roll of 4” places it adjacent to the feast..
Officers Carrie Hallihan and Abraham Talltrees make their way from the vehicle (losing a ¼ of their movement rate to exit the vehicle)
The ambulance crew have used all their movement driving and can’t exit, but they do see the feast from their cab and are both shocked at what they see and duck down beneath the dashboard (yellow counters not yet placed); the two police officers can’t see the feast, which concluded the Responders initiative.
Anne Nhon in the Silver car observes the scene, whilst Ivor Adams, the boy racer in the flashy black car decides to stay ducked down.
Mac still appears fascinated and continues to observe proceeding along with Skater girl on the opposite side of the road.
The red pickup with the crate travelling at speed 2 elects to come to a halt, whilst various other civilians and vehicles go about their business.
 [Note: The small dice in front of the three vehicles involved represents their speed - each pip representing 6” of speed). Normally I’d place these dice at the rear of the vehicles, but I’ve shown them placed at the front for clarity. Both ER drivers were assumed to have a driving ability of 4 for this scenario]

The concluding part of this will be next the subject of next week's blog, let me just finally say "Welcome" to my latest followers "Mosan92" and "Mathew Raevis", hope you find something here that interests you.

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated