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Monday 7 August 2023

Robin Hood, The Gladiatress and more 54mm

 The eye catching title to this month's post is reference to what I've mostly been doing this last month, besides the mundane real-life stuff- celbrating my wife's birthday, her retirement, #1 son's birthday, a trip to my consultant (who now doesn't want to see me for a year !) and so on. 
In the early part f last month we played a couple of Gladiator games, but that has gone dorant as we await version 1.7 of the rules to playtest. The rest of the month I have been assembling all the bits I need to play the Game " The Legend of Robin Hood by Avalon Hill way back in the mists of time.  The 1st photograph is the board itself , but note the 30cm ruler at the top to give an idea of the board size (if you can't imagine the size of an A2 piece of card).
The map/board is made of 10 sheets of A4 spliced together. and glued to the A2 sheet of cardboard.
Home-made, two sided counters
A bag of plastic coins, one of two I bought in the 90s
Two qrs sheets laminated
The two qrs sheets are also two-sided.
The rules too, of course, a mere 6 double side sheets.
All that's left is for me to pick out a single die to play the game.

To keep me in the mood for gladiators I watched a film released in 2004 called Gladiatress (sic) and that's one and a half hours of my life I'm never getting back ! It was also about half way through that I realised I'd seen this before, but even then I couldn' stop watching as the horror that was this film unfolded before me.

 It's far worse than even "Gladiator" (which is bad enough) and is rather your typical British farcical 'comedy' film.  

I've also decided to show you some of the last bits of 54mm figures from Historex that I still wish to be rid of. I looked for Historex on the Interweb, found their website and discovered that acsimple 54mm figure can cost upward of £16 !  So take a look at the stuff below and guess how much it's all worth !

Random Labels amongst the collection
About twenty bags of legs, torsos, arms, armament, heads, hats and lots more.
A close-up of a single bag
As I get annoyed just having to glue a 28mm figure together, these would drive me demented.

All the various work has now finished on our house and I'm hoping to get atleast a couple of gaes in next month.

So that's it then for another month, thanks for taking the time to visit  and as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.