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Monday 26 September 2022

Clutter Chaos

 Whilst I haven't anything to really post about this week, rather than not have a post at all I thought I'd show you all the state of play  (or not) of my current situation.
The photograph on the right shows the state of my painting area, currently being used as a conenient dumping ground for anything to hand and hasn't seen use as a proper painting area for about a year.
The few things I have managed to paint have all been done from a wooden slab that I use regularly for carrying figures on that are to be spray undercoated (Photograph below)
My paint-table 'annexe'
I have thought several times to renew my adventure in Jimland, they take up little space, are fun to play  and I can do them solo (I've had enough practise), but whenever I've looked at the state of my games room I give up. The room hasn't seen a game for sometime (about two years) and that was just me experimenting with western rules ! So the priority for me atm is packing away all the stuff and putting it back in storage, whilst finding new space for all my Magnificent Seven buildings thats have added to my western collection. I fear some of my old building may well have had their day. 
I really have used up all the space available to me, two bedrooms and there is still spillage into our dining area (where I've played my gladiator games). (My living room currently has a row of buildings and the Church for the Magnificent Seven.)
The current state of my games table, that also doubled as a Xmas present wrapping station
In addition to the table being used now as just another storage area and unfortnately anything that has recently landed on the floor has had to stay there, due to my current inabilty to bend at the waist to reach anything on the floor. SO over the next couple of weeks I'm going to assign an hour a day to tidy this room up, store my old western buildings  and fins somewhere where the Magnifient Seven building can reside.
I'll let you know how I get on next week probably as I can't imagine anything what else i can post about.
That's it then for another week, sorry there's no better news from this end . 

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Border Reiver 2022

 After nearly three years of not going to Wargame shows, it came as a surprise from a friend's FB post on the Friday, before the Saturday that a show was on. After a quick exchange of messages eventually three of us arranged to travel to the show the next day.
An early start saw us arrive in time to join the small queue before the venue opened.
My immediate reaction upon entering was that there were far fewer games and stalls than in previous years and even by the time our little party left, the 'crowd' was much smaller than in times past. I still managed to see a lot of friends and familiar faces around the stalls and games.
Here's the photogarphs:
Shiny Games UK - new to me, selling fantasy
A space fantasy game.
Heavy Gear -Blitz-  (I have no idea either)
Dougie's Wargaming Blog Show - WW2Platoon Action
Another game I have no idea about.
Westerhope's superb Italian v Brits in the desert game.
What the Italians (above) faced.
My local group's game (I'm not a member).
The only stall I bought anything from !
A rather good looking WW1 balloon busting game
War of the Roses participation game  superb figures.
Another participation game, Wild West (obviously)
Intersting merchandise - haven't a clue who it is though
Some of the fantastic selection of  'Helion' books
An Ancients' Chariot type game - Hittites ?
Pirates of the Aegean game - Tyneside Wargames Club
BIG spaceships
Small scale WW2 game.
Viking invasion type game.
Another WW" desert game, DAK i the picture - great scenery.
Yet another sci-Fi fantasy game by South Tyneside Tabletop games...
...and another rather static (Marvel Protocol Crisis?)
A Halloween stall - who'd have guessed ?
A very good Jacobite  rebellion game.
Great paint-jobs.
A Gothic participation game set in a cemetery, by the enimatble Mr Wiley.
The not so crowded hall,
No queueing at any stall, unsurprisingly.
I have no loot to show from this show, as my only purchases were cake slices for my wife and the evidence disappeared quickly on my return to home.
The show wasn't such a disappointment as might be though, I saw some old friends for the first time in several years, saw some very good games as well as some that were not as good. The predominance of Fantasy wasn't surprising, but their presentation wasn't that good either.
I noticed the usual detritus littering tables, dice, rules, drinks etc. and the lack of prominant notices indicating the game and the participants. 
We were there for about an hour and a half and the hall hadn't got any busier to any noticable degree, but we had a good time and it was our first show in well over two years ! Roll on Battleground (if I can get a lift).

Monday 12 September 2022

Not A Real Post

 Whilst this may appear to be a real post, it really isn;t and has nothing to do whatsoever with our hobby. This last week I have been resting and recuperating from the last operation (or procedure if you wish) and have managed absolutely nothing hobby related. I really do need a rest from the hobby I've decided, I have enough figures of many armies over many periods and don;tneed any more; I have buidling in many scales with enough for 28mm figures to filla table 8 foot x 6 foot; I've slapped on paint to literally thousands of figures and don't need any more tbh. 

This is not to say that I have given up blogging entirely, I just really do need a break from it and consequently will only be posting something when I have somehting to post about !.

In the meatime I will try and catch up with all of you who have far too much energy and enthusiasm for painting, modelling and blogging and will try and continue to comment on the blogs that I normally do comment upon.

That's it though, possibly for a while.


Monday 5 September 2022

Another week...

...and another illness, or so it seems when I got my results in fro a blood test I did a couple or so weeks ago.  It hasn't been a good week , going to the pharmacy numerous times to find my prescriptios (new, old or pending) either absent or missing items or both. Tody though it was all sorted for me and I am now the (not) proud owner of two new medications and the correct doages for an other medication.  If I did running (which I don't) I'd proabbly rattle. With another visit to the opticians under my belt (a minor repair job), a mdeical appointment over the telephone and two hoe tests I had to perform and despatch off (for the samething but to go to different places), it hasn't been a great week. It was all topped off by being given another eye appointment - a regular yearly thing and tomorrow I'm back in hospital for a minor operation to remove a 'stent' (I don't know either), the residual part of my operation back in May.
All in all you can probably tell that I didn't get much of anything done this last week.
I did manage to get harry/Brad looking a bit less like he'd been 'Tangoed' , but it was a quick fix that I wasn't too endeared about.
 I also found the 'iron' grill/frame that fitted over the 'jail' window. It had been flattened on the floor  and didn't reform well, It took a whole day of searching to find the remanants of the bird feed wire mesh to replace it (still to do.).
Here's a few photos of my 'none' week:
Harry/Brad looking  a bit better imo.
Still looking strange, but not orange!
Attempted fixing of squashed mesh (failed)
Bird feed mesh ready to be cut.

And that's it, a bit on the slim side of next to nothing - my heart hasn't really been into the hobby this week (again), but  I have tried to keep up to date with others' blogs.

Thanks fo rtaking th eitme ot visit and as always comments are welcomed and appreciated.