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Monday 3 July 2023

Yet More 54mms

 Whilst I may not be posting anything of particular interest, namely more 54mms, I have had another few gladiator games whilst still play-testing Frank Sultana's "Blood on the Sands" gladiator rules. No news yet of a publisher, nor the final version of the rules - we're up to version seven now !
As per last week's post all these 54mm models need a new home and are free to anyone willing to pay postage  or they may find a very different outcome.
Here's this week's models, which are all metal:


Those who know will be aware that there are a lot of Napoleonics in his collection, more so when you add in all theplastic (Historex ?) packets of unbuilt modesl. In the packetsbelow there are horse cloths, tack, weapons, torsos, a gun liberetc. etc. the list goes on and on. There is another similar box of  various other packets too !  
I think with these two boxes, I'm about half-way through the collection, surely someone, somewhere would be delighted with these ?
My time at a computer these days is limited as typing is becoming very painful arthritus, old age, grumpiness and lack of alchohol probably.) , so even this relatively short post was done in two halfs. A hour photographing and editing the photographs and a similar time on the post itself. 

Likewise I have been very lax getting around to all the blogs I normally cmment upon, which of course I will try to rectify.

So thats it from me for another month, thanks for taking the to time to visit and of course you comments are welcomed and appreciated.