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Monday 31 December 2018

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, I shall of course be celebrating in my usual pious way and not remembering  much that occurred !

2018 saw me play about a game a month until about October, that's ten games more than I played in 2017 and I had a living opponent for two of them!

Compared to the handful of miniatures I painted in 2017, 2018 was a very fruitful year as I probably painted well over 500 figures, including a whole Mahdist army, fauna and explorers  etc.for Jimland, prehistoric humans and their antagonists. Sadly as my eyesight worsens and my enthusiasm drifts I can't see me ever get to anywhere near those numbers again.

See you all in 2019 !


Monday 24 December 2018

Happy Mithrasmas

    The start of a tradition?
To quote from last year's blog:
  "It's that time of year again when we slaughter a bull and drink its blood, exchange gifts and generally have a good time." Or of course celebrate however you wish and have a good holiday break.

I haven't got any gaming related 'loot' on my list this year and It'll be a big surprise if I receive anything even remotely hobby related, but of course I'll be reporting if I receive anything !

I will of course be looking forward to seeing all the loot everyone else gets (if any)

Have a good holiday everyone!

Monday 17 December 2018

Coelodonta Antiquitatis

Coelodonta antiquitatis or Woolly Rhinoceros to you and me are one of those iconic creatures, like the Mammoths, most easily associated with prehistoric man, so of course I had to have a couple for my prehistoric games.
In the photograph on the right, the smaller rhino is the "Steve Barber" model, probably originally designed for his smaller range, whilst the larger one on the right is the DeeZee version fro Arcane Scenery.
I like the variation in sizes and they could easily represent a male and female .
On to the photos:
Side view: note the darker centre band as indicated on some cave drawings
The other side view with slightly more noticeable dark band
The now obligatory rear view
Size comparison with one of the larger Copplestone cavemen.
The two new
Thought I'd add this photo of a Paraceratherium, the woolly rhino's ancestor !
When I first started on this prehistoric jaunt, It did think that it would have been a much easier journey than it has been - who would have thought that I would have  so much research to do and not just the various beasts' colourings !
The various creatures that manufacturers produce are one of the problems as there are distinct groups of animals that have only been found in specific areas of the world though they're all lumped together!

Next week's post will be brief,  as it's Mithrasmas eve and I'll be getting ready to sacrifice a bull and exchange presents in celebration of Mithras.

That's it then for another week and as always, your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Monday 10 December 2018


Another week and another beast for Palaeo action.
The figure is from Steve Barber Models, requiring a little filing to rid it of its mold lines, but it is a figure I like a lot.
I've painted it up using lion-like features and colouring as there is no definitive evidence as to their colouring. 
As usual, the photography is poor and I didn't notice the smear on the lens until it was time to post - oh well.
Here's the photos:
Side view with noticeable smear
Smear moves to right side view
Only slightly smeary in this view
Spot the smear (bored yet ?)
Total menagerie so far
This week has seen me get a mere two hours painting in , but I did have a wonderful blurry weekend, some of which I remember...
Next week though I should have finished my two woolly rhinos to post about, but that's it for this week; thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

Monday 3 December 2018


     My six pack
My wolves would have been posted last week but for the excellent "Battlegrounds" show taking priority and this week would have seen me posting my take on a Smilodon (Sabre Tooth). The Smilodon will feature next week, giving me a bit of a buffer to get my two wooly rhinos finished (fingers crossed).
There's really not that much to say about the wolves, they're DeeZee models from Arcane Scenery and of course my painting hasn't done them any favours!
On to the photos :
Obligatory boring picture
Slightly less blurry side view
Formation dancing wolves
Mandatory rear view
"Grandma, what big teeth you have!"

Slightly different front view (maybe just a bit boring)
That's it then for this week, not much I know, but it's all I've got, (normal excuses of age, eyesight, real-life and so on, apply)

In other news, just in case you haven't noticed my update profile, I'm now a Grandad to a third grandchild ! Another boy; both mother and child are healthy,

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.