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Book Reviews

Here are my review scores:
5/5 This is a MUST buy/read, it just doesn’t get any better.
4/5 An excellent read, get this if you can.
3/5 A good read this, but don’t expect too much.
2/5 Poor and flawed but may have some redeeming feature.
1/5 No redeeming features whatsoever, avoid it like the Zombie Plague.
(Added feature, the format I have or have read the following books :
 e=e-book; s=soft-back; h=hard-back; a=audio book).
I've now added the last read to the top of the list.

United States of the Dead. (White Flag of the Dead Series, Book 4)- Joseph Talluto. Carrying on  and concluding the story from book 3, another good read, even if the ending was probably somewhat predictable. Score 4/5 (e)

America the Dead. (White Flag of the Dead Series, Book 3)- Joseph Talluto. Continuing the series in the same vein as the others and with the same niggly proof-reading problems; whilst the main story-line is a bit contrived. it's still a good read. Score 4/5 (e)

Taking it Back (White Flag of the Dead Series, Book 2)- Joseph Talluto. Another good read, following on from the first book. Suffers a little from poor proof-reading, but not that much that it detracts from the overall enjoyment.  Score 4/5 (e)

White Flag of the Dead - Joseph Talluto A good read, the storyline very reminiscent of Sean T. Pages "War Against the Walking Dead", good pacy action throughout. Score 4/5 (e)

No Easy Hope (Surviving the  Dead - Book 1) - James Cook   A good book with an interesting, if formulaic, storyline, but gripping enough. Let down by poor proof-reading. Score 4/5 (e)

This Shattered Land - (Surviving the Dead - Book 2 ) - James Cook As good a read as the first book in the series, but again suffers from poor  proof-reading, though not enough to put me off wanting to read the third book Score 4/5 (e)

Among the Living - Timothy W. Long A good novel, centering on several main characters during the first three days of the "outbreak".  The Characters themselves are a pretty diverse lot which makes it all the more interesting. Score 4/5 (e)

Countdown Mira Grant A "Novella" set in the "Newsflesh" world, explaining the origins of the outbreak (in 2014), written as well as the Newsflesh Trilogy, but lacking any real "Punch". Score 4/5 (e)
The InfectionCraig DiLouie  A good read though I'd have preferred to have had classic zombies throughout, it wont stop me from getting the next book in this series. Score 4/5 (e)

Blackout Mira Grant The third in the Newsflesh trilogy and equally as good as the first; one of those books that you can't put down. I highly recommend this trilogy. Score 5/5 (e)

The Art of Zombie Warfare (How to kick ass like the walking dead) - Scott Kenemore. After my initial annoyance at the constant references to brains throughout the book, I eventually bought into the intended "humour". The book is intended to show how humans could fight like zombies ! Score 3/5 (p)

Rise AgainBen Tripp  A very good, enjoyable novel, with all the right elements in place. Slow to get going and formulaic in part, nevertheless well worth a read. Score 4/5 (e)

Tooth and Nail Craig DiLouie   An excellent novel, very atmospheric and one of my favourites reads to date; definetely up there with there with the best. Score 5/5 (e)

The War Against the Walking Dead - Sean T. Page A very good addition to anyone's Zombie library, although the first half didn't inspire me, the second half did and was well worth the read.(s) Score: 4/5

Zombie Survival GuideMax Brooks.  If you don’t buy any other Zombie book, you must buy this one.(s) Score: 5/5

World War ZMax Brooks. Not a novel as such, more like a literary documentary upon which all other novels could have been based.(e,s)   Score: 5/5

Zombie Fallout, by Mark Tufo. (Books 2, 3 & 4.)  Book 2 has the twist in the tale which sets it aside from others, book 3 was meant to complete the trilogy and I’m still awaiting book 5 ! (e)  Score: (all 3 books):  3/5.

Zombie Fallout 3.5 by Mark Tufo, I expected more than I got with this, bit of a bridge too far, read for completeness.(e)  Score 3/5

Feed by Myra Grant, first in a trilogy, superb, believable, setting, well thought out; thoroughly good read that had the Zombies as backdrop to the main plot-line for a lot of the time.(e) Score :  5/5
Deadline by Myra Grant, second in the trilogy, not quite the same ”punch” as the first still a good read, but it felt a little less ”pacy” than the first. Does make you want to complete the series though.(e) Score :  4/5
Dying to Live by Kim Paffenroth, a bit formulaic with not quite enough background to the apocalypse for my tastes, but a good read nonetheless(e). Score 3/5

Necropolis Rising by Dave Jeffrey, I liked this book a lot for two reasons, it was set in Britain (Birmingham) and was action from start to finish, with little to no waffle/padding. (e)  Score 4/5

Day By Day Armageddon by J.L.Bourne, The earlier part of the book I enjoyed far more than the latter part, whilst the last two chapters seemed rushed to me and were set up for a second book, I won’t be queuing for any sequel, but will probably read it eventually.(e)  Score: 3/5

Patient Zero by Jonathon Maberry, a change of setting to the usual apocalypse makes this a worthwhile read, but the main character could have used a “toning down”. (e)  Score 3/5

Zombies by Dr.Twobody, purports to be his journal, with entries each day. It shows his showing his crossing outs illustrations and maps as if he’d written them and made for an interesting reading style  to read.  I would look out for a sequel, but there is no hint of on. (p) Score3/5

Zombie Science 1Z by Doctor Austin, What should have been an amusing read was spoiled by the sheer amount of spelling errors and typos throughout, really distracting from an otherwise good read.(p) Score 3/5   (just)

Dying to Live-Life SentenceKim Paffenroth, enjoyable enough to read with some interesting ideas and twists but formulaic and predictable in parts, but not enough that I regret reading it. 
(e) Score: 3/5.

Outpost - Adam Baker An excellent read, with a completely different twist on the "zombie" theme, good storyline and characters throughout, obviously well researched.(p) Score 4/5.

On the Bookshelf:

Dead Surge. (White Flag of the Dead Series, Book 5)- Joseph Talluto (e)

Indian HillMark Tufo (e)