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Monday 4 July 2022

A Battered Box of Folders

 This was yet another box that I rescued from Bryan's (Vampifan's) collection - probably rescued from ending up in the local dump. It's a box of ring binders (rather than the folders of the title) that I decided to rescue, largely because they contain many of Bryan's art-work and countless hours of home-made file cards, one for each of his characters for his Western games - another reason to rescue them as it's a gaming period I'm also very interested in !
Each of the nine binders has its content's title on the spine and contains an A5 card with a charcaters information on it, all enclosed in a plastic wallet.

Some titles are readable in the above, but contain "Tong Assassins" too  !(?)

There's a lot of information for each character on their card

The illustrations ae hand-drawn as far as I can tell, and certainly hand coloured

All bear more than a passing likeness for their model - anyone not recognise the old Britain's farmer ?

Along with his fictional characters, he also has real-life ones too!

It begs the question why he included these real-life characters and also a Harry Callaghan! 

This drawing of Geronimo is taken from a well-known photograph of him I reckon.

The binders aren't just any old binders either !

There's at least 25 character cards in each of the binlders and as some of the fictional ones have notes when they 'died', means to me that they were used at some stage in his gaming. I have some ideas of what he did with all these, which I'll get around to next week !

So that's it then for this week, I did have two quick gladiatorial games last week (lost both, but one gladiator survived the wrath of his appeal to the crowd). I also finally finished  the metal gladiator I had started in the back-end of April, before being laid up in hospital. 

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully some of it was interesting and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Glad you rescued these Joe, they represent hours of work that would have been lost.

  2. What a great save Joe, brilliant if you can get a use out of these.
    Good to hear you've also been able to get some games in, and manage some painting as well, sounds like your slowly on the mend.

    1. Thanks Dave, but I doubt that I'll ever get any use out of these sadly. The painting session was rubbish btw, so many mistakes !

  3. Hi Joe,
    The other week you mentioned you'd used a Wilko A4 laminator (on the Gladiator profile cards). Have to say, I used it as a bit of a recommendation and have bought one myself. Only used it once, so far, but its done the job.
    Cheers, Roy

    1. Thanks Roy, I've used my laminator about a dozen times and haven't experienced any problems with it and I'm pleased your experience has been similar.

  4. Wow, Brian put a ton of work into those character cards. Well done on saving them from the dump! Glad to hear you got a couple of games in and did some painting :-)

    1. Thanks Matt, there really should be some sort of better way of sharing these !