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Monday, 3 September 2018

Border Reiver 2018

Having procured a lift to this event (despite it being less than 2 miles away, but getting there by public transport is a nightmare for me), I had a very enjoyable day at Border Reiver.
Myself and three others arrived fairly early to what appeared to me to be a very busy event, although there was still enough room for a good wander around.  From memory, the traders were much the same as last year with the absence of Dave Thomas (for whatever reason). The games were, as always, varied in quality from the "hastily thrown together", to the more typical 'club' games, with all the variations we are used to - demonstration types; games being  played; participation games and so on. 
I made my way immediately to my good friend Stu's vast Pirate game, though its a loose term for a conglomeration of Frostgrave,( Ghost Archipelago), Blood and Thunder and various other genres (i spotted elves, dinosaurs and even a Tardis!)
Stu made and painted all the terrain himself over the last several months, here's the pics:
The 'village'
One of three of his 'Ainsty' ships
His fort, based on one in Bermuda iirc
Another of his ships and an island
Another view of the above
Natives !
The volcano

View down the table (18' x 6' !)
His scratch-built ghost ship !
Moving on to other games:
What a Tanker, by whom I'm not sure.
My local groups 40K  (literally 300 yards form my house)
Very crowded board, with a lot going on
A Rapid Death Fire game put on By Redcar Iron Beards (I think)
Huge table and probably based on a 'Bridge to far' scenario.
 Another fairly local group to me, Blyth Wargamers put on two good looking games - Casablanca 1942 and a Frostgrave (iirc) dungeon style crawl, both looked very good.
Good looking table and figures

I did wonder about the defenders rushing out in the open to oppose the landing!
A huge undertaking to make this from Hirst blocks.
 Tyneside Wargames club, put on this good looking galleys game:
IIRC all the ships were scratchbuilt (about 1:300 scale I reckoned)
All the ships had crews too! (I read somewhere there were about 1000 figures!)
 Probably my favourite game of the show was this Napoleonic epic from Westerhope games club (very local to me too).
I'm a sucker for big battalions (though I prefer the 7YW) and this game ticked all my boxes; not just the game and superb figures,  but the general banter between the guys playing (in their team pink RED shirts.
Good sized table, not overly crowed with troops
Superb painting
Good argument though for clear bases !
Hard to make out, but the artillery had flashing lights to represent gunfire
Every Napoleonic gamer worth their salt has to have some Mamelukes!
 Whitley bay  3D gamers (?) put on this Japanese game.
A period I like, a lot, but this game didn't grab me!
 The inimitable Andrew Wylie (almost an ever -present at every Northeast show) once more put on his 'Dead Man's Hand' participation western game.

All the models are card...
...but do look the part
His latest addition - a Chinese Escort Agency possibly ?
 Here's some arbitrary general photos of the venue...


I did get some loot, though very modest (I spent less than half of my budget):

 A Sarrisa MDF garage
Two Warthogs, of the animal variety rather than the death from above type.
A Pulp Figures' film Crew (Other production teams shouldn't get nervous)
Finally a tube of quick-shade stuff (which I'm still a bit dubious about).

I met many old friends  at this show, one I hadn't seen for about 40 years or so!
That's it then for this week, I'm sure other blogs have better photos of the event, but as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Great on the scene report Joe, that Pirate table opener just wow plus many of the other fab tables, glad you'd a nice day out meeting old friends & that you picked up some swag, even if it means more competition in the movie business :)

    1. Thanks Frank, Stu (of the pirate tablefame) is an old friend whom I see infrequently (mostly at shows), his ideas for pirates vary greatly frommy own - he prefers Pirates of the Cribbean and Time Bandits !
      It's always great meeting my old friendsd despite the time lag since last we met.
      I have no intention of moving into the film industry, but I do have a casting couch!

  2. Some crackin looking games Joe. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Tey were a real mixed bag, with the odd 'stunner', which I do like.

  3. The games look a mixed bag. Which I really like. I find the perfectionism of Salute tiresome and unrealistic. Most of these games look like they could be put on during a club night.

    Big fan of the loot, good luck with the painting of it!

    1. I'm with you on varied games, quality of presentation doesn;t always rely on figures, terrain or rules.
      I think I've wanted a petrol station since I started the zombie thing (needed for a day one scenario); the film crew will be baggage for Jimlnd and gangster games; the wart hog, likewise for Jimland and the shader stuff is an experiment!
      Just to clarify , I'm not looking foward to any of the assembly or painting bit !

  4. Excellent, sounds like you had a great time meeting up with folk and enjoying the day.
    You've shown pictures of the Western Town before and I really like it - not a 4 Ground building in sight:)
    The film crew are a good idea, they will come in for lots of games and also keep Nickle and Dime Studios on their toes;)

    1. Thanks Vagabond, any day that I get out of the house is a good day, buta wargames show is a big bonus.
      Yep, Mr Wylie's sestern town features in most NE shows, but he always manages to have something new , wich peaks my interest (that and the genre of course).
      The film crew have been a 'want' since starting my gabgster collection seven years ago! (I'm sure I had some idea of a scenario or other somethething, butthat's now been lost to the mists of time, but the need was still there.
      Nickel & Dime productions can rest easy.

  5. Great stuff Joe! That pirate table was really impressive. Looking forward to seeing you build up that gas station, looks like a really neat design.

    1. Thanks Ivor, yep, my mate Stu pulled all the stops put for his epic game.
      Strangely enugh the 'gas' (ahem) station is one of th few models I've been looking forward to having for a long while.

  6. What a great show! Thank you for a photos!

    1. Thanks Michal, yes it was a great show, for many reasons. (and I was joking when I said that there are much better photos on other blogs)

  7. The show looked good with some nice tables. I love the artillery lights! I’m hoping we’ll get to read a batrep or two featuring your new petrol garage hint hint

    1. Thanks dGG,I thought the rtillery lights were a bit too twee for me, but they were fun!
      I too hope you'll see a batrep with the petrol station, but honestly can't see it happening anytime soon. (sorry)

  8. Thanks, Zab, for the "walk thru the event picture album." Crowded battle boards with lots of action is what keeps my old heart pumping.

    1. i think I'm with you on the beating heart, as shows also keep my foundering interests topped up.

  9. Very inspirational pictures and I really like the scenery of Stu.A good report Joe.:)

    1. Thanks Ptr, Stu's output is tremendous, he makes, molds and casts a lot of his own stuff.

  10. Fun looking show, nice and mixed,Ill probably end up at Salute,its my nearest show really, maybe Partizan if I fancy a drive,I look forward to your"gas"(shudders) station!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I did enjoy the show but lookinh forward to Battle ground in stockton, just about at my current limit for travel.
      My one and only visit to Salute was way back, when it was in Knightsbridge (iirc) and though an expensive day out I'd still like a return visit.