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Monday, 27 August 2018

Ned's greatest Adventure (Part 2)

   The expedition moves onwards
Once more then,  another report from Jimland continuing with the fate of Edward Burlington Bt. (Ned) and his 'greatest' adventure, with the last post seeing Ned 'hors de combat'. In the 'Jimland' rules, if there is a Doctor present and anyone is a casualty then there is a chance that the doctor can revive them sufficiently to be carried (taking two personnel - usually bearers carrying nothing else, but unable to take any further part in the adventuring.  The doctor in this expedition has a skill of 7 and therefore required a '7' or less on a D20 to keep Ned alive.
So once more,
From the Journal of Frederick Cartington:

Bearers flee for cover or get stuck in the stream, the explorers take cover  
"Although  Bert, our Doc, did all he could for poor Ned, he finally succumbed to the multiple axe and spear wounds inflicted upon his frail personage and with heavy heart I once more took control of the expedition, deciding to commemorate his death by continuing onwards, despite the setback - I'm sure Ned would have done the same."  
"No sooner had we ventured into unknown territory than we were beset upon by a large group of slavers whom we sent packing in great style"
The explorers in cover
A stuck bearer fights off two attackers, killing one
Slaver reinforcements are attacked by a snake.
The snake is wounded !
Horatio aids the hard-pressed bearer
The snake, bags a slaver, dying in the process, whilst Horatio and a Bearer bag another!
"Our exchange of shots with the slavers and our brave bearer's stalwart effort eventually proved too much for them and they thankfully fled"
"For the next week we pressed on into 'terra incognito' discovering a new plant species, having a wandering soldier join us and finding some valuable looking native  artifacts. We also lost a bearer (laden with food) to one of the very annoying native snares, whilst a friendly native wandered into camp wishing to join us as a bearer - for free!."
"Our good fortune was to last for as we broke camp in a swamp we were set upon by several hostiles. A combination of the swamp slowing them down and some excellent shooting soon saw these fellows off." 
The 'column' pre-warned of the native attack readies itself.
The opposition
The expedition's opening volley, - five shots four hits!
Time to flee for your lives!
The column, now in grasslands, once more readies itself for an attack.
"During the next several days, having found yet another interesting Dinosaur species , we were targetted by more natives whom Ebor had successfully spotted, so we readied ourselves for yet another confrontation" 

And that is where I'll be leaving it for this week, not quite such a cliffhanger this time.
Whilst many won't be interested in the chance that Ned died, as a statistician, I was as when I moved him into the forest I was 90% sure he would survive (his chance making his 'save' roll; coupled with the chance of his attacker hitting him and the doc not saving him the odds were just over 1% . The dice gods are really fickle at times!

Next week, I'll hopefully be able to take a short break fro this adventure and report upon the "Border Reiver" wargame show, providing I'm able to attend.
In the meantime I'm off to hospital for another exciting day of lying down ( it's a minor IV thing that takes all day and it'll be my third or so over the last several years (so nothing to get excited about really). It'll be a chance to take a rest from spousal care and a break from having my five-year old granddaughter for the bank-holiday weekend.

That's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Poor old Ned RIP, if there's one thing I've learned over the years Joe it's this, when rolling dice anything is possible no matter the odds :(
    nice report again from Jimland, good luck with the hospital & here's to hoping you make it to Border Reiver :)

    1. Thanks Frank and yep the dice certainly can't be trusted, but someone wins the lottery every now and then, despite the odds! It's what makes it for me in our games, getting the right balance.
      ISnce wrting this blog I've had two good pieces of luck in that I've now had confirmation of lifts for both the hospital and Vorder Reiver.

  2. Poor Ned indeed. Ripping tale all the same.
    Best wishes for your trip to Hospital Joe.

    1. Thanks MJT on both fronts though I must admit I'm finding it tricky to keep the write-ups entertaining - I may even prefer having to go to hospital.

  3. If a break from spousal care and the plague of the grandchildren means going to hospital I'm not sure it's a good trade. All the best with the visit and we'll well done in Jimland. Shame about poor NedNed there's always someone to take his place.

    1. Thanks Vagabond I must admit it's a toss-up as to which I'd prefer - hospitl and rest or the mayhem at home.
      I like the persona I put on Ned, but there's always another as you say.

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    1. I really don't know what to say...but I try my best

  5. Replies
    1. Haha, me too, especially as it cost me approximately 2p - it came in a bag of halloween stuff (that cost £2)

  6. A very unfortunate Nee meets a sticky end, although it seems his successor had a much better time of it! All the best for the hospital visit buddy

    1. Thanks dGG, as Ned's sucessor, Fred still has a long way to go to get back to Jims landing.

  7. Lovely game and very inspirational (as always).Thankyou very much Joe.

    1. Thanks Ptr, I find we all inspire one another

  8. Poor Ned is dead,I'm sure you'll be bringing in a much more successful replacement! Nice snake!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, a replacement will definitely be in the offing, should I return to Jimland.

  9. I'm going to have to go back and read all of these adventures in order.

    1. Well, there been quite a few BFm so it'll be quite a task - hope you enjoy.