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Monday, 2 October 2017

Rough Terrain

Rough terrain pieces
I have managed to get a lot more hobby time in  this last week, despite having yet another trip to the Doctor, but nothing of note ...yet.
Before becoming completely incapacitated though I had managed to complete several terrain items (the flat terrain boards, the river banks and finally the subject of this post, some rough terrain)
Once more I used pizza bases for the bases (they're light,fairly strong and cheap!)
Initial shaped pieces glued to base pieces
Unlike the black bases I used for the jungle I've used slightly thinner bases glues together.

The pieces cut out and their edges bevelled

Filler and grit added
The pieces were covered in filler (of the £1 a box Bargain Buy variety)
and then liberally sprinkled with some course grit that I've had for many years and have rarely used.
The filler did have some PVA glue mixed in with it and a thin coating was also applied when the filler had set hard.
Once the pieces had thoroughly dried they were given a brown base colouring, which turned out too brown (looking like fresh dog poop) and was darkened very quickly .
Dog poop !
Greenery added !
 The dog poop effect was quickly overcome when two shades of green (to match the terrain boards) was added along with some sparse vegetation, gravel 'rocks' and some twigs from my hedge that I've had drying in my bits cupboard for a couple of years! 

Finally some highlighting to finish off the pieces.   
Here's some individual shots of all nine rough terrain bits:
One of the larger pieces
Another large piece
One of the medium sized ones
A small(ish) one
Another small(ish) one
One of my favourites (though I may go over the plasticky looking greener
Yet another one (Bored yet?)
I didn't go too overboard with all the fallen logs
The final one (and probably the smallest)
 It was only after having finished these and looking through the "Adventures in Jimland" rules, terrain selection chart that I realised I only needed a maximum of two rough terrain pieces, but at least I can have some variation in which two I get to use! (I only need five jungle pieces too).
Nonetheless as these will also be used on a larger table for my pirate games it does mean I can fill a much larger table  with them!
As a bonus the pictures below show a couple of rough terrain bits mixed in with some jungle bits (can you spot the pirate?) and my attempt at solving how to represent a swamp (not needed for Jimland, but I'll be incorporating swamps into the terrain rules too)

Rough terrain and Jungle
Feeble attempt at a swamp
Building work in progress
As this last week went on, I've been feeling a lot better and as such have finished off one batch of scenic items and  started on a building! I was so enthused with the building that I did several hours (not all at once) on it over the weekend - something I rarely do!
I'm hoping by next week I'll be 100% recovered  from the aches and pains I've had to endure over the last three weeks and may even get my fist Adventure in Jimland underway.
In other news, as I've been saving my pocket money for several weeks now,  I've also sent off an order for more figures from North Star Africa's range and have been making a shopping list for things I'd like from either the Shildon or Stockton shows as well as waiting for the next Foundry sale! I'll also be starting my Xmas shopping list too.
Whilst awaiting the arrival of my North Star shinies, I'm looking around for cheap Halloween plastic goodies that may be useful in Jimland - giant flying insect, spiders and other bugs could all be useful though currently I'm staying away from the more obvious lost dinosaur world type of thing.

That's it then from a much happier me this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated (- probably more than your think).



  1. Great looking rough terrain Joe. It certainly fills the table out nicely.

    1. Thanks Brummie and I found it so easy to do too.

  2. Another great posting from the Zabadak Scenery Emporium :-) I think the swamp looks great personally, especially having recently 'nickstarted' a few Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago miniatures. I may well borrow that idea myself.

    1. Thanks Blaxx, as a quick and dirty swamp it may not be of show quality, but it's a good enough substitute for a home game.

  3. Really nicely modeled and useful jungle themed scenery pieces, Zab.

    1. Thanks Jay, though more flung together than modelled I fear

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks PC and it was fairly easy and quick to do too.

  5. Rough terrain looks great. I should make some as well.

    1. Than ks Clint and you've probably got all the ingrdients for something similar already.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks you Michal, I'm pleased that you and many others seem to like it.

  7. Nice dog muck, Joe! You've really captured the look, there. lol
    [if you made some more like that, offered them for sale at a local market or car boot sale I bet they'd sell! novelty gift item for the 'alternative' sense of humour]

    The terrain does look good though. Really nicely done. And there's a nice uniformity with the tree bases you made earlier. Top stuff.

    1. Thanks Roy, though I can't see a great market for doog poop, so I'll be sticking to more terrain bits and pieces. (Watch this space for nore next weeek)
      It did tke a long time to get the jubgke bases he way I wanted them to look, but with that experience it was really much quicker to knock these out as I'd envisaged them.

  8. First off, I want to say how good it is to hear you're feeling better Joe. I hope you're "firing on all cylinders" again soon, and if this post is anything to go by, I reckon you will :-)
    Nice tutorial on the use of pizza bases, and I really like the texture and colour you've got on these pieces (and your game boards) - the amount of "rough" features is Goldilocks! (not too cluttered, not too sparse, but just right)
    The swamp idea works for me, and the building you're, er, building is looking good.
    A great post sir!
    (Oh, and I spotted the pirate!)

  9. Thanks WA, I reckon it'll be aweekor so before I'm 100% but at least I'm currently functioning almost normally!
    I'm pleased that the terrain turned out as I'd envisaged it, despite a few initialset-backs and the building is now comingalong at a more rapid pace, only drying time slowing me down significantly.

  10. Better to have too much terrain than note enough Joe, looking good!

  11. More nice looking scatter terrain, all looking good together too!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I just hope that I get to use it!

  12. I'm very pleased to hear that you're feeling a bit better!

    Terrain pieces look good too [I really should spend more effort on terrain myself :-( ].

    1. Thanks C6, at last I'm managing to get some hobby stuff done for more than 15 minutes at a time.
      Terrain bits are one of those things that I could just as happily live with using chalk outlines or felt etc. but it doesn't make for a good blog post.

  13. Nicely done! With all the new rules for Congo, Ghost Archipelago & now Pulp Alley's latest kicksarter Lemuria wrapping up, I will need to start getting into the groove as well to making up this terrain!

    1. Thanks Terry for popping by, I'm interested in all of the above too, especially as some will be easy cross-overs. I do however have another on-going Pirates project, besides thisone and Zombies, so I'm trying hard not to get roped into any more....though 7TV looks very tempting....