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Monday, 16 October 2017

"Stand To" at Shildon 2017 & the Loot!

Great Looking late Roman game  (I think)
Despite being unwell for several days prior to this event, but having put an order into Col. Bill's previous, I upped my game, had a very pleasant early morning journey and chat, arriving at the event about 30seconds after a friend who had some goodies for me !  A quick chat and off to spend money!
It's sad that what I think to be  a very good venue was so underwhelmingly attended, by both punters and gamers putting on games, though the same couldn't be said of the many traders, friendly and helpful to the last.
(Photographs above and to the left.
Not a group game as such, other than the guys putting the game on were a group of friends (Smoggies I think). I could even have had a game if I had had time as they played through two games during the hour or so that I was there.

Fantasy (40K ?) game with some good looking terrain and figures
Another shot of the above game (notice the blur)
The 40k style game was very eye-catching even though it's not my type of game and the guys who were playing were very pleasant to chat to.
I think they're "Catterick Garrison Wargames Club".- apologies if I didn't get it right.
The ever-present, indomitable Mr. Andres Wiley also put on his excellent Wild West game on (Dead Man's Hand rules iirc), with the added feature of a river. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that my camera had a small smudge in the middle of the lens which caused innumerable problems with any photographs I took at the event and wasn't discovered until I started taking photographs of my loot at home. (Yes, I'm still a rubbish photographer)
Don't go near the crossroads!
This excellent looking WW2 game was put n by a great bunch of guys but for the sake of me I can't remember who they were and I'm sure I took a photograph of their  information .
The game looked good and some extra work had been made on their buildings too, to cover the awful tabs that show on the roofs of many a pre-painted mdf building.
There were flashing 'explosion' markers all over the place adding a nice effect.
I really liked that it seemed an all-infantry affair too, or at least I couldn't see any armour!

Notice the 'flames' behind the building in the top centre (thus avoiding the blur in the bottom centre)
Close-up blurry action
Close of the flames (with the blurry bit cut from the rest of the photo)
There were meant to be six games being presented, but for whatever reason there were only four - pity really, but sometimes things just happen. I was thankful that at least all four games were good.

Despite the draw of the eye candy my initial stop was Colonel Bill's where I picked up an order that I had made on the Thursday before the show and knowing that I was time-limited (as Stu who runs Col.Bill's was at two shows on the weekend) I was delighted to have my order gone through. Col. Bill's (Stu) has always been a delight to trade with.
So here's the results, mostly aimed at my "Adventures in Jimland" but with my pirates project in:
the back of my mind too.
Two females (at a bargain price imo)
A civilian crew for a wagon
Victorian photographer (I've always wanted one of these)

Self explanatory really
A pair of oxen (I bought two sets of these)
See label (getting boring now huh?)
A pair of pack horses Ray at Anything but a One"Don't Throw a 1"
A wagon load for a wagon (duh)
Who'd have thought a simple wagon would have so many bits ?
No batteries included (It doesn't need them) but thankfully a good set of instructions
I also got a very welcome small gift from fellow blogger and apprentice to Col Bill's emporium (at "Never mind the jankers")
 More  on that though at a later time as I've also received several parcels in the last week

That's it then for this week, "Stand to" was a good event, sadly I don't think it has  much life left in it without a lot more support!

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated


  1. Nice haul. I've seen the wagon kit before and wondered at all the parts but the instructions look as if they will help.

    1. Thanks Donnoc and welcome to my site.
      I'm usually all thumbs when it comes to mdf, but I'll be taking my time aand the instructions loook very thorough.

  2. Oh, really nice! And I love the gifts :)

  3. Great posting, Joe. Your enthusiasm for the event was clear, if if not all your photos were ;-) Wonderful loot too. Its incredible but I could genuinely read such posts for ages, as I love seeing what my peers are buying and reading their thoughts on such purchases. Thanks very much for putting this article together - very much appreciated - and I hope your health is much improved as a result of this show :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, somehow you always seem to lknow what I'm getting at and you raise my spirits no-end. It seems a lot of us like seeing what others have in their various loot hauls - Ray at "Don't throw a 1" put me onto the pack horse for example.
      Health is OKm but hardly improving at all -this week another tripto the Docs and yet another Clinic visit.
      I've just got to find time to get my stuffpainted up, whilst I'm enthusiastic

  4. Hope you are getting better, Zab. And great to see that your modeling-gaming enthusiasm is not waning.

    1. Thanks Jay , I am slowly improving (see above) and having just played a game (the first in over a year) myenthusiasm is at an alll time high!

  5. Great post Joe a bit of loot and some nice looking games.

    1. Thanks Brummie, games were good but far too few.

  6. Here's some show info' for you Joe:
    The Ancients games was run by a group of gaming friends - Stu of Col. Bill's being also one of this group, but was obviously trading on the day. In fact, some of the figures were painted by Stu, I did hear. They're from various NE locales (County Durham, I believe).

    The Warhammer 40K game was by the Catterick Garrison Wargames Club (or, The Shire as they were previously known), and I believe the majority of the figures belong to Mark E., who I was a club mate of back in the 1990s.

    Andrew's game does use Dead Man's Hand rules - but the scenarios are normally of his own devising.

    The WW2 game was run by the Redcar Ironbeards.

    The two empty tables were from the day before - and probably should have been removed before the doors opened to the public, as it did give the impression of none attendance / untidiness (that is about the only thing that I could criticise about the running of the event on the day - Big shout out to the women in the kitchen, who went the extra-mile to provide bacon sandwiches for us before the show, it only being cold food afterwards due to the kitchen refurbishment) . All the games who said they would come, did. I don't know about the traders, as I stayed on the trade stand all day, either working Stu's or keeping an eye on Dave's while he went for coffee. I haven't heard anything about a show next year, yet.

    Anyway. Always nice to meet up with you Joe, and I hope you can find use for those bits. I've made a couple of those MDF wagons and, I'll be honest, I found you have to make absolute sure that you've not mixed up the parts (as they look so alike) and dry-fit the wagon bed and sides before gluing. Also, the roof-hoops are a pain in the arse, so I'd omit them if possible.

    1. Ghanks for the info Roy, I took there being 6 games as advertised on the TMP board.
      I actually knew they were Redcar Ironsides , But just couldn't remember.

  7. Great post Joe, and good to hear you've been out and about despite still being 'under doctors orders'.
    I'm sick as a parrot having just had the Derby show (in Lutterworth!) and Warlord Games birthday bash - both 'local', but both on weekends when I was gigging. Your show report is compensation :-)
    A smudge on the camera lens eh? Understandable given the conditions you war correspondents operate in ;-)
    Nice haul too I might add!

    1. Thanks WA, on all counts. and what a bumer having to miss two local shows - I missed all my local shows for about three years due to ill-health, but you're right saying that it was good getting out and about.
      Yhe "smudge" really peed me off especially as I hadn;t noticed it until I'd photographed all my goodies and then had to do it all over again (missing two in the process!).

  8. Firstly brilliant loot. Some of which I am also currently eyeing up.
    Secondly hoe the show is on next year.
    Thirdly Always good to see other clubs games.
    Lastly BUT NOT leastly how brilliant to catch up with the "tall thin one"! (Roy)

    1. THanks Clint, I'll be taking more photo's of them all once unpacked (and where necessary assembled! I reall do hope the show is on next year it's about at the limit of capacity to get a lift (I can't really drive atm due to all the medication I'm on).
      I love seeing what other people are doing and the thinkingbehind what they're doing. I think I was lucky with all the games that were put on as all the chaps running themwere great; I do think however that attendance was down even on that of klast year.
      Roy is always a selight to chat even if (in his own words) he's a bit of a loner, I feddel we have alotin common.

  9. I have some of those Col. Bill's figures; they're very nice :-) . It's a pity that this show doesn't seem to have been well-supported by clubs, but at least you had a day out.

    1. Col. Bill's figures are great imo and fit in very well with what I already have. Considering we have quite a number of clubs closer (or at least as close) to where I live, it's very surprising that more local clube don't put in a bit more effort.
      I really do enjoy getting out and about (especially if there is a purpose to it) considering I haven't been able to do so as much in the last few years.

  10. Dangerous crossroads, beautiful tables, and great haul...what a post!

  11. Thanks Phil, the day out had everything I wanted although a few more games wouldn't have come amiss

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks HW, I wasimpressed that I got any pictures at all.

  13. Nice looking games and a very useful looking haul, I've put a few warbase mdf wagons together , I think they're great although I did get simpler peasants wagons, good to hear you got a game in.
    Best Iain

    1. Rgabks Iain, having a day out, seeing somegmaes with enthusiastic gamers, buying some 'loot', meeting old friends and getting a game in, all in one week - what's not to like!

  14. Some great pics Joe. Great loot too! And thanks for the link back.

    1. Thanks Ray, I had to give you some credit for putting me onto the pack-horses !

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