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Monday 25 September 2017

Terrain Boards (again)

The three flat boards
I wasn't very happy with my first efforts on these terrain boards,  with  far too many visible brush strokes and indentations in the foam. I decided therefore to give them all another layer of filler, followed by another, thinner layer of filler, but stippled onto the boards- total time taken, not taking into consideration the drying time interval, probably about an hour - so well worth it imo.
I also did the same thing on the harbour board which has also had a slight modification added, namely a very small waterline dock and steps cut into the foam.
The pictures really speak for themselves; the flat boards have all been undercoated in a dark brown, followed by a dark green, then a lighter green and finally a much lighter sandy colour - all stippled on and/or dry-brushed.
The harbour
The Harbour board still needs a lot more done to it, especially the rocks flanking the harbour and I'll also be scratch-building a jetty too - possibly even two a stone one and a wooden one.
I left  more of the harbour area in browns as I thought it would be the area of most activity.
Raggedy cut, easily fixed.
In addition to bringing the terrain boards up to scratch, I've also been working on a river board, using a foam off-cut from the fort's base The off-cut is four foot by a foot  (120cm x 30cm) and a rough line was drawn about 4inches in from either end, to give a diagonal cut.
The next step was to  bevel down the two edges that would become the river banks , gunge them up with filler and paint to match the rest of the terrain boards.
Once more I decided to have more brown along the two river banks to make a greater contrast with the greener boards.
Bevelled and gunged
Greened up
River-bank boards in use
At this width it's a stream really

But easily widened....
...or narrowed !
I did manage to get some hobby work done over the week-end,  the earlier part of the week being taken up with Doctor's appointments and pain management, but I do feel better overall and I'm sleeping for more than 2 hours at a time!
Next time I'll be posting even more terrain, for both my pirates and Jimland project and I'll also have finished off some scenic items solely for my pirates but probably usable in many other  genres.

Until next time, thanks for taking the time to visit and look around and of course, as always, your comments are both welcomed and appreciated..


  1. Mesmerising post, Joe. Those boards look absolutely awesome imho. When does "Zabadak's Warehouse" open it doors for orders ;-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I can't recollect ever mesmerising anyone before!
      Other than the city boards I made several years ago, these are the first I've ever done; I had a look I wasnted and it did take three attempts to get to it.
      (When I did build models for sale at wargames show, I traded as "Quoin Creations", but mostly I built buildings free for my friends!"

  2. Those finished boards look brilliant, and the harbour wip is taking shape too. Definitely good stuff. Love the texture effect you've gone with

    1. Thanks Roy as I say above I eventually got the effect I wanted, - after three attempts!
      The Harbour does require a bit more thought about how I want to go with it, but I'll get there.

  3. You've done a cracking job with those Joe! Everything looks just right as far as the texture and colour goes, and the work on the harbour looks great.
    The river section has turned out just as well and I LOVE the way you've made it 'variable width' - I've not seen that done before, so many thanks for the idea :-)

    1. Thanks WA; the river looks far better than the old blue wool scarf I used back when...
      There is also another advantage to the separate banks, something I'll show sometime in the future.

  4. Nice work Zabadak, the boards look excellent. :)

    1. Thanks PC, I'm very pleased with the way they've turned out.

  5. The boards are looking very good.
    I do wonder if the water effect might look better running at 90 degrees as then it would more closely look like flowing water. I am sure you have tried it both ways though and this looks better to you. (I may well reach the same conclusion if I saw it the other way.)

  6. Thanks clint, you're probably correct about the 'water' looking better revolved by 90 deg. When they're the river banks are used in a game I'll probably do just that, but the boards I'm using are 48" x 18" on a table 48" wude, so i couldn't really get three across the table ! (Plus I'd just had the three flat boards on and merely replaced the central one without really thinking about it!)

  7. Replies
    1. Thank you Jay, all the extra thought and work that went into these was well worth it imo

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks HW, I'm looking forward to using it.