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Monday, 23 October 2017

More purchases

The North star purchases
Omitted from my last week's post were two more 'buys' from the Shildon post last week and in addition I've received a whole host of other purchase from both North Star (including Copplstone's) and ebay.
All the North Star purchases were aimed at my ;Adventures in Jimland' games, but I'm sure the natives may also see some use in piratical endeavours.
The Renedra wattle fencing wasn't a planned buy, but it only cost £5 for two frames and I've seen it at £4 for a single frame.
Just look at the label!
Wattle fencing
The 'George Orwell' figure I saw an immediate use for as a civilian and was a bargain too at £1.50 from Col. Bill's and was another impulse buy, I hadn't heard of the "Newark Model Soldier coy" and discovered it was probably a 'freebie' from a 'Partisan' . I've seen it for sale on ebay too at £3.50+ too!
Having looked at the options of buying animals in lead I quickly looked around at the cheaper plastic animals One set in a tub cost £3.99 but only contained four cows that were of a usable size but the various ducks, sheep and dogs all towered over them. I did find the Pegasus box of farm animals for under £12 (incl. p&p) for 32 animals on ebay and are perfect to pad out my pirate towns (the initial purpose ), but they are of course perfectly usable in many contexts.
(Not all the animals were blurry)

As it's close to Halloween I've also been on the lookout for cheap creepy crawlies etc. for 'Jimland',
My feeble spider below Roy's superior looking one
but the £1 card of bugs was a bit disappointing (but nevertheless usable), Roy (the sorcerer's apprentice at Col. Bill's and fellow blogger) gave me a bag of much more presentable spiders at the Shildon show.
My daughter however came up trumps when she spotted a pack of bugs and Halloween stuff in a local supermarket ("Morrison's) for a mere £2!
A quick trip to view said items and I found they were perfect for giant bugs in Jimland.
So here's the photos:
Giant flies....
Giant scorpions....
...and giant frogs plus...
.... giant centipedes ...

a snake which is probably to scale for an African Black Mamba
An ant, just slightly more imposing than my feeble one on the left
More and larger spiders
Gigantic bug (cockroach I think)

A mouse ! (Not so usable)
There was few other unusable useless bits too such 2d skeletons (far to large and flat), but overall well worth the £2 for the pack!
In addition to buying things I have been doing some hobby-related things too.
Cleaning and basing figures was at the top of the list, the cleaning aspect taking very little time. For bases I've been cutting up old plastic store cards etc.
All the figures I've bought have now been based and undercoated and I've even managed to spend a lot of time yesterday (Sunday) constructing the wagon I bought.
A wagon  (who;d have thought?)
I don't normally do any gaming related things on a Sunday, but making the wagon (not for the faint-hearted), inbetween breaks in the busy football programme worked out well. I did one piece at a time which, with the frequent breaks allowed for them to dry and plan for the next.
I'm very pleased with the final model.
Overhead view and much bigger than I thought!

New Native bowmen

The camera crew
New explorers, pack animals, native bowmen and porters
 It's probably obvious that I haven't solved all the problems with my camera lens blur and I'm till a rubbish photographer - sorry !
I'm just about at 100% re my recent illness, but I did crick my back again, but it didn't prevent me trying to catch up with all the hobby time I've lost.

I'm currently working on the aar report of my first foray into "Jimland" and I'm hoping to post about it next week, but I am deliberating on how to present it. I'll probably follow the diary version used by blogger 'TWD' at "Toms Toy Soldiers" (search for his label Tombogoland) .

That's it then for this week, thanks once more for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. An additional loot posting is always much appreciated, Joe, and this one is packed full of minis and scenery. Good to hear you've recovered from your recent illness, and I'm certainly looking forward to your AAR :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx I hp[e the aar is worth the wait!

  2. Nice shopping, Zab. The pack of bugs and frog are WOW! I'll be patrolling the shopping isles today for something similar to your treasure find. (:O)!

    1. Fhanks Jay, I'd have guessed if anyone truly appreviated the bug find, it would be you!

  3. I was looking at Col Bills and thinking I want the George Orwell figure. I am delighted that it went to someone I like.

    I will have to do a scan of the local shops and see if anything Halloween is useable. I can Check on Thursday morning..... you never know.

    Brilliant stuff. Great spendz and well worth seeing I usually get a good idea or 2 from you.

    1. Thansk Clint, if there had been two 'Orwells' I'd have bought them both!
      Halloween is a great time for bugs usually, but I think I scored big on this packet.
      (Next week ideas of how to score at Guy Fawkes )

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal, they;re definetly cheap and cheerful!

  5. Nice haul, your daughters spot on creepy crawlies is great, I've got the pegasus hobbies animals and I've just undercoated them, I think they're really good value, sometimes they seem to go for silly money, mind your back now.
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I was very pleasantly surprised at just how good the Pegasus animals were too. It'll be a while before I get around to painting mine.

  6. Fab loot post. Halloween bares some fantastic and cheap additions to the collection.

    1. Thanks Brummie yep great time of the year for model bugs (especially spiders!)

  7. Yes the figure is the Partizan show freebie

    1. Thanks Mike for that info and thanks too for popping by.

  8. Thanks for posting the Pegasus animals Joe - I've never seen them before and they're just the job, so I'm now on the hunt for some :-)
    My word you've been busy! Great work on the wagon, and getting all your mini's based.

    1. Thanks WA.having not been able to do a lot in the past few weeks, I've been trying to make up for the loss of time.
      The Pegasus animals are great and are a 'bargain buy' way of getting a whole lot of typical farm anmals on the cheap. I really wouldn't like to work out how much it would to have the same number of figures in metal!

    2. Great to hear you're well enough to be playing "catch-up" Joe :-)
      Model Hobbies have got the farm animals on evilbay for £10.43 inc postage - BARGAIN!

    3. Absolute Bargain ! (I think that's wher I got my set from too)

  9. Ha! I had that very George Orwell figure in my hand at SELWG last Sunday, Col Bill must have a job lot of them!

    1. Haha, I guess you're right, Stu is a shrewd business man!

  10. I like the wagon and the natives, but the bugs are a good, cheap find too! Hmm, I'll be in Morrisons tonight; maybe I'll have a look for some myself...

    1. The wagon took a lot og planning . fiitng etc. before glue was applied, but well worth the effort imo. I was beginning to think I'd never find any giant bugs before I came upon these.