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Monday 4 September 2017

Border Reiver 2017

Early morning bustle
Not one of the posts that I have pre-planned, Border Reiver sort of crept up on me even though I was fully aware of it!.
I hopped on our local subway train (the metro)  to find that the venue at Gateshead Stadium was a five minute walk from the station,, so ten to fifteen minutes later I arrived to find a queue to get in. a phenomena unknown to myself!
Swiftly moving on,  there was quite a number of punters there and a more than ample number of traders willing to take your cash.
In no particular order and an almost complete lack of credits for many of the games, here's some of my better (ahem) photos of the event.
 The usual lighting problems, despite my limited photoshop ability, have resulted in many of the photographs still having a yellowish tinge to them. (that's what I'm blaming anyway).

Rapid Death Fire game
 I  didn't find a single trader that had a copy of the well overpriced Congo Rules  to sell to me, whereas two years ago everyone had them!

Busy Napoleonic  (I think) table
Same game, from the away supporters end
The English are in the foreground, protecting the Newburn crossing
The Battle of Newburn 1640, was a participation game by South east Scotland Wargames Club.
I had a good chat with the guys who were running it and they seemed to be busy for the few hours I was there too, which is always a good sign.
They were using "Baroque" rules.

Excellent Italian Wars era game, beautiful figures and terrain

Leonardo's 'tank' took me aback though!
Whitby's WW2 had a very busy table too especially when...
...compared to the rather sparse participation gladiator game 
The only sci-fi/fantasy game I encountered
Streets littered with the dead and dying - again!
Andrew Wiley 's western game seems to be a regular feature of every show within driving distance of Newcastle and I love it!
His card buildings  may not to be everyone's tastes but his enthusiasm for the game (he uses Dead Mans Hand rules iirc) is inspiring and I seem to find something new every time I see his game.

Happy shoppers and traders everywhere.

Trojan Wars game by the Tyneside Wargames Club (I think)
I had a good day out overall, met many friends, some I haven't see for at least twenty years plus, including a now established author (Osprey and Frontline) as well as sculptor for many wargames lines. I did make a few purchase, but really nothing that warranted a photo or posting about. - four d20s, three mules, a small amount of baggage and some more foam figures trays. I nearly bought a large gorilla from Crooked Dice but I baulked at the fact that it was £8 and resin (ie. plastic by another name), if it had been metal I'm sure I would have ended up buying it.

"How many times do I have to tell you?"

 As I did my round of goodbyes before departing, Roy of the blog  "Never mind the jankers" 
receiving instructing from Col. Bill as his new skivvy as the photograph to the right shows.
 The photograph below shows the result, though whether or not that was the intent of the instruction remains unknown.
For more knowledgeable info (and better photographs) on Border Reiver  I'd look at some of the other blogs around that feature it!

Thanks for taking the time to visit  and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated


  1. Hah. I have absolutely no idea, what-so-ever, as to what I am doing in that last photo! Though readers of your blog, and who were there on Saturday and suffered at my hands, are probably now thinking... "There's that berk, who kept making mistakes on the cash till, from the Colonel Bill's stall."

    Nice to see you, Joe. Will you be at Shildon?

    1. Haha, I won't mention the war (just in case).
      I'd like to think IO'll be at Shildon, but transport, as always, may be a problem.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Irqan, always nice to hear from you.

  3. A nice and concise report. Much there to interest me and I will no doubt look at the photos close up.

    Shame there was no loot post. No matter how small I still find them interesting. Almost looking ahead to see what is coming.

    Fantastic to see Roy and Stu (aka Col Bill). Col Bill seems to be at EVERY show, unless he has a double.

    Nice to get an idea what Roy looks like as well. I have a very small gift for him to pass on (Via Stu mail) So I had best be nice to Stu at the next show. Sell him some fogs and put a small preorder in most likely.

    brilliant report though and always a joy to see a show from another end of the country.

    1. Thanks Clint, there was a lot going on in the show from my Pov, too much to clutter up a post with imo.
      I'll do a special loot photo just for you next week - but don't get too excited about it.
      Roy is a great guy as is Col. Bill and his other accomplice.

    2. It was Scotty, working with Stuart at this show. Its been him who's been mentoring me on the ins and outs of operating the till and how to set up and house-keep the stall during the show.

    3. Thanks for that Roy, I can't praise Col. Bill's enough.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you Michal, I hope others like seeing show reports as much as I do.

  5. Great pics Joe. I do like the buildings on the Renaissiance game. That Col Bill certainl gets about! Great to see Roy getting in on the act as well.

    1. Thanks Ray, the colonel certainly travels the length and breadth of the country doesn't he ? I think secretly Roy has been vying for a chance tobeon the stall for sometime.

    2. I've just counted how many shows Stuart and co. will trade at this year, and its 43.

      Never was really bothered about working on the stall, to be honest. I only offered my help at Partizan, the other week, just to give Stuart and Scotty a help in hand and afterwards got told I'll be now doing it whenever I can. Having the third person gives the two main workers a chance of a break during the show, and help lifting all the stock and racks before and after.

    3. Stu is one very busy guy and I bet he appreciates any help he gets

  6. Nice pics Joe. I suspect if the Gorilla had been metal it would of been double the price!

    1. Thanks Brummie, someof the pics aren't too bad. The Foundry gorilla iis £12, so you're not that far off the mark!

  7. Nice post, I second Ray, lovely buildings in the renaissance game.
    Best Iain

    1. The bukiding on that game were indeed excellent, quite possible the best eye candy of the event.

  8. Always nice to be able to make a "virtual visit" to a show via a write up like this if you can't get there in person.
    Nicely done Joe and thanks for posting :-)

    1. TThanks WA, I'd never thpught of it as a ;virtual visit', but I do like the concept.