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Monday, 28 November 2016


The five sets
Following on from last week's Cottage build post, as promised here's another look at some of the furniture items that I bought recently. There are five sets in the series (as far as I can tell), the photograph on the right showing all of them.
From top to bottom, left to right:
Bedroom, Living room (shown last time) Kitchen, Study (I think) and finally, my favourite - the Bathroom.
All of these contain very small parts and whether it be an oil lamp or a toilet roll holder they're very identifiable as to what they're meant to be.
The packs also contain cross-over bits, so that identical chairs appear in different packs and the round tables appear in three packs., but they also all contain at least one unique item too, for example the coffee-grinder in the kitchen pack or the wall telephone!
 The bathroom set is my favourite of all the sets, probably because I've tried making baths (without much success) and toilets (with only a little more success).
The little detail bits that also come with it are a joy too, from the sink unit, the previously mentioned toilet roll holder, a stool and so on.

The kitchen comes with the ubiquitous chairs (just the two though) and the familiar table, but it also has three unique furniture items too. 
As one would expect, there is a stove (Arga type -middle back of piccy) , and two cabinet type things; the coffee grinder (red) is unique to this set whilst the jug and bowl can be found in others too.

Kitchen pieces in place

Back of Bedroom Set.

 The bedroom set contains what you probably would expect to find in a bedroom - a bed (surprise surprise), a set of drawers, a bedside table and a dressing table. There is also another oil lamp, bowl, jug and chair too.
 I chose to show the back of the set to illustrate the fact that most of these pieces don't have a back to them and are obviously designed to be placed up against walls .
Bedroom bits
Bedroom furnishings in situ
I haven't as yet glued any of the pieces in place in the cottage, but as I bought two of each of the five sets, I have plenty of options.
The study's unique pieces


The "Study" set has a mere two unique items in it, the other pieces all being found in one or more of the other sets (mostly the dining room set). However the two items are worthy of a mention as they're both rather large pieces (and of course another three chairs and a table are not to be sniffed at!).
As can be seen in the photograph there is a rather grand panelled cabinet and another desk, larger than the living room one, shown in last week's blog post.
Obviously all these models have nought but a basic colour scheme on them and would benefit greatly from a decent paint-job.

Desk and cabinet

Finishing off the "grand tour", here's a couple of photographs of the 'furnished' cottage from above.
If the furnishings had been some of my own scratchbuilt items or even, card ones there would be a lot less space and it would probably look very crowded. As it stands, with a dozen or so pieces furniture in place it may look a bit sparse, but there is more than ample room for figures (even those on 25mm bases!).
Another view , for no real reason.
So that's it, the cottage could be ready to 'movein' at a moments notice (if I ever finally decide how to arrange the furnishings). I'm sure it hasn't escaped anyone reading this that there is no obvious time period that applies to this collection either. Many of the pieces are as usable for the 17th Century as the 21st century, though the upright flush toilet probably dates back to the late 19th/early 20th century and the oil lamps don't see much use nowadays. either!
My Stoetzel build.

Other than practising my Fen Shui this last week,  I've also started another Stoetzel build, that came with it's own list of 'problems'. It's one of the larger produced and despite looking forward to making this model, has not been a very satisfying build so far. - More of this at a future date though.
My Poundworldbargainbuy Chopper.

 In between cutting and gluing I've also been working on that £1 bargain chopper, cutting the toy components away and attempting to smooth out the 'joins', with varying success. It has reached the stage where it's been undercoated (gloss black) and requires painting  - not something I'm looking forward too and a bit of research, revealed it to probably be a representation of Airbus.

Despite real-life domicidal upheavals, ongoing health issues and Xmas on the horizon I've also been working on my version of Two Hour Wagames' Pirate rules "And a bottle of rum", which I've found to be the most akin to what I've wanted from a set of their rules (though I still dislike their shooting rules - haha) and 'pirate' rules in particular. I have a lot of THW rules in many genres and these I have found the most likeable. Other than the shooting rules I've mostly been making the game into more of a rpg than the pg 'lite' type of game is is at present. Also, as I don't have a lot of room to fight sea actions with my 20" + ships on my 8' x 4' table I've developed a set of abstract ship to ship combat rules and am awaiting some much needed feed-back (as I am with my gladiatorial beast rules).

Finally, am I the only one that dislikes the new-look blogger dashboard? - Just saying 

That's it then for another week, I hope that this spurt of enthusiasm will continue unabated for some time despite all the hurly-burly that is continuing around my own purlieu.

As always I hope you've found something of interest and your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. That is some very useful pieces of furnitures. Far better than the 4Ground stuff I've worked with in the past - that should read, glued my fingers together while working with.

    1. I always thought the 4 ground stuff was OK , but overpriced these sets ccome in at around £2 (+p&p)
      The piences do have a lot of scope imo.

  2. Firstly - the new blogger dashboard sucks badly, I've sent very negative feedback to them about it!!

    Secondly - the furniture is excellent Joe, where did you get from as I want some?

    1. Hey, dGG, I didn't think I would be the onlyone that didn't like the new dashboard!

      The furniture I discovered on ebay - there are various suppliers at various costs. I searched combinations of "Doll house furniture", "1/48th", "plastic" and so on, in he Dolls house bit(rather than toys and games)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks you Michal, I'm very pleased with it

  4. Another great score, Zab. Really cool.

    1. Thanks Jay they are a great find imo, possibly my best to date

  5. You truly are the definitive master when it comes to Wargaming finds Joe. What an awesome collection of useful bits of furniture. Splendid finds!!!

    To say I dislike the new-look blogger dashboard would be an understatement, especially as I'm doing the Analogue Hobbies painting Challenge again this year. So any time any one of the hundred or so participants posts anything it immediately becomes my main blog instead of Fantorical - not impressed at all!!

    1. Thanks Blax. For myself these have been the el dorado of finds.

      I've written my dismay at the new blogger layout. I really don't wanyt to see a list of what I've done either, but would rather keep up to date with the post of others - difficult eonough atm what with all the Black (insert whatever) sales are currently ongoing.

  6. I do like that furniture Joe, I might have to get some myself.

    1. Thanks michael, I agree everyone should have some (and I'm not even on commission).

  7. Replies
    1. Yep, I suspect they would have a big demand in 15mm.

  8. That furniture is really an excellent find! I shall have a search for myself (not that I need any such thing right now, but you never know...).

    1. Haha, I too have lots if stuff that I'd thought of never needing!

  9. For wargaming purposes I tend to leave rooms empty. I grant you it does look better with furniture. But until the figures can move furniture for me kind of mucks up the inside of a building as figures can never go where you want them.

    Al that said I do like to see others manage to cope with it.
    So well done!

    1. I 'get' that many wargamers like their rooms blank - it makkes ife so much easier. I can think of other uses for furnishings thoug - such as barricades! The chairs would also make very nice 'weapons' in a bar brawl! Cabinets etc. coould also make good objectives (think treasure chests).

  10. These are excellent Joe, Great find

    1. Thanks Brummie and more importantly they fit in with the scale of the figures!