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Monday, 21 November 2016

The Cottage

Stoetzal's Cottage
Well, I did manage to finish off the Stoetzal Cottage build that I'd started last week.
There wasn't a lot I could do to this model to make it different from those of everyone else. The files don't allow any image manipulation (from someone with my techy skills at least.!).
The model itself has a footprint of 7"x7" and the height to the roof ridge is about7" too.
The 5mm 'step'
One of the features of all Stoetzal buildings, as far as I can tell is the "step" that appears (or rather doesn't) at entrances.

As all the walls, floors etc. are designed for 5mm foamboard it does mean that door 'float' 5mm above ground level - a feature I'm not particularly fond of.
To cure this is an easy enough task (as can be seen in the photograph above) by adding one's own step. I had originally intended to incorporate the step into the base foamboard, but tiredness ended up with me cutting the wrong bit!.
The fix was simple enough, I cut a separate piece of foamboard to a suitable size, and with minimal modelling
The finished 'step' piece can be seen below:
The step

The 'step' was painted very quickly before glueing onto the front wall and base (using the 'tag for extra support') and although it appears grey, I only used browns and sandy colours with a dark brown wash to get the effect I wanted.

The roof was probably the most difficult to assemble even though it was a mere two parts glued together, but luckily the two parts meet at about 90 degrees making the use of foamboard pieces at right angles fairly simple.
The chimney though for the cottage is one piece and if using a 'lift-off; roof makes the positioning of it important.
 I decided to cut the chimney into two parts, with the upper part attached to the roof (giving it greater strength) and the lower part, being shorter, making it easier to move figures inside the building.
Chimney bit inside roof

The photograph on the right shows he model from above (without the roof - duh!).
All internal walls are rabbeted into other walls or the chimney breast; the latter having been cut down to allow the easier roof removal as mentioned above and also making it less likely that the building will be knocked about ( I guess).
Whilst I didn't have any of the three doors (two internal and one external-) open-able. Whilst it's an admirable feature of model buildings, I've never had the need in any of the games I've played.or seen. 'Glazed' windows on the other hand do make a building look 'lived in', I think many appear Ghost -like without ! Clear plastic pieces glued between the foamboard and the outer paper skin is a quick fix and well worth doing imo.
Internal view

Alternate internal view. (spot Sid through the window!)
So what about internal detailing ? Well, that's for another time and another post (probably next week) and as I 'll be using my recent furniture purchases will simply be a matter of opening the blister packs, placing them and photographing them

Overall I'm pleased with the model, it's simple and useful over many eras, 17th -18th century onwards and I can see it being used in my pirate games (now that I've just about got the rules to the state I want them)

That's it then, once more, for another week and as always, your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


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    1. Thanks HW, it's really not that good close up though.

  2. Replies
    1. and... just some visit and 100k celebration!!

    2. Thanks Michal, it was very difficult getting back into making a building - it's been a while

    3. Oh and as for the 100k, I'm not one that puts much significance intp it, but I guess it's a measure of some sort.

  3. Looks better than some of the Student accommodation I was offered!

    1. Haha, I know the feeling Clint, I've had many similar experiences too

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, but I think the credit belongs to Mr. Stoetzal!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Jay, its's just the sort of buidlignn I'd expect some of your guys would hang around in making some form of illegal beverage!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Brummie, I think some detailing will help it a lot

  7. Good work, will be good to see your new furniture set in it.

    1. Thanks dGG, it's not as satisying a completly scrathch-build but still useful.
      I will be posting about the furniture next time, but I need to decide how I'm using it (sparingly I think, atm)

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    1. Thanks david, though my card-modelling skills don't really do it a lot of justice imo.

  9. It's a nice kit, isn't it? From memory, I did something very similar with the chimney (i.e. cut it in two, horizontally) so that I could have a removable roof. Great minds think alike, eh?

    1. You're four cottages were probably where I got the idea from! i always wanted my retirement homes after seeing yours

      It is a nice kit btw, but it could do without being so square and tall!

  10. Nice build! The cottage should be handy in many games.

    1. Thanks N667, I too think it could be very useful, especially as I have so few subrurba/rural buildings.

  11. Great build and this will be a useful building on the gaming table.

    1. Thanks Ptr., perhaps it's not as good a I'd have wanted, but I'm a bit rusty.
      I'm sure it'll feature in a whole variety of situations though.