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Monday, 2 June 2014

Lucky Dip

Well, another week, another week-end camping and another week to recover, hence this week I'm taking the easy way out and keeping this blog a bit short.
Firstly let me say I'm a big fan of Steven Seagal films, despite their consistent story-lines (the one man rescue against all the odds type of thing) and yes, they are all a bit cheesy.
This film, "Against the Dark" (2009) though was probably one of his worst, even though it had all the ingredients of a potentially good story-line, it was very disjointed in parts and was up there with so many other zombie films that just don't quite make it. Oh, yes, I didn't mention that it was a zombie film, which surprised the heck out of me too, Mr Seagal must have been a bit short on cash the weekend the film was made.
I haven't yet written this one up on my DVD/Film page but it'll get a score of '3', it does have a few moments and would have been a tad better with slow zombies imo.
Bob in the centre - will he be a hero ?

Here are three of the last batch of figures I finished painting a while ago, but the problems I had photographing them would take up a whole blog page, so here's the short version.
Camera dead - charge it, no dice. Try for three hours eventually it charges, take photographs of last game and newly finished figures, quickly before battery dies.
"I doubt it", Bob's missus far right
Check lead, charger, ports, sockets and the weather, none of these seem to fix the problem.
Try to retrieve photographs from camera, but the lead still doesn't work, swearing doesn't help it seems. Techy #2 son comes to the rescue and shows me the sim card thing in the camera that can be taken out and inserted in a cunningly hidden slot in my laptop. Use my external drive to extract said photos from lap-top and feed into desktop where all the piccy stuff is stored and manipulated. Publish game blog and glaring at camera for a week - doesn't help.

I have other great news too, but as it won't be the same without a picture of two to accompany it there doesn't seem much point and I'll keep it for next week after I have had a good shout at the camera or made alternative photographing arrangements, which may well be a better plan.

So as many of you will be aware of, and recipients of, the "new and improved" Leibster award, I thought it would be a great idea to copy others in that rather than go through the whole rigmarole of answering the set questions and then answering other ones from the nominator I'll go with Lord Siwoc's idea of giving you all the chance to ask me a couple of questions.
Please make sure the question hasn't already been asked and just as a hint, I don't do music !

Finally let me welcome my latest follower Karitas who has a blog full of excellent eye-candy and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

(For those of you not in the know what a lucky dip is, there's always Google, but it seemed more likely you'd know what I meant rather than the title I was originally going for "A 10p mix-up", which is what all the wedding guests got after the service !)


  1. I haven't seen "Against the Dark" and I'm not in any hurry to either. Sorry, but I don't like Steven Seagal!
    Technology is pretty much a mystery to me. As long as it works, that's fine.
    But once it goes wrong, that's a different matter entirely. Good to know you have a tech savvy son to help you. My brother serves the same role for me.

    Okay, so I can ask you two questions. Here goes.
    If you could have one super power what would it be?
    If you were guaranteed total anonymity and freedom of prosecution what one act would you most like to do?

  2. Everyone need their computer guru.
    As for the questions, you have a devious mind.

    For a superpower, I'd like to have the ability to fly. I dream I can fly often enough, but I'd like to do it for real.

    As for the second question, I'd rig the lottery to win a modest fortune (just a million would do me nicely!)

  3. We all need a tech savy friend, Mine is a five pound lump hammer!

    2 questions? Hmm
    1) You do win the lottery what is the very very very first thing you buy, not the thing you most want but the first thing you buy?

    2) If you could see yourself as a simple geometric shape and colour what would it be?

    1. I like that second question Clint, my question is what song is played at your funeral?

    2. Tune at funeral, "Now is the time to say goodbye", Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore.

    3. My lottery win first buy would be whatever SWMBO wants.

      The shape would be a sphere, I'm that well rounded (and it makes a good projectile) and the colour would be white ofr the pure living sort of chap that I am.

  4. Technology is a wonderful thing right up to that moment when it sops working! You managed to get there in the end though and I look forward to the other news. As for Seagal movies, I've wasted an hour or two on them in my time - Under Siege, what a cinematic gem!

    1. Undr Seige was probably his best, the follow on was back to normalbeing average at best.

  5. I have to add though is it because they speed up Seagall's action scenes these days that the zombies that would normally be slow are now faster?

    I like the new additions to the painted pile and I hope you can get your camera sorted out.

    1. Thanks Brummie, you could well be right about Seagal (the pensioner) though I suspect not.

      The camera thing will be sorted eventually.

  6. Those miniatures look great - adding chest hair is a nice addition! :D
    I hope the camera starts working all on its own if nothing else works!

    1. Thanks Mathyoo, the camera will either start working or be sacrificed.

  7. At least you have pictures dude.
    You think "Against the Dark" was bad, check out Dolph Lundgren in "Battle of the Damned". Also a "zombie" movie, what a f@$&ing stinker.

    My two questions:
    1. What was the last book you read/are reading now?

    2. Zombies fast, slow or mutated?

    1. Thanks Bob, I just recently watched Battle of the Damned" and actually quite liked it for its comedy value if little else.

      The last book I read was Book 4 of the Dead :xxxxxxx Series , Dead:Winter..
      I'm a bit of a traditionalist and prefer my zombies to be slow.
      I feel that those who introduce fast zombies, smart zombies, plague zombies etc. must be seeing something need for them that I don't.

  8. These look great.

    As for the questions:
    If you could go back and change ONE THING in your life? Maybe warn yourself.

    What is your favorite miniature?

    1. Thanks LS.
      I do wish I'd been more forthcoming to a friend a few years ago, we've had a very cold friendhsip since.

      I don't really get that attached to my figures, but "Sid the Sweeper" is a recent one that I do like.

    2. Thanks for answering Joe. And by the way...Thank you for a good blog!