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Monday, 9 March 2020

Egyptian Infantry for the Sudan

I managed to finish all my Egyptian
Infantry in just two sessions (about three hours)
All the figures are from Old Glory and with just three packs of them I have enough figures to make up four units of twenty figures each based singly for use with "The Sword and the Flame" rules .
The smallest tactical infantry unit of twenty figures
 Each unit has an Officer (leader) and an NCO,  I'm using a bugler to represent the latter.
All westernised units follow this pattern, whilst most 'native' types have only a single leader figure).

A 'company' of two units
Two such units have an additional two leaders to command them (again I have used an Officer type and a bugler). The colour bearers had to have their hands drilled (yep, I'd forgotten to do this) and consequently had to have their hands touched pu with a spot of paint.
The second Leader figure for the two units could be the colour bearer but I just added him as an extra.
Flag is for the frst company, blue with the arabic numeral '1' on it
Two companies forming a battalion.
The two 'companies' are allowed a single mounted officer to command them, but as I have figures to spare I have included the extra mounted bugler and a figure with the regimental colours.
The third and fourth comany flags, and the Khedive's flag iirc.
There were six companies to an Egyptian battalion/regiment each having their own coloured flag  with the company numeral on it and a regimental flag of green. I wonder if this got confused with the 6th Regiment's 6th company flag; both would look identical, as both were green (perhaps they were different sizes.
My flags came from "Warflags" and re=coloured to suit my purposes.
All these took a lot longer to complete than I'd first anticipated, mostly due to the numerous hospital and clinic appointments I've had to attend (all thankfully with no adverse results).
With the single routine appointment this week, I shouldn't have more until August !!

That's it then for this week, on the painting front I'm having a break from the Sudan in favour of adding six more explorers to face the dangers of 'Jimland'  before returning and facing the three units of British left to do.
No game this week, but next week I'll probably post about my mate's second adventure into 'Jimland'.

As a footnote (of sorts) the photographs in this post were taken with my new camera and magically transferred without wires to my computer (though it doesn't make the cameraman any better).

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully you found something of interest and of course, as always, your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.

[Damn,  how I miss the spellchecker]


  1. Fantastic work on your companies Joe, the flags look great as well.
    Good to hear no bad results from your visits and that you now have a break from them until August

    1. Thanks dave on both fronts, I'm so pleased they're finally finished (at least to my standars) and of course the break from hospital visits is very welcome too (especially considering the current health cliate).

  2. Great units Joe - the flagbearers look terrific.

    1. Thanks MJT, considering the 'flag bearers' were probably the quickest (and last) to be finished I'm plesed with how they've turned out.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, much appreciated, but I feel a few more units would be necessarty to make it an army.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Brummie, they may not be the best, but I'm very plesed with my efforts.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Ray, they're definetly good enough for me at least.

  6. Super looking Egyptians! They look great en mass, I do like a red fez!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, there is something about the fez as iconic and I admit to having a soft-spot for them !

  7. They look great Joe, as for your camera I could do with one like it, I have to up load pictures off the phone & its the biggest pain ever.

    1. Thanks Frank,; my daughter suggested I use my phone as it's as good as my old camera, but the pain involved in getting photos to my computer was'nt for me.

  8. Joe you are just so prolific, I'm very impressed. The new camera transfers photos without wires, that sounds good, is it quick?

    I have a similar problem with my cameraman and asked Mrs V to make a small bean bag to stand the camera on and use the delayed timer to take the photos, for low level pics it works really well. For higher angle ones I bought a cheap tripod with flexible legs, only about a pound, it works ok but a better (more expensive one) would be more stable.

    1. Thanks Vagabond,I quick because I'm not that careful of detailing etc. when painting figures.
      The camera is a bit slow when transferring over, but I can live with that until I get a new usb cable to connect to my computer directly.
      I've used a tripod with time delay too but I prefer hand-held !