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Monday 21 January 2019

Warhammer or Wargamer ?

   Not recommended
So once more I have not done a single thing hobby -related this week, though I did look at and comment upon many blogs (still trying to find time to catch up though!)
But this week I thought I'd give you a quiz that I've been thinking about for several years and did hope to have 10 questions, but like many projects it was never finished.

There are no right or wrong answers and it's not to be taken seriously !

I'd suggest you  get a writing implement and a scrap of paper to write down your thoughts after each question (remember - you can't be wrong !)

Warhammer or Wargamer ?

1.  What height are you ?
                If you measured to your eyes  :                                                                     Score 3 points
                If you measured in metric :                                                                           Score 1 point
                If you measured in Imperial :                                                                       Score 0 points

2. What is the Range of a Bolter ?

                If you asked which type of Bolter :                                                            Score 3 points
                If you answered in inches :                                                                        Score 2 Points
                If you have heard of a Bolter, but don’t know the answer :                      Score 1 point
                If you've never heafd of a bolter                                                               Score 0 points

3. How big is your biggest Army ?

                If you answered in points              :                                                            Score 3 points
                If you answered in the number of figures :                                                Score 1 points
                If you answered in unit types (battalions, brigades etc. :                           Score 0 points

4. What is the approximate range of an 18th Century Musket:                     

                If you answered what is a Musket ? :                                                        Score 3 Points
                If you answered in inches (or cm) :                                                           Score 2 points
                If you answered in metric (metres) :                                                         Score 1  point
                If you answered in yards :                                                                         Score 0 points

5. What is the scale of a 28mm figure :

                If you answered 28mm scale:                                                                    Score 3 points
                If you answered 1/56th scale                                                                      Score 2 points
                If you answered 28mm is not a scale :                                                      Score 0 points

6. How should Game length be determined :

                If you answered when a turn limit is reached:                                          Score 3 points
                If you answered by the game rules (other than turn limit) :                     Score 2 points
                If you answered by time available or mutual agreement:                        Score 0 points

Results :
13-18 There's hope for you as a Wargamer,  you’re a true Warhammerer, enjoy your fantasy gaming.
7-12   You’re a Wargamer who probably also likes many fantasy elements of gaming.
0 -6    You’re a true old-school Wargamer, probably with the occasional delve into fantasy. 

Your'e probably wondering where are the answers.
If you left click and hold your mouse over the gaps after each question, you will find the hidden answers!

Hope you this idea brought a smile ot your face and maybe you could share your thoughts (and results ?) by commenting.


  1. Not sure what to make of that Joe but it did make me smile :)

    1. It doesn't really matter and at lest you smiled !
      (But what did you score?)

    2. Well as I couldn't see the answers Joe I really have know Idea & tbh how you know the answer to what height I am really has me puzzled lol

    3. Hold your left mouse button down and pass your mouse over the space blow the question and all qwill be revealed.
      Sorry if the instructions weren't intially clear enough.

    4. No you were clear enough Joe I was at fault :( anyway as most of my answers didn't match your questions I'm not sure what I am but I got 5pts :)

  2. I got 6 points......cool! Describes me nearly perfectly!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, I'm glad you found it funny.

  4. I'm in at 6 too 🙂 Though I feel the real answer to #5 should only ever be "God's Scale"!

    1. Haha, good answer too , but maybe the dice gods ?

  5. Very clever Joe - I love the way your mind works :-)
    Oh, and for the record I came out as a 6 pointer!

    1. Thanks Wa, I reckon most of my regular followers are of a like mind

  6. That was fun,I got a 1,I didn't realise I was so old school!
    Best Iain

    1. Haha, yes another old-schooler !
      Thanks Ian, glad you found it fun!

  7. Replies
    1. Another one of us old-school chaps then...