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Monday, 7 January 2019


Grizzly Bears
Hi everyone, as usual I've managed to not produce anything so far in 2019 (and very little in the latter parts of 2018 for that matter)
If you write  a blog you may also have noticed that I haven't been commenting either for the last week or so - I'll try and catch up but I;ll not be making any promises - sorry.

American Black bear

You probably have realised this is not one of my normal posts (if you understand the title), but it reflects how I feel atm
Whilst 2018 fizzled out and had its normal ups and downs, 2019 has me being more despondent about my future gaming than ever before.
So I doubt I'll be posting much this year.

In case you;re wondering why the pictures of bears, it's a pet hate of mine that folk don't do the simplest of research, Grizzlies generally aren't black and the unfortunately named American Black bear is every colour from black through various browns to white ! Graves in Christian churchyards and   cemeteries are generally aligned East-West as are Churches. I often cringe at what I see on-line and wonder...

It's probably an age thing


  1. No stress Joe.I published a bunch of reports in advance to keep up and also because I will be very busy when my son will knock on the door.I felt some stress last year as a blogger because I had to little time to do anything connected to my hobby(new hous, new job, injured wife, renovating, taking care of my children etc...). Have a nice week and don´t forget to take a break and a cup of tea my friend.

  2. Sorry to hear that Joe, hopefully things will get better for you soon!

  3. Winter blues Joe ? I hope your keeping well & that you do get to trill us all again with some exciting tales :)

  4. TBH I know you feel. Maybe its just the post Christmas lull as things return to normal perhaps?

  5. As and when, Joe, no need to feel pressurised to hobby, just do it when you feel like it :-)

  6. I am sorry to read this Joe, but sometimes a break can do the world of good. You take care.

  7. 7 years is a long time to be productive, take a break, this is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not a chore.
    I expect we're all wondering who painted a black grizzly bear. ;)

  8. Chin up Joe. I'm sure taking a step back for a while will work wonders, and we'll all be here eagerly awaiting when you feel like it and return to the blogosphere :-)
    All the best buddy!

  9. No pressure,we will read stuff when it turns up,I hope to post something soon,but if I don't it's not a big deal,this time of year isn't great, being so dark either,I look forward to something prehistoric all in good time!
    Best Iain

  10. hanks you allfor the kind comments, I appreciate the encouragement, and thoughtful sentiments expressed.
    I've had a couple of severe knocks to my enthusiasm for gaming and all its aspects thanks mainly to 'frineds', their promises and actions.
    In addition to strees, depression, anxiety, failing eyesight and all the other 'normal' ageing problems I do wonder if it's worth continuing.

    Thanks once more