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Monday 28 January 2019

Holiday Break Games

Needless to say my motivation for anything hobby related hasn't changed and I've been on a long weekend break in the Lake District, doing more important sitting, just in a different place.
In addition to doing a lot of sitting, walking and eating I did manage to get to play several board games with family and family friends  - including one Zombie related.
First up then was my daughter's game, "masquerade, a very simple, but subtle game of memory, bluff and blind luck (in my case).
It's a game I really like, with the capacity to take a dozen or so players, but with our little group of six took well less than an hour.
We played several games, none of which I won, which I put down to everyone ganging up against me, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol!
Next up then, another of my daughter's games, "Blindes Huhn", or in English, Blind Chicken a game I hadn't played before, but another cracker of a game, involving more subtle bluffing as you auction of good (unlikely) or bad deals (far more likely) to accumulate chickens!
The game's scoring system means that the eventual winner is never really known until all the variations of scoring isn't known until the end.
We had the full allowed complement of players (5) and the best I managed was a very credible second place with 74 pints, the winner getting just four more!
(I blame  everyone ganging up against me, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol!)

 Next up was a game I've owned for many years, a simple zombie themed game.
Once more it was sufficiently short enough to play several games in a short space of time.
It's a game I've played a lot and cannot recollect ever winning!
This weekend's  games proved to be no different and I lost all three games played.
( I blame total incompetence,, due to everyone ganging up against me, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol!)
 "Gloom" is another game that I've had for many years, but never played, nor could I find my copy before we left. My son-in-law however had his Cthulhu version of the game which he had brought.
Teaching the game was quickly done and easily understood even though I never understood the rules previously.
I can see how having more people would improve the game, but with just the two of us I wasn't that impressed, though I would try it again.
Needless to say I lost, though I can't imagine why.
I was also introduced to an old familiar game that I hadn't played even though it was it is almost the standard intro game to serious boardgames.
I thoroughly enjoyed it and was quickly seeing all the nuances that the game provided, both in variation of play, strategies to employ etc.
Our first couple of game were with just three players, a game that I won!
(I put it odwn to  skill, insight and brilliamce)
The next games of Catan I played , I lost of course...

If you're a boardgamer, then you've probably heard of all these games or maybe even played them, but for those that haven't and would like to know more I recommend you visit ganging up against me, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol!)

I'll be sticking to "Werewolf", which I do win occasionally when people aren't ganging up against me and I'm relatively sober!)

That's it then from me this week, goodness knows what I'll be writing about next week, but as the 7th anniversary  of this blog is imminent, I will be trying to.


  1. You are a genius in my book, Zab!

    1. Thanks Jay, but now I'll have to work out why you think that ...

  2. Always nice to get off on a little hol Joe & it seems that despite everyone ganging up on you, old age, poor eyesight & alcohol you enjoyed yourself :)

  3. I have masquerade! Nice game with beautiful graphics!

  4. Now that's a weekend of fun even if everyone was ganging up against you, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol!

    1. Tjanls AL, it was great fun and I'll remmeber their treatment

  5. I haven't played any of these yet Zab, even Catan! Glad you had a great time, I'm really loving board games at the moment, which seems to be my only hobby outlet at the moment

    1. I'm very surprised that you haven't played Catan, but then again I hadn't either !
      Last year I can't recollect playing a single boardgame so I'm well up now !

  6. I've never played or even seen any of these games but Catan sounds interesting although I doubt I'll get Mrs V to play.

    As Frank said it does sound as though you had a good time in spite of everyone ganging up against you, old age, bad eyesight and alcohol, although after the later I always think I play a better game ;)
    Although maybe the reality is something different.

    Was the first photo a picture of some North East Game using no hands?

    1. Other than Catan, I'm not surprised that folk haven't heard of these games, but they're all very good even if tmost suffer from having too few players. Strangely enough it's difficult for me to get my wife to join in boaedgames, but mine did play a few times.
      The first pic (of me) is to illustrate I wasn't just sitting on the hols!

  7. I've lately found that boardgames are a quick "gaming fix" and can normally be shared with many. Looks like you had a good selection!

    1. Thanks SoH, I must agree that boardgames are a good short-term fix in the absence of tabletop games and you take whatever you can get.