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Monday 6 August 2018

Ben's second Adventure

Having been stuck in place by fog, they immediately faced hostile tribals
This is the second adventure in Jimland I've had with a living, breathing opponent and is a follow on from last week's post as Ben (Benoic) having had his first expedition slaughtered, started a second expedition that incorporated the only survivor from the first.
So with three new explorers, six Askari and ten bearers (all loaded down with food), they set of for pastures new.
Here follows a brief report on their exploits.

Hand to hand action everywhere
The natives were no match for the explorers and easily dealt with.
Day 2, more action!
The second action was a very confused affair as I tried "surrounding" the column.
Eight Natives, four rifles and four hand weapons came from North and South.
(Most of the terrain was placed by the explorers)
 A scorpion appeared....
...but soon departed.
Two native rifles took up their positions in cover
Everyone flees to cover or safety
Brave explorer taking on a native in melee
Brave, but foolish.
Elsewhere, there were successes though.
Finally the native resolve was broken.
Final situation (play spot the Native)
With two hostile encounters on the first two days and with an explorer and two Askari lost,  the expedition carried on for another eleven days before successfully returning to Jimland. Along the way they made the usual discoveries , got lost in swamps and such-like but no further hostile encounters took place.

We had played, with only a slight ten minute break, for about four hours and the time went very swiftly.
Playing as the natives was fun, but far more difficult than  I'd envisaged as my human opponent's terrain placement was far different than I'd expected.

Even though I've enjoyed playing solo, playing with an opponent was a far more rewarding experience and one I hope I'll have again soon.

In other news, time has been of the essence in this last week as real-life has eaten most of what I have had, leaving me very tired and lethargic, so sorry if my comments on any blog posts has been brief or missed! I can't see it get any better this week as more hospital and clinic visits are imminent too and hobby-related activities have taken a back-seat.

That's it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as always,  your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


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    1. Thank you MIchal, considering it was very rushed.

  2. One of the funny things I find with Jimland is you go a long time without even seen a native & then get back to back attacks, great stuff as always Joe, & don't worry about doing the blog rounds as looking after yourself is much more important, I hope all goes well for you through the week :)

    1. It is strange that sometimes you do get inundated with attacks, but then have whateverpasses for a pleasant stroll in Jimland.
      I not just tying to look after myself, my wife has been in hospital too, for a hip operation!

    2. Never rains but it pores Joe, look after both of you & speedy recovery to the good lady.

    3. Thanks Frank, I'll pass on your kind regards.

  3. Nice report. Hope you have a better week this week and your other half recovers well after having her hip done.

    1. Thanks Brummie, she's on the road to recovery now, my turn will no doubt come.

  4. All the very best for the upcoming hospital and clinic visits Joe, I hope all goes well for you and that your good lady is also on the mend.
    You seem to have enjoyed yourself playing the 'native contingent' in Jimland - may I ask who you were rooting for when you watched "Zulu"? ;-)
    Another great AAR with some cracking photo's - and I'm stealing your cut grass mat with river 'underlay' idea :-)

    1. Thanks WA, luckily my visits to the hosptial and the clinic tend to be routine (unlike the doc's who tends to find something new thats wrong with me). My wife is recuperating far quicker than we expected thankfully, but I'm on 24/7 caring duites for the foreseeable futute.
      It was great fun playing as the Natives (and btw I'm an avid Victorian Imperialist and always root for the steadfast chaps in red) and it was a great new tactical challenge.
      THe cut grass mat was used for speed in the last game, that didn't have a stream and can be spotted easily in the last photo), but I'd normally use the plain mat.

  5. Hello Joe,

    Haven't commented in a while, I know. Like yourself I've been back and forth to hospitals or clinics and now the rest of my family is trying to play catch up with my score (my father wins, he's in Northallerton hospital with Cellulitis - very painful!). Bit of a bugger when your health is crap, as you know.

    My preference is always for playing the Natives, so glad to see you were on the correct side for once :)

    I noticed WA mentioned the film Zulu. For me the 1879 campaign is something I avoid. Shaka's exploits, or even the battles with the Boers are far more interesting to me - though I prefer the purist amaZulu versus other native clans/tribes.

    1. Thanks Roy, always nice to hear from you and yes I know all about how hospitals effect ourselves.
      Zulu, despite its inaccuracies is probably my all time favourite film (U stopped counting how many times I've seen it after 50 or so). The 1879 campaign however, despite Rourkes Drift and Isanlwana is very uninspiring.
      Shakas's campaigns are a far better brawl.

  6. Fun adventure,nice to see some survivors this time!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, surviours is always the sign of a successful adventure imo.

  7. Hi Joe - Sorry I'm finding it difficult to keep up on the Blogs. Another grand adventure in Jim Land, I like the idea of throwing dice at the scorpion made it run away, at least that's what it looks like in the photo.
    Sorry to hear about both of you being under the doctor, but the hip operation should make your missises life easier in the future, it's just a bugger getting through the present. Give her my best wishes please.

    1. Thanks John, I@m struggling to, to kepp up with all the blogs I follow, let alone my own!
      He 'fkin' scorpion ruined my plan to get some shots off at the expedition in the open, for at least two extra turns!
      Of coutrse I'll pass on your kind regards, it's been a week since the op and she's getting better by the day.

  8. There is more action and adventure in Jimland than in any Tarzan exploit. Please cancel my upcoming safari.

    1. Thanks Jay and of course you're right.
      "Jimland Enterprises Inc. only supports official tours of Jimland" said a spokesperson for Jimland.