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Monday, 9 January 2017


'Copter, all but finished.
Despite having little opportunity to find the space, let alone the time to progress either of my current
projects added to my my laptop deciding to finally give up the ghost no matter how much gaff I applied I've still managed to make some progress, be it slim. 
Other than the blades on the helicopter needing attention the Poundbargainworld Helicopter buy is all but finished. It'll not win any painting competitions, but is very usable imo.
Not a great deal different to the original toy
The Stoetzel card build still progresses, even though the model still continues to throw spanners in the works such as the walls that have the wrong marking on them:

The curtain 'problme'
The curtains depicted on some of the walls are all well and good too , save if yo want to add perspex 'glass',  as I eventually discovered (and there is also no provision for the reveres of the curtain as the inside corresponding wall has none).

I had thought that I could colour the reverse of the 'outside' curtain, but this was before I'd thought of the 'glass' anomaly.

Front view
No matter all the problems I've had with this building (now nicknamed the cursed building) I've finished the outside walls (save for a bit of trimming and edging) and the three internal walls too, but these latter walls have yet to be added.
Rear view
The small central one is about 4" tall
I've also added a lot more palm trees to my collection and I'm awaiting several more bags of greenery too.
I've selected as many different types of palm as I could find to accompany my core collection of 80.
The small ones are slightly taller than a figure.
Today's latest arrival - Travellers Palms
That's all for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Nice modeling work, Zab. BTW, in the heat of the battle the troops probably will not notice any painting imperfections on the 'copter.

    1. Thanks Hay and hank goodness for short-sighted gamers

  2. Great work mate! Waiting for more :)

    1. Thanks Michal, I'm waiting for more room to spread my many projects about

  3. I like the 'copter Joe, despite your worry! The palm trees and fronds look excellent and worthy of the pirate project

    1. Thanks dGG, they'll be added to in the near future, with more smaller, ground coverage plants - then I'll have to decide how to base them all - (0approx 3-400 individual pieces!)

  4. Replies
    1. Thankes Micheal, as I've mentioned above, it can't be beaten for the the price

  5. Cheap palm trees from China. I like them a lot. they do the job and don't cost the earth. As for the helicopter just don't point out the imperfections and you will get away with it! That works for me more often than you would think.

    1. Thanks Clint, I was taken aback a bit by how cheap the trees are and they do look good imo. When the helo is being used I'll just dim the lights and say nothing!