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Monday, 27 June 2016

Life on the Ocean Wave

Ocean Wave tablecloth with submarine
I really couldn't resist the rather twee subject title for week's post as it's also the name of my latest addition to my piratical endeavours.
'Ocean Wave' is the colour scheme name of one of many party table cloths available on line at an interweb near you.
The table cloth is a very thin plastic, but still usable for careful gamers and very cheap too (an essential factor in anything I have to buy these days)
A quick search on evil-bay using "Ocean Wave party table cloth"
will suffice to give you a range of sellers.
Brig being stalked by submarine
The cloth is large! It works out at about 9 foot by 4 foot 6 inches (about 2.7m x 1.5) and will obviously easily overlap my own 8' x 4' gaming table although the photographs show the 'cloth' on my 5 foot x 3foot dining table.
The one gripe I have with this is the numerous creases caused by the way it's packaged. A quick google search of "how to remove creases from a plastic table cloth" surprisingly (to me at least) yielded a lot of very useful answers .
The cost of this bit of kit ranges from £2.49 to an average price of about £3.50 including p&p and you can also find some discounts for multiple purchases too !
Can you see what it is yet ?
I've been a lot better health-wise this week - thankfully, but not very productive, mostly on account of being old and the mandatory grumpiness (that's a word right ?) that comes with it, but I have managed to fiddle about with bits of shite scrap to produce a couple of 'extras' for the inside detailing of my church.
Some foamcard, a bbw skewer and a couple of lumps of balsa wood along with an inordinate amount of pva produced what you see in the photograph to the right. I reckon it's fairly obvious which bits were made from which scrap, but the 'columns' were glued together one at a time, left to dry then the next etc. - very time consuming but as it was all done during half-times and between football matches, but it did fill in the boring bits rather well.
If you squint it looks OK
  For some reason my photographer was more inept than usual and the photographs weren't blurred deliberately to hide the workmanship!
The base would have been made from cork but as I was unable to find any cork scrap I settled for balsa, a medium I don't like working with. The base turned out a bit on the large side and was subsequently cut in half so that figures wouldn't have to appear as if they were peering over the top of it!
Just in case you haven't figured out what it is yet, it's meant to be a font ("A 28pt Font" was the alternate title for this post).

Front view of pulpit.

As there was a lot more time to fill in between football matches I also started on a pulpit for my church, the results of which can be seen on the right.
Its made from many layers of foamboard, the remains of the skewer and some thin card.
I had realised, after the main building work on the body of the church had been completed, that I didn't know a thing about the inside of a typical Catholic church. Boiling down the many features that could be present, I've settle on making a Pulpit, generally situated back left in the church (if you're facing the altar); an altar, either free-standing or against the back wall; a lectern, back right of the altar; a confessional ( - wherever I can fit it in !)  and a font, front right. So, once I've got some pews too I think the inside will look pretty cramped!
Rear view of pulpit - as if you hadn't realised
I've been following Henry Durand's build of his take on Gary Chalk' church with interest, on both his blog and on the Facebook page Wargamers Terrain Tips and Talk, you can see his completed version on his blog here : Plastic Pirates, And if you're wondering why I haven't  commented on his blog about his excellent model, it's because I don't do Google+ and for no other nefarious reasons.
Similarly I don't have the requirement for commenting on many other blogs, though I may be a follower! - Sorry guys, but looking on the bright side I won't be telling anyone that their  Northumbrian flag is wrong either!
I've also seen a fountain on Lord Siwoc's blog, "Brains and Guts" that would be ideal for the  the rear area of my church (and I've got my fingers crossed) - take a look and decide for yourselves.

That's it then for this week, not a lot I know, but every little helps, as of course do your comments.
As always I hope you've found something of interest, thanks for taking the time to visit and your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Thanks Joe we all need cheap ocean cloths. Very tempted to get one now as well. The price is right.

    1. I doubt you'll be disappointed if you do purchase one of these, even for just a one off game as they're so cheap.

  2. That cloth looks smashing Joe, a real bargain. Its good to see the momentum going with your Pirate project too. I'm thoroughly enjoying your posts on this. Nice pulpit too!!

    1. Thanks Blaxx,I think reading of about unfinished projects on FB is spurring me on too. I'm pleased that the pulpit fits nicely into the church

  3. The cloth is spot on Joe! Church is coming on nicely

    1. Thanks dGG, other than painting and deciding what I'll end up putting in the yard to the rear of the church, I think another fortnight will see it finished.

  4. That ocean cloth is excellent! Useful without being a bust on the pocket or a huge item hard to store. Love how the church is coming along, keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks N667, I'm very pleased with the sea cloth aand evenif it's plastic, it's aquick, cheap fix without a lot of effort.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks David, I was very pleased to find it

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks HW, it'll be interesting to watch out for similar ones being used on tables in the future

  7. Nice find! Now if only someone would do a starfield tablecloth...

    1. Thanks C6, I actually have something similar too, but it is a bit more gaudy. I did a brief post about it here

  8. Your little terrain bits look better than 4Ground's.

    1. Thanks BF, I rarely look at manufacturers stuff, to me it's liking looking through the window of a shopbut not being allowed to go in.