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Monday, 13 June 2016

Church 3

Sills and a door added
Despite having a hacking cough all week and the lure of wall to wall football over the weekend, I've managed an hour's building each day, save for Tuesday when I was just feeling too ill.
The sills of all the windows have been cut and glued in place (coffee stirrers of course) and three door have been made and glued in place too.
The door to the tower is in the wall of the tower section with just a portal into the main body of the church.
The main door to the church has been glued into another internal wall that will affix to the back of the main front facade.
The tower walls with sills and door.
Main door

 Some fiddling about, to make sure the main door aligned with the front portico, was necessary but not too difficult
I used a very thin piece of card (cereal packet thickness) to make the door, overlayed with coffee stirrers - cut to size when glued. The process being repeated for the other side of the door.
The horizontal beams were added and cut to size later.
The other two doors were done in a similar way, save for the tower door having one side left blank as this wouldn't be viewed as I'm not making any provision for figure access to the lower level of the tower.

Obligatory boring photo of glued foamboard bits
The walls that would surround the rear of the building are two pieces of 5mm foamboard, one 40mm in height (the outer wall) and the other 30mm in height (the inner wall).
The outer wall will butt onto the base whilst the internal wall will sit atop the base. I'm hoping that this will give a much stronger join than either of the two methods if used separately.
To add to the look of the walls I also made (and remade after piss-poor calculations) two corner posts for the rear corners.

The corner posts, cut into the base

The aborted post (left and the new post with walls.
Boring floor

The internal floor for the main building has been scored into 1cm squares to give some detail - very easy and effective imo.
I've ran a pencil through the cuts just to show them for the photograph. I haven't yet decided how these will be painted (badly, I'm guessing).

Hatch and floor
The tower has had a little bit of detailing added with flooring made from coffee stirrers and a hatch; lintels on the all the windows have also been added - as previously mentioned.
Fllor/roof - the hatch is yet to be added.
The lower part of the tower's floor has had a similar treatment (hatch still to be added) and this will be glued in place to the tower's base as its roof.

This of course meant that when the tower is glued in place with an the roof fixed in place, access for figures won't be possible, but I'd planned this.
With this in mind I've roughly painted the interior a dark brown as this would be visible from the tower's two small windows.

Boring picture of  tower's internal'paint'.

Internal view of the front
 To finish off this week here's a few photographs of the church in it's current state, but note that it has only been roughly fitted together, so many gaps etc. are present.
This final 'fitting' I'll be taking very slowly, gluing only a single wall into place before 'fitting the next.
Overall view
Front showing the facade

The front facade has had a wash of filler over it and been tidied up a bit, though it does need a lot more done to it
I've also finally decide to have an oriel added to the front, which will be tricky to line up with the internal wall, but very doable.
Another view of the front (in case you hadn't guessed)
This next week there's still be plenty to do  (that front step for one); the perimeter walls have to be finished along with the two entrances; the hole for the oriel needs to be cut through two walls and some form of window detail added. Finally the roof has to be added and although the roof supports have already been cut out (three triangles of foamboard and far too boring for a photo) these need to be fitted and as I hate doing lift-off pitched roofs this could take me a whole week.
The final stage of course will be painting the whole thing, but I've also to decide what to do with the rear 'yard' of the building, which currently is yet to be decided.

Thanks for taking the time to look and apologies for the poorer than normal photographs, but  i hope that there's something here of interest.
Comments of course are always welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Joe, this is an amazing build, great detail and really nicely done!

    1. Thanks dGG, I only really do the barest detail that I can, there's too much of a temptation to go too far imo.

  2. Got to say how much I am enjoying this build. It looks Brilliant, I am tempted to say so far the best thing I have seen you build.

    1. Thanks Clint, I'd reserve judgement until it's finished and of course, it's not that original.

  3. That model is looking brilliant! I love the architectural details.

    1. Thanks Roy, whether they're 'authentic' or not though, I don't know (or care). A plain front just wouldn't have looked 'rgiht' to me.
      Now I've to decide on the interior detail too and for it to look the part.

  4. You've got to be pleased with that Joe, cracking work Sir.

    1. Thanks you MIchael, I'm very pleased with the progress so far, but I'll be a lot happier when I finish it.

  5. Wow, Zab. You are doing a very fine job of explaining your modeling steps and progress. The project looks super.

    1. Thanks Jay, not really my intention to give a tutorial as such, but it does help to pad the post out!
      If however folk do gain anything from my explanations then it's a plus in my book.

  6. Very fine work indeed Joe. You are inspiration and should be justifiably proud of the work you are putting into this build in difficult circumstances!

    1. Thanks Colin, I think my 'difficulties' will be a continuing theme as time passes. If the the finished model inspires others then I will be a happy bunny.

  7. Replies
    1. Thanks HW, other than painting the whole thing there's not a lot left to do.

  8. Now that is looking very nice!

    Football? Is there something going on?

    1. Thanks C6, I think a few more sessions this week will see it all but finished - yay! (except of course for painting)
      Surely every true Scotman will be watching the football eagerly supporting whoever is playing against England?

    2. No, it's not like that. Maybe once upon a time (1970s?), most/all Scots would automatically be against England in any sporting competition. But I think things are very different now and I (for one) don't harbour any ill will to our southern neighbours.

      Of course, that doesn't mean that I feel any obligation to *support* England (after Scotland, of course), any more than I would feel obliged to support France, Germany, Norway or any other nearby country.

    3. Haha.
      There are times when I feel more Scottish than English and I'd have voted to join Scotland leaving England if I'd been given the chance.