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Saturday, 21 April 2012


After a great many trials and tribulations with this particular group of figures I've finally got to the stage where I can say that "I've finished them", or more correctly "I'm finished with them".

Some of the girls.

They are a mix of Bobby Jackson's "Thugz" and "The Dawgs" from Black Cat Bases.

They mix in so well in size and style that unless you know the figures well I doubt you'd be able to tell them apart.

The major difference with the two sets is that "The Dawgs" are on slotta  bases.  I find that the slotta bases are not to my liking (and that's being very polite) and so I've mounted those figures on 20mm washers, whilst the "Thugz" are on pennies.

Another girl with an eye in the boys

I fully intended to try and paint these in gang colours, but found that deciding what exactly would be gang colours was too difficult, so instead I opted for little to no reds within the group.

What I thought would be quite a straight-forward paint job  (to my standards at least) turned out to be quite a tricky affair as the more you get into painting these figures the more you find to paint. 

They have watches, necklaces, buckles, earrings, baubles bangles and bling aplenty !  For those who like painting that sort of detail, you'll have a field day with these !
Another girl (?) and three more guys
   Not one of my best photographic efforts this one, but I've never claimed to be a David Bailey.

The figure on the left, though not entirely apparent is, I've decided, a female; although she's quite butch and bald, her facial features I decided were female enough to qualify.  Above her left eye is a piercing with what in scale would be a curtain ring - luckily I didn't file this off when I was cleaning the figures up ready for their undercoat.

My three wannabe Rastas

Another one of my photos which should be marked "FAIL", but as I know how long it takes me just to get to this standard I'm afraid it has to do for the moment.

Not immediately apparent is that the dude on the left is wielding a machine-pistol, a Mac10 probably or similar, the guy in the centre has two pistols, whilst the jolly good chap on the right has but a single pistol.

One of the things that I really liked about all of these figures is that they are not blessed with huge amounts of firepower.
The boss (in the centre) and two of his homies

Of the twelve "Thugz" the heaviest firepower they have is a single shotgun, whilst the "Dawgs" come with a variety of sidearms including, revolvers, automatics, machine pistols, and shotguns, (pump action and double barrelled).

Not that I'm an expert on inner-city gangs but it does seem to be the typical type of armament that they could get their hands on.

My "Boss" of this little family I tried to give a Caribeean look to, hence my efforts to give him a bright flowery shirt and his pistol (in his left hand) is also gold, just to make him stand out a little more.
Two more guys.
More girls and child.

I tend not to name my figures, but the chap in the dark red hoody is named Mickey after one of my friends, who he reminds me of and will be used as his character in any zombie games we play.

The other character in the photo  was lost to me for over a month, but luckily I found him hiding within a group of zombies in time for him to be painted alongside the rest of the gang.

 This gang I think may feature quite heavily in my run-up to the start of the zombie campaign proper.

I intend to start making up the background stroy about a year ahead (in game time) of the actual apocalypse, which in my game will occur on 21st December 2012 (or possibly 23rd).

In real time I need a few practise games too, so gang-related games will fit the bill nicely.

Now all I need are more gangs (Chicanos are on the list), which means more painting....


As always, thanks for looking, any and all comments are of course welcome.

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  1. Nice job on those, will you be playing zed survivors fighting of hordes of gangsters? :D You got so many of them!

    1. I don't aim to have them all in action at once, but these will make up the biggest gang in the city

    2. I wouldn't worry I have about 30-40 survivors painted and 2 Zombies :P

  2. ANd the gangs name?


    (The tough men)

    That is if the are hispanic in origin.

    Looking quite good mate.

    1. That name us great for the next gang of Latinos, but these are meant to be AfroAmericans.

  3. Cracking job on themm all! The Bobby J figures are hard to get hold of. EM4 struggle to get resupplys as I want all 12 of them!

    How come you don't like slotta baseS?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I got my Thugz from Fantiziation (I think), there addy is:
      and the Thugz are still in their catalogue $12.99 for a set of four figures.

      Slotta bases are the work of the Devil(GW), an abomination, raising figures onto plinths to a scale height of one foot to two foot. above the ground.

  4. You are spot on about the compatability of these figures. They mix and match so seamlessly. Nice paintjobs on them. I painted the two Black Cat Bases sets recently and they're waiting to get reviewed. Out of interest, I didn't give any of mine gang colours, either. You've got yourself an excellent collection of Gangstas, Joe.

  5. Nice job on those, Joe. They will come in very handy for some gaming.

  6. Very neat figures and you need more? Keep up the good work.

  7. We all need more figures all the time, don't we ?

  8. Bobby Jackson's Thugz are great figures that any Zombie wargamer should have, I think. You've done yours up nicely with plenty of character.
    I too hate slotta bases, and clip them all any miniatures that have them.

    1. Thanks Adam; at last, an ally in the anti-slotta league !

  9. Slotta base are devil's works!!

    I too try to remove them when I can.

    Oh and I love this miniature range, I really should try to get it...

  10. I love these two figure ranges too.