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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dog Art

Rising from the Depths

I was going to use this opportunity of having a monthly rant about one or other of the things that either have or do annoy me with our hobby.  I then decided to tone it down a bit and label it “Soap Box” or something similar, but again I had a re-think and decided that that was too restrictive, so I'll reserve my "Soap Box" posts when I'vev nothihng better to blog about.

I have done little in the way of progress in any of the many fields we need to be accomplished in. So, no new or finished buildings to report about; I’ve managed not to watch any of the back-log of films  I have recorded; I can’t remember reading anything of note (but I did take a swift look at the ATZ shooting rules) and I still haven’t managed to become a photographic wiz-kid !   I have managed a few hours of painting figures though, both civilians and zombies, although these are a good way off being presentable.

Newcastle Brown Ale
So instead this week I bring you some “Dog Art”.  

 By way of explanation “Dog” is a friend of mine who got his nom-de-plume after the North East beverage that he drinks (Newcastle Brown Ale).  I mentioned to him that I was producing a blog about my latest wargaming project on Zombies and wondered if he could produce some of his art for it, hence the familiar looking photograph heading the page !

Clown Sketch

The first picture that grabbed my attention from his Facebook albums was actually this one of a clown, in the thumbnail version of it I really did think it was a zombie, but as a clown it’s probably even more worthy of addition to this post.

When I asked him to produce some specific pictures for my blog, he asked what type I would like, cartoony, serious or other – I just went with the flow and told him to produce whatever he wanted, I like most of his Dog-Art, although some is a little eccentric.  The captions under the photographs are all his own.

 He does have a thing about sketching women with large assets, so I suppose it was a case of any excuse, as I'd given him
carte-blanche on the subject matter.

In my Sights
Last Stand

Scooby Doo Zombies

 I do have a few more bits of his artwork, but I'm saving them for future post when I'm again short of material to write about and I'm not in the mood for a good rant ! So here's Chris as a Zombie in the Newcastle Zombie Walk 2011.
Chris (Dog)
The Zombie walk Newcastle 2011

If  I haven't already welcomed you to my blog - "Welcome" - After only four weeks I've 20 followers and I originally thought I'd be lucky to get into double figures!

Thanks again to you all for taking a look here, I hope you'll have found something to interest you.


  1. Well, this was very unexpected... but very welcome all the same. I had to laugh at Zombie Joe rising from the ground. I need to find a zombie figure that looks like you!

    Dog's artwork is lovely. Will you be at all surprised to learn that my favourite is the "In My Sights" picture? I thought not!

    A zombie walk in Newcastle? When did this happen and more importantly, why wasn't I invited? Sheesh!

    1. Yes, Bryan, the "In sights" is probably a favourite of many people.

      There has been at least two Zombie walks in Newcastle to my knowledge !

  2. I like the last stand picture. And for a little fact.... Newcastle brown ale is one of my favorites!!!

    1. I like the last stand too, as it is someway between serious and cartoony. As for NBA, it was my beer of choice when I was allowed to drink alcohol.

  3. Nice artwork . Like Bryan my fave is the 'In My Sights' I also Like the 'Last Stand' as well though

  4. I did hope that there would be something there that people would like. I'll be putting up more of his artwook in the future too.

  5. Very cool. Your friend Dog is very talented. I love "In My Sights" and Zombie Joe Rising is very cool.

    1. He is more talented than you can probably imagine Joe, as he's a very talentedself-taught musician too, from concertina through banjo to bow and saw !

  6. Oh, so that is really your picture? :P
    I am so young :(

    I like last stand the most personally, really great idea. Not that other 2 are bad, tho. I like the colours on the shirt of the "in my sights" girl, looks like an union jack if you look fast at it...well, to me, heh.

    All that reminds me, I should slowly start searching for a picture myself...hint hint :D

    1. I hadn't noticed the Union Flag effect ofthe blood on her shirt, I wonder if its been done on purpose ?

      Its probably not that you're young Mathyoo, just that I'm very old !

    2. Older than me, which is saying something! When I was gaming, my friends always called me "the old man!"

  7. Good stuff, my vote go on Last Stand ;)

  8. Thanks Zerloon, "The Last Stand" would make a good bookcover imo and is one of my favourites too.