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Monday, 6 June 2022

Hospital again

 Today was yet another visit to hospital to have a minor procedure done (a abag removel), but has left me a bit tired and listless with  a general feeling of unwellness. Couple this with the trouble I've had over the last week commenting on blogs (or in some case not being able to) and finally add to this mess my camera needing charging means I've decided not to put togehter a 'proper' post for this week. It may well be that if this commenting  problem doesn;t sort itself out soon that I'll not e posting again next week.
The main reason for this half-hearted post this week though, was to put any followers' minds at rest, rather than not having a post at all.

That's all I've got - sleepy nap time now... until next week


  1. Power of Best wishes!
    Come back with more healt sir!

  2. Thank you Michal, resting is my immediate aim.

  3. Best wishes, Joe, and I'm hoping you feel a lot better soon.

  4. Thanks Matt, it's going to be longer than O'd anticipated but I'll get there.

  5. I send you all my viking-wishes from the north to give you strength and I hope that resting will soon help you to recover my friend

    1. Thanks Ptr, the sentiments are truly appreciated, rest is at a premium currently.

  6. Hi Joe, life can be a bit of a bugger at times, hope you get some zest for life back soon, the alternative is a bit depressing. I suspect we just don't have the patience or indeed time for long recoveries.
    Blogger is in my opinion a useless tool, I can't understand how they can continually improve it and it gets less useable with every inprovement. I had to completely delete my last post and then spent about an hour just reformatting all the text, just so I could get the pictures to appear in the right place.

    Anyway, mustn't grumble, at least it's free.
    Take care.

  7. Thanks John, Blogger is a useful tool, when it works, but I see that it isn't working that well atm. I agree with the time aspect of our hobby - there;s just never enough and certainly no room for illness either !
    I'm hoping to get around a few more blogs today, looking forward to seeing what you have presented - they're never disappointing.