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Monday, 2 May 2022

Starz and Carz

 In a week where I played three gladiator combats and  was inflicted shortly thereafter  a with bug that has laid me out, drained of energy with several sleepless nights, I managed to find yet another box from Bryan's (Vampifan's) rescured ites from his collection that I haven't shown - until now!
The photograph on thie right shows the box in question, but don;t think there's anything Warhammer related in it as the photograph below shows:
 Cars, trucks and a bus, all cardboard
Sports cars and a saloon car with wrecks behind.
The bus, two vans and a pick-up truck.
Some of the larger vehicles
Taxis, a police van and an ambulance
A couple of large vans found in yet another box!
All these vehicles are extremly well made, and very, very, solid. The craftsmanship that went into these is second to none, I've  tried my hand at making card vehicles and came nowhere near the quality of these.
My three gladiator combats, using version 1.2 of Frank's rules , that I've been playtesting (with version 1.3 on its way so I'm told) were all thoughorly enjoyable affairs. The first, my Thraex versus a Hoplomatic was over in two turns with me being unable roll low dice (I think I had three double '6s' in the first bout) , whilst my opponent couldn't roll higher than '5' total, on two dice.
the photographs below show the way the contest went.
My first attacks left the opponent shield-less, with a deep wound
He recovered his shield, but lost his weapon in my second turn
A further attack left him on the arena floor asking for mercy (he failed the roll)
My opponent's sheet at the end of the bout.
The second fight with identical gladiator types went the same way as the first, lasting one and a half turns (as I went first) and in my second turn I manged an ouright kill - the firt time this has happened in the many games I've now played.
I kept my Thraex for the third game and he chose to fight as the more heavily armed Murmillo and although the game lasted  a good many more turns than the first two, the outcome was the same. My gladiator suffered a couple of light wounds whilst my opponent was a bloodied mess. In the last roll of the game he had to appeal to the crowd for his life and rolled a magnificent double '6', ensuring his survival !
A slow kill wound to his chest and with four other wounds, his was doomed.

 In case you were wondering why Starz was in the title of this post, it's merely because I've been re-watching the Starz' TV series of Spartacus !

That's it then for another week and despite the enjoyment of the games it has been a struggle getting this post done.

Thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there was something of interest. 
Of course, as always,  your comments are  bothe welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Do hope you feel better soon Joe, and you get your energy levels back up.
    Bryan did like his card scenery, and always made sure to reinforce his constructions.
    Sounds like some great games, and the dice gods seemed to favour you well.

  2. Salve Joe!
    You'll have to sacrifice a female goat to Vejovis and make offerings to Aesculapius :D

    Last Gladiator games I played was at Penrith show, five years ago. Three bouts and I lost each one. Spectacularly. My dice rolling was so consistently poor that the chaps running the game even handicapped themselves and my gladiator still couldn't win.
    It was the EM4 Gladiator game that is no longer available. Just something quick and easy, perfect for 5-10mins games at a show.

  3. Great looking gladiator game and those vehicles look great, I can't believe they're cardboard!
    Best Iain

  4. All those cardstock vehicles look to be from Worldworks. I have the same stuff, though mine haven't been printed or built. They have a vast collection of buildings, etc for purchase http://www.worldworksgames.com/store/index.php?view=product&product=177 is the set those vehicles are from

  5. Oh, really love your Gladiator duels!

  6. I had to take a second look at those vehicles before I realised they're made from card, they're amazingly good! And I'm happy to see you getting more gladiator games in too! Hope you feel better soon, Joe!

  7. To make cars in cardboard seem very much as an option reading your report, very inspirational. The gladiator-games looks like both fun and not to complicated. Maybe this report should be published at Zabadaks gladiator world? :)

  8. Excellent going with the gladiators Joe. Hope you are feeling better now.

  9. My hope is Joe that by this time you're well again, these boxes really are wonderful to see, keeping us in mind of Bryan & he gladiators seem to be giving you a lot of joy, so it really is a win win :)