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Monday, 14 March 2022

Wild West buildings in 25mm

Once more here is a selection of builidngs from part of Bryan's (Vampifan's) collection that I'd managed to rescue. I got a big clue of the contents of this box by the very large lettering on the box!
I don't know the provenace of all of these buildings and judging by the dust and slight damage they've been unloved for a long time. I suspect they could be World Works Games or maybe Whitewash  City. I hope I can find someone who will give them a clean-up and use them in future gunfights - they certainly deserve to be used.
The first photograph  shows three minatures and their 'sidewalks'; left to right is a 20mm Roman (provenance unknown, a 32mm cheap plasic farmer (Britain's rip-off imo) and finally a 25mm Hinchliffe (iirc) Prussian fusilier - the latter is well over 30mm tall !!!
Three of the smaller buildings...
... and their minimalist interiors
Two of the larger buildings, a Livery and a Bank/Assay Office
Upper floors of the above
Ground floor of the Bank
Two more businesses and a shack
More minimalist interiors - plenty room for figures!
Stage coach station and a bunk house - sorry no interiro shots (The Camerman is rubbish - Ed.)
The Silver Dollar saloon (lloking very much like my 54mm version) - and a Hotel
Ground floors and upper floors of the above
Three more businesses...
... and their interiros; the Undertaker's wa sstuffed with coffins - expecting a lot of business perhaps ?
A grain store and house
The interiors of the above.
A very large adobis style house (High Chapparal anyone?)

Three-quarter view of the adobe.
The internal view of the highly detailed interior
A complete model of the old plastic  Airfix  'Fort  Apache'
A few more bits and ices, the water tower is a plastic kit by Tyco and the very small plastic building is probably Faller.

So about twenty small wild west buildings plus a jail that's somehow been omitted, a few needing a bit of tlc, but well worth it for an instant western town imho.

That's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there is something here of interest.

As always your comment are welcomed and truly appreciated.


  1. A great find Joe, with a little work would be an instant town for anyone playing Wild West.

    1. Thanks Dave, they're a great playset as you say.

  2. Fantastic buildings, there's probably enough there to make a whole frontier town! Great post again, Joe, thanks for giving this stuff a show.

    1. Thanks Matt, be it in a smaller scale, there are more buildings there than I have in 54mm!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Michal, they are definetly good enough for a quick gunfight.

  4. Thanks for sharing this bit of nostalgia and inspiration.

    1. Thanks Douglas, a lot of modellers could learn from some of the ideas seen in these buildings imho

    2. Blogger just eat my post, but to sum it up, wonderful stuff Joe and something that deserves to be fixed up and used 👍😊

    3. Thanks Frank, it's OK, Blogger hates me too. A bit of glue here and there and the whole town could be used as you say.

  5. Great looking bunch of western buildings!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain and to top it all, I've found another - a large Livery stable.

  6. The ones with the pre-printed signs are from a range of self assembly card buildings designed by Lance Cawkwell (Now running Galloping Major Wargames) in the late 1970’s. They were sold under the name War Fare mostly by mail order. They came as black and white outline prints for the buyer to colour in. I had a full set back then but they are long gone.