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Monday, 28 June 2021

Banditos finished (and more)

 I knuckled down and maintained my 'at least an hour a day' painting regime, with a couple of extra hours over the weekend - filing!
The photo on the right shows all the dismounted bandits, each with a duplicate figure behind them, with a few small variations.

Here's the photographs:
Figure on left has had pig removed, other has had a pistol added.
Leader figure on the left has had his left holster and pistol removed.
Two standard figures
Hat removed (L) and added (R), also bottle removed from left hand.
The above eight figures are all the poses available, though some have had bits added or removed to make for a slightly different variant.
Mounted and dismounted figure (horses not done yet)
Another mounted and dismounted figure

Leader, mounted and dismounted versions
Final pairing (bored yet?)
I couldn't be bothered to keep mounting the figures so here's a few pics, without their horses!
No modifications here
Hats either removed or added
More with no modifications...
...and their mounted versions
Unmodified dismounted figures...
...and their mounted versions.
Another view of the whole lot, dismounted (obviously)

I missed showing the roofs undersides from a previous post, so here 's how they're affixed
'Blue' building roof, with scrap foamboard to 'key' the building - note also the support frame.

Underside of 'shack' roof (obligatory blurry photo)

Any and all store cards, phone cards etc.
Finally here's the results of cutting and filing my latest intake of  unused/out of date 'credit' cards, that I regularly use for bases. These are all for the bandits' mounts and although I am still a few short I have been promised twenty or so more from another two friends.
The miscelllaneous bit of card in the top left corner of the pic, is the template I used to cut the corners off. Cutting and filing took about two hours - all done whilst waiting for the figures' varnish to dry.

I'm happy enough with finishing the first batch of 16 Bandits and their 16 mounted versions. I'm now in negotiations with #1 son to see if he can make some more variants using scalpels, pinning amd green stuff; neither of the latter two skills I'm competent enough to tackle, but at least I'm fairly accomplished at using a scalpel (and I have the scars to prove it!).

That's it then for another week, hoping you found something of interest and of course your comment are always welcomed and appreciated.


  1. Great work on all Joe, must feel good to have all these done now. Great use of old cards to make bases out of, may have to pinch that idea as I have a stack of them.

  2. Thanks Dave, I very pleased they're done and dusted, but next time I start some I think it'll be four at a time with their four mounted versions.
    I've used 'credit' cards for a long time, mostly on 28mms, specifically because of the h'height' thing with thicker bases. I really dislike slotta bases too. If I were to have a base on these figures that correlated to a slotta base then it would be 1cm thick !
    I've also never had aone of the plastic cards ever warp, no matter what I put on them ! Note though that a scratch I(ie. 'key') both sides of the cards , one side for help in glueing figures etc to the card and the bottom to stop the cards slippoing about.

  3. Replies
    1. Rhanks Mihal, maybe not up to your standards but they serve their purpose.

  4. Those all look great Joe. You have done a good job of matching paint jobs on both the mounted and unmounted versions of them all.

    1. Thanks Brummie, the only real tricky bit was matching up the faces.

  5. Well done with the Los Magnificos, looking forward to seeing their performance on the table.

    1. Thanks douglas, It'll be a while yet, just the other two dozen to finish first... and the terrain...and the remaining buildings...and some gunfighters...and the rules... and....

  6. Lovely looking bandits and good progress on the buildings, you seem to have your mojo back!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I do feel a lot better about this project at. I've been very busy planning the next two buildings - they should be easy enough but there's a lot of fiddly measurements to work out.
      Also working on basing the horse up, forty(ish) horse take up a lot of space in 54mm!

  7. Great stuff Joe! Banditos and Vaqueros are some of my favorite old west models. Really love how you painted up your leader like Eli Wallach from The Magnificent Seven 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor, I've found these to be great sculpts, but a bit of a pain to paint. ELi's character as "Caldera", is no coincidence.

  8. Love the banditos, plenty of colour, character and dynamism in them!

    1. Thanks Matt, I hope they're not too colourful and it's a shame they're limited in the number of poses available.