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Monday, 17 May 2021

Building work finished!

 With a lot of effort on my part, getting motivated, I managed to finish the building aspect of my Arched building (shown right in its 'before' stage.
A lot of time was spent in the many boring, repitive tasks of cutting out seemingly hundreds of flat tiles for the roof parapet, or cutting and placing individual stones for the arches and individual cutting and fitting of reinforcement 'planks' for the fourteen doors.
Here's the photos :
The template for the seven arches I needed
The arches were made from the thickest card I had, then cut into individual bricks and stuck to the building.
Two cm wide strips, cut to length for the rear-doors' roofs

Strips of 1cm corrugated card, cut to reperesnt tiles

2cm strips glues to to 'step' the tiled roof

Shorter section of roof for the single rear door

Longer rear roof in place, with supports

Prep work for the next rwo buildings, done during 'drying time'

Doors, doors and more doors...

All of which, when thrown together gave this !

View through arch on right side of building...

...and corresponding view from left side of building

Rear view of building

View showing the roof parapet and all those 'tiles'

View showing roof tiles petering off towards the rear

Another view, showing loose tiles on the flat roof

View showing the internals underneath the newly cut roof

I'm very pleased with the progress I've made with this model, it was a strugle, especially with all th necessary cutting of small bits.
I've used quite a range of materials for this model, foamboard for the walls, matchstick for the pillars, card for the arches and corrugated card for roofs. The parapet was made from scrap 2mm mdf, cut into roughly 1cm x 1.5 cm rectangles - all four hundred or so of them ! Evostick wood adhesive (undiluted) was also used throughout..
I remains to have the filler added on columns etc. and of course same texturing on the walls, before finally being painted - though this will probably be put on hold until all eight (or nine) buildings are completed.

Along with making this in the last week, I have been planning the next three buildings, all to be made as a single piece.

This week, I also took my life in my hands and nabbed a lift to 'Wilkos', grabbed a spray can of primer (though not my usual white) and quicly retreated back home. All of which means I can re-visit the painting of my first batch of Mexican banditos.

The final thing to report was a strange email from "The team at Blogger", who stated 

"We have re-evaluated the post titled "WIPs" against Community 
Guidelines https://blogger.com/go/contentpolicy. Upon review, the post has 
been reinstated. You may access the post at 

 - Strange because I had no knowledge of them evaluating it in the first place! The post was in early March and appeared in my blog list as a draft, as did the following one, "The Bear Essentials", but I've re-published both now. Maybe Blogger can't spell and thought I meant "Whips" and maybe "Bares" ? Maybe I'll be told that it too has been re-evaluated ? Who knows ?

That's it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit; I hope this build has been of some interest and as always your comments are both welcomed and truly appreciated.  I will get around to commenting on the blogs I normally comment upon, though Blaxx's Fantorical "Wix" website seems to hate me and won;t let me comment, despite my best efforts.


  1. Love all the detail work you've put into the building Joe, this has to be your best so far.
    Blogger had a glitch the other night and the whole system crashed, and most security systems blocked the entire platform, you seem to be one of the many who had posts reverted to draft, but you have already rectified this, hopefully this will be the last problem with this latest bug in the system

    1. Thanks Dave, anyone can make a building, it's just a box after all with cut0outs for doors and windows, but adding the details 'makes' a building imho.
      As for blogger, I thought it was just another case of technology hating me !

  2. Excellent work, Joe. As Dave highlights, definitely your best build so far. Sorry to hear you're having Blogger problems and I'm pleased these sound like they've been fixed. Not sure why you can't comment on my Wix website. I'm not aware of anyone else being unable to leave a comment on the site, apart from one other who had a problem for a day or two, and that seemed to have resolved itself without any intervention from me.

    1. Thanks Blaxx,it remains to be seen if it's my best build, but it certainly is one of my largest single buildings!

      I'll keep plugging away trying to comment on your site, goodness knows what the problem is.

    2. Please do keep plugging away Joe. I don't know if you visit my site using a shortcut/bookmark. But sometimes they can cause problems so I'd recommend just doing a fresh search for my site and visiting that way. That's what I do anyway when I encounter problems on other people's sites and it tends to work.

    3. Thanks Blaxx, I do regularly look at your site, but never without using a shortcut - so at least it's somehting else to try.

    4. Just wanted to jump in here as well Simon, I haven't commented on any of your posts as I too am having the same issue as Joe - but I am able to see them, so that's something 😀

    5. I have the excue that technology hates me...
      But the whole thing is weird nonetheless.

  3. Wooow! Finished ones looking great. Beautiful details!

    1. Thank you Michal, still some work to do, but the major building work is at least complete.

  4. Excellent work on the building, and the detailing in terms of the roofs and doors is just superb. Nicely done!

    1. Thanks Matt, it's slightly easdier imo to get the details in, but care still needed with verticals etc. I must admit I'm not looking forward to painting it !

  5. Quite the build Joe! That's going to make a fantasic centrepiece for your games table. How many cutting blades have you gone through with all this work?

    1. Thanks Terry,I reckon on 5 or 6 scalpel blades that I've used and I've clipped 3 or 4 blades from craft knives too. I do use a heavy duty craft clipper/scissor type thing for a lot of cutting too - no blades used for cutting matchsticks . I also used a fine saw for the mdf.
      Currently I'm working on the next three buildings (built in one block), using new scalpel blades and the scraps f foamboard from the Arched building, for the models.

  6. Wow Joe! That's absolutely brilliant 😀 The keystones and arches look really really good, great stuff mate.
    *and I have the same problem with Simon's (Blaxkleric) site too unfortunately 🤷‍♂️*

    1. Thanks Ivor, I stoo still read his posts ut it;s so frsutrating. Currently a lot of blogs I have folowed and commented upon o have no new post too, all very frustrating.

  7. Splendid looking building! The processes might be simple but following them through produces a really good item of terrain, I look forward to seeing it with a coat of texture and paint!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, texturing should be done soon, after my current build, but painting may wait until I've got several more building finished - mainly to get a uniform look.