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Monday, 17 August 2020

Zouaves for the Sudan

Thankfully, this project has finally been finished; it started with a note on Egyptian Uniforms in the 'must  have' book "The Mahdist Wars Source Book  - Vol.1", edited by Patrick R. Wilson:
"Sudanese Infantry in Zouave Style dress. Red fez with white turban. light blue uniform w/yellow trim, red sash. Brown belt, black boot, white gaiters.".
Obvious rear vew
Further research proved, for the main part proved fruitless, though the Ottoman army certainly had similarly dressed units thoughout the latter half of the 19th century.
The Egyptians certainly had at least one unit  in Zouave dress when an understrength battalion was sent to aid Maximillian in his Mexican adventure, though it was dressed in French Zouave uniform (blue jacket with red trim) and served in the French force as their 19th Regiment.

Two units, organised for "The Sword and the Flame".
Extra colour bearer from extra command sprued
Close of some haps
The whole unit  (though still needing a CO)
After finishing and varnishing these I realised I needed to more obviously differentiating between the two units, so before packing them away into storage one unit will need a coloured dot on their bases.
The whole unit still needs an extra officer, but that can wait.
The two colour bearers are carrying the regimental flag in green with the arab numeral of  '19'
 (in deference to the French service) and is entirely fictitious, whilst the red flag is the sixth company flag used in all Egyptian regiments.  
The figures are, of course Perry's plastics with the addition of another command sprue. The officers still have the large S=ACW sash that's anachronistic to the army, but was kept for the scabbard and overall look.
They may not be up to demo standards, but I like them !

In one of my Western buildings I discovered this 40mm figure :
 I have no idea where  he came from or when I acquired him, but just by the fact he's been there for about thirty years means he's fairly old !

He is of course an Asterix figure and on the back of his belt has the copyright symbol and "Uderzo" - the author of the Asterix books.

That's it then for another week, thanks for taking the time to visit, hopefully there was something of interest and as always your comments are welcomed and appreciated.



  1. Great work on the Zouaves Joe, must feel good to have them done now. What an interesting find in the buildings, probably worth a bit to a collector

    1. Thanks dave, I am feeling good about finally getting them finished and even happier that they look better than I expected!

      I suspect "Remco", whose blog is almost erntirerly Asterix figures would be interested, but he has vast numbers of these !

  2. Great work on completing the Zouaves Joe! They look splendid.

    1. Thanks MJT, it's a relief having tem finished.

  3. My that's a big fish!
    Great painting Joe, the Zouves look pretty cool.

    1. Thanks Ray, I found an almost identical one on ebay for 99p! So not a treasure (though the fsh was in his other hand).
      The detail on the figures is pretty good, but my failing eyesight is proving bothersome,, so I just do wjat I can.

  4. Great to see the Zouaves finished Joe, what a fine looking body of men.

    1. Thanks you Michael, they may look decent but the proof of their worth would be their dice rolling I guess.

  5. They look great Joe, & the surprise find is very interesting looking, as you don't seem to remember him there little hope you can tell us what he was for I'd guess.

    1. Thans Frank. I'm just pleased they zouaves are done and dusted.
      I was completely unaware of the Asterix figure and have no recollection of him whatsoever. I'll be adding him to my other figures of unknown origin.

  6. Splendid looking zouaves! Unhygenix looks great too!
    Best Iain