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Monday, 2 December 2019

Battleground 2019

I visited the Battleground show once more, with two friends (one of whom kindly provided transport) and had a great day in their company.
The show itself was of the same high standard as last year
s one but I felt it was slightly busier, longer.
Apologies in advance for this photo-heavy post even though  managed to cut it down to less than half the amount I took!
There was the usual gamut of games, in many eras and scales - though I can;t recall anything that I would consider "pure fantasy".

Anglo Sikh Wars, with the Brits attacking a dug-in enemy !

For me it was a show where despite some wonderful-looking games, I found non inspired and although I had a flexible budget  and a list of items I wanted, I did fall foul of the usual impulse buys and went slightly over budget !
(I'll be showing the loot next week!)
On to the photos:

The defenders
 This game was huge, in every respect and probably my favourite of the show put together over the last year by my old friend Colin you can see more of it on his blog HERE .
Some of the attackers, attacking
The townsfolk going about their business
That's a fair-few cavalry!
Brompton Bankers put on this good-looking WW2 game
Refugees fleeing the Germans and no doubt hampering the US forces.
Borodino (!) by Yorkshire Coast Gamers -  DBNI rules, hence the scale.
Beautifully pained 15mms
A "Little Big Horn" scenario of Reno's escape  in 28mm
Reno's command. Game put on by Westerhope Gamers in 28mm...
...with an impressive collection of literature and other items.
Nate Zettle's "Blood and Plunder" game - lot of cardboard.
The "Old Guard Wargames Club" western desert game 1942...
... with the Afrika Corps and Italians attacking the 8th Army
Generals and Kings' Kursk Scenario - hence all the tanks
All done in 20mm and looked to be very bloody!
Overall view of "The First Charge at Hill 252,2"l
Tyneside Wargames Club's "Barbarossa" - kind of a boardgame-wargame cross
Andrew Wiley's, small but perfectly formed, "Tomb of Blood"
Redcar Ironsides' huge game "Leros- Operation Taifun"
Well done rugged terrain, and 10mm (?) land forces and "Cruel Seas" ships (I think)
The cliffs, do look formidable...
Close-up of the 88 sitting on top of the hill above
Border Reivers' fictional ACW "Battle of Plum Creek"
"British Dragoons (?) in this British Intervention scenario
General view of the engagement.
Firelock Games' "Blood and Valor (sic)" - some sort of colonial fiasco?
Vince Usher's "Carnivale" - good looking buildings, but I haven't a clue about the game
The now regular "Cake Wars" game for which I didn't see any takers all day...
Iacta Alea Est's "Battle of Leipzig", it was very bright and hurt my eyes !
The Independent Wargames Group's English Civil War game
Beautiful figures and terrain
Prince Bishop's Wargames Club's "El Cid;s raiding party"
Great looking terrain and figures even the grey walls had a little colour !
Durham Wargames Group's "Conquest of Mexico"
Lots going on in this game.

The Battlefield Trust's "Battle of Guisborough 1643" in 6mm
Stafford and Diatrict's French.Viet Minh's Vietnam game...
..."Operation Camargue". Great terrain and figures, models etc in 10mm (?)
French advancing through paddy fields

If there are any games I missed, I apologise, but I think I got all of them and whilst I don't normally take photographs of the traders, here are two of the Traders that I bought from, both of whom I hadn't encountered before, but were on my list !
IronClad's large, well detailed range of "Steampunk" (?)...
...and historical. I was just impressed by their display.
Not a game, but "Irongate's" way of displaying their excellent wares
Another view of "Irongate's" display (I spent more than I'd anticipated here)
Parting shot, still lots going on
A thoroughly enjoyable day out with amiable companions and a show where I spent a lot longer than I have done in the past.

In other News:
I managed to get three hobby sessions in this week and managed to get 150 of my Sudan figures ready to splash paint on !

Next week I'll post about all the loot I brought back from "Battleground" as that will give me added time to finish some figures off - especially as I have no hospital visits this week !

Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope that there was something of interest here and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. It does look like a good show, lots to enjoy.

    1. Thanks Michael, there certainly was a largevariety og games and trade stands.

  2. Great array of games on show, but as you say a lack of fantasy, good to hear you've got in some hobby time in the last week

    1. Thanks Dave, unlike a good many people I susect, a lack of fantasy games is no bad thing in my books, though I don;t mind seeing the odd one or two that are done well.
      ON the healthe front, only a single Hospital visit is left this year !
      Hobby time at this time of year is at a premium, (Xmas responsibilities seem to have to take precedence for some reason.

  3. Marvellous looking show and post, Joe. I especially liked the "Cake Wars" idea LOL!! Thanks for taking the time to put this article together - much appreciated :-)

    1. Thanks Blaxx, Kosmic Kake wars (as I think it may have been called in the past) was sadly ignored as far as I could tell, perhaps it's getting a bit stale ?
      This post probably took the longest time I've taken over a post for quite some time (4 hours!).

  4. Nice show there.I like that you took a lot of pictures because they speak for themselves.I myself can´t remember last time I attended to a hobby-related gathering... Thankyou very much for this report Joe.

    1. Thanks for the kind remarks Ptr. There are several blogs I follow whose writers don't seem to attend any or many shows or if they do they don't post about them!

  5. What a show! Thank you very much for a photos!

    1. Thanks Michal, it was a very good show indeed.

  6. Thanks for all the great pics Joe. There were some crackin looking games on show.

    1. Thanks Ray, there were some very, very good games and a lot of 'up-market' club-style games too. I think gamers everyhwere areuppingtheir gamein general(even I'mtrying !)

  7. It does look a show to go to, you sound very positive about it.

    1. Thanks vagabond, it is a good show (free entry helps); the traders talked to had a goo dday too and for the most part those showing ames were good to chat to too.
      This is about the farthest show I can reasonably expect to get to at just under an hour's jounrying, though in the distant past I have been a lot further afield.

  8. Thanks for the pics, I'll see if we can get a few more Fantasy games in next year!


    1. Thanks Leon, though I'm perfectly happy with the lack of fantasy games.
      Amd in case you hadn;t gathered it from my post p
      ot was a GREAT show !!!

    2. No worries, glad you enjoyed it! I've always got a little list of things to work on for each year so we'd like to get more Fantasy and more participation games in for next year hopefully.

  9. Great pics of a great show. Thanks for taking the time to post these.

    1. Thanks Steve, I've attended a good many shows over the years and this is my favourite - three years running !

  10. Great to see you well enough to get out & about Joe, great report & your loot to look forward to seen :)

    1. Thanks Frank, I must admit I was very pleased that I was ableto makeittoo as on the Wednesday before I was very doubtful.
      Strangelyenough my look pictures are awful and will have to be re-dun (and there's a fair few !