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Monday 24 June 2019

ACW (AB#4 part 3)

So this week not buildings from my ACW collection but the remaining bits and pieces that were in the first of my three drawers that hold most (not all) my ACW collection.
So, fences, one of the trademark  features of ACW battles.
They came in various guises , straight bar fences, (like the ones illustrated in the first photograph, snake fences (zig-zag fences) and 'X' fence posts with cross-pieces laid on and some stonework or mounds underneath.
I have all three types, a few commercial ones, as above, which proved costly, but mostly home-made scratch-builds. 
Homemade, snake fence
Straight fences
You need a lot of fencing for the ACW
In both 6" and 12" lengths (these are all about 12" lengths)
That's more than 30 foot of fencing !
Moving on from my fencing, made from paperclips (in case you were wondering) I also found some forgotten barricades, I'd made -mostly from Airfix wagon train bits iirc. Covered in latex as molds and then cast in plaster, making the bits reusable,
Front and back of two barricades from one mold
Two more (as above) from a second mold.
Group shot, all these can protect a single regiment they're about 5" long
A smaller barricade - goodness knows where from!
I also found some tents...
...in two varieties
I have a lot of tents !
Including a paper one for some strange reason (?)
The tents are homemade from air-drying clay iirc, hence they're all slightly different sizes and shapes.
In addition to fences and  tents, I found these two gun emplacements and haven't a clue why they were built, let alone why they were never finished !
These are big too
Close up showing figure for scale, each could easily hold a regiment
Roman bits and pieces
There always something I find that I wasn't expecting whenever I look into old storage, this drawer was no exception!

Finally below is a picture of the drawer that all the buildings etc, from this post and the previous two were stored in.

One of the three ACW drawers, with ruler for size
That's it for this week; turning a box of paperclips into fences and clay into tents isn't very interesting, but it does mean I've managed another post in a week where my enthusiasm is draining rapidly.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and if anything has caught your interest, then that's a bonus and of course, as always,  your comments are both welcomed and appreciated . 


  1. My word, that really is a lot of tents. Great terrain pieces Joe.

    1. Thanks Michael, at 5 tents to a regiment, that's only enough for two brigades !

  2. I stand amazed at your depth of modeling zeal, Zab. I see you as a "no fear scratchbuilder" kind of guy. Enjoying your many modeling projects, and proud to display your treasures with the brotherhood. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Jay, most of my scratch-builds came out of necessity and were never really meant for amything other than my own use.
      I'm quite surprised at how well most of my efforts have been recieved.

  3. Really great looking terrain sir!

    1. Thank you Michal,it was good enough got me and survived many games.

  4. The tents and fences are great,I'm surprised and impressed with the air drying clay,it's proved very useful in your hands!
    Best Iain

    1. I used to use whatever was at hand and I had access to clay - what can I say ?
      I also used to use plasticene (modeling clay)indtesd og milliput etc. as it was a lot cheaper

  5. Great stuff Joe! Can never have enough fences or tents when ACW gaming is involved 😀

    1. Thanks Ivor, you're absolutely corretct re the ACW, even with my collection of fences there was never enough.

  6. 30ft of fencing Joe you must have had the fence market cornered back then :) wonderful as always.

    1. Thanks Frank, thirty foot was a conservative estimate, but a single road across an 8 foot board could use sixteen foot of fence (if on either side of the road).