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Monday 17 June 2019

ACW (AB#4 part 2)

Another week and the remainder of my 15mm ACW buildings, unused for well over ten years.
These are all resin buildings and probably from many manufacturers, though which, I can't say for sure. I do remember that I bought them over a long period of time as, to me at least, they were very expensive. 
Though they were all bought specifically for the ACW they're obviously usable for many different eras and not just America either !
 Some of the buildings are "shells" of resin, whilst others are solid resin and all seem very tough as they have suffered very little damage over the many changes in storage locations over the years.

Stone house, but shingle roof.
Rear and side view
Another really boring grey building...
...not helped by the dull window frames and roof
A very small building
Another very small building
Still boring though.

One of th more interesting building (IMO)..
Wish I'd added matchstick porch supports
More of a barn than a dewlling,
...but a very interesting one IMO.
Log and shingles
There are some interesting features, but you have to look hard.
Looks like an 'outhouse' (wc) ...
...but probably more like a woodstore - look at the door size!

Another combination of logs and chimney
I haven't a clue why some are on bases and others are not
Another fairly boring shack...
...anyway you look at it.
Must have been a job lot on log cabins...
...but it does have a thatch/turf roof !
A huge barn (biggest building of all my ACW stuff)
Rear view (obviously)
Signal post, with AWOL signaller
Boring rear view.
"Heathcliffe...it's me..."
Finally,  a building that would probably look more at home on Ilkley Moor or the highlands in the UK rather than anywhere in the USA. Once more I have no idea of its provenance, but it has a single door and window (two at a stretch), but it is large and I find an interesting building. and further, at the time I built this collection there was very little choice !

Rear view of "Wuthering Heights"
That's it then for this week, next week, I'll be boring you to death once more with the remainder of the contents the first drawer of the three that make up my ACW  collection.

As always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. They look great Joe. You say some are boring but it is quite hard to to make them stand out when really those natural colours are what they would of looked like in those times.

    1. Thanks Brummie and of course you're right, whitewash ovr clapboard or left natural - not much choice !

  2. I think many of these buildings are by Hovels.

    1. Thanks you Simon, I'm pretty sure you;re right; I'd completely forgotten that they were indeed mostly, if not all "Hovels". I doubt if there was any other choice available at the time.

  3. They've stood the test of time really well! Nicely painted and in great shape!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, I was pleasantly surprised too how well they have survived.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Michael, they have served in many, many ACW games.

  5. A wonderful collection of buildings Joe & once again I'm happy to see to survived the perils of digging them out :)

    1. Haha, thanks Frank, these were a mere 6 ft up an shelving I've had for longer than the buildings and merely required a sturdy chair to stand on to reach. My Western building are about 8 to 9 foot up on 'Wardrobes' and require the return of my stepladders ! THe main problem is weight as they tend to be full of metal!

  6. Cool buildings Joe. I've got many of these in my collection too!

    1. Thanks Ray, I'm sure given the choices from what's available I'm pretty sure a lot of gamers will have these in their own collections too.

  7. Nice stuff, Zab. Maybe a "Rent Your Miniature Game Items Here!" is in your future.

    1. Thanks Jay,it's a great idea, but the market forces out there would require them to look Sci-Fi or Orkish !

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks you Michal, they're practical at least.

  9. Lovely buildings Joe.Great inspiration.

    1. Thanks Ptr, and even though it does inspire me to get out the figures and play a game, I doubt I can get an opponent.