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Monday, 9 July 2018

Ned's Next Big Adventure

     Ned's Column, only slightly depleted from his previous one.
So this last week, I haven't managed any painting at all and I can't blame the football either.
Instead of painting I however manage to fit in three games! Two were in Jimland where I took the part of the opposition for a friend's two Adventures into Jimland (I'll admit that I'm probably more shocked than anyone that I had a live opponent. The third game was a solo trial run through my Treasure Hunt pirate game. These three games certainly more than made up for my lack of a game during June, but his is the promised report from Edward Burlington's second adventure into Jimland, played solo in May.

From the Journal of Frederick Cartington

The Column attacked Slavers with melee weapons and rilfes (top of picture)
"Ned, with a slightly smaller budget, decided to take more food, but less bearers whilst still being able to afford the same firepower of our five soldiers."
"I gleaned that our objective would be to return to the mountain north of Jim's Landing, where we had previously discovered a river source"
"With good spirits we headed along the trail NE and across the river, encountering Natives that were ambivalent to our presence and encountering some Dinosaur bones that no-one could identify."
"Having crossed the river, we headed NW into the grassland beyond, a food bearer  was lost to the heat and just as two of our soldiers were recovering from a slight case of sunstroke we were engaged by half a dozen hostile Slavers"
"With Ned's usual style of having all the weapons to the front of the column the bearers (and Doc) made for safety whilst everyone else formed a firing line to the rear."
"Ebor and I went off to a flank and we poured on fire as the Slavers attempted to close to combat, supported by their rifles"
"The action was brief but we saw them off with no casualties on our part." 
Ineffective Slaver fire supporting their attack
All the gunfire attracted a cobra.
Two of the would be attackers regret their action.

A slaver attacks Ned  - he'll quickly regret it!
The Bearer, amazingly kills the snake!
With the Slavers losing half their force they quickly melt away
 "In good spirits we headed NW once more into grassland, but a fierce lightning strike struck down one of our bearers, this was followed the next day by torrential rain, preventing further progress"
"When we got going over the next several days, we lost a bearer to bad water, (his load of food was also ruined); and four loads of food were also found to be bad"
"So, after a mere six days in the field, we were reduced to 3 day;s worth of rations and Ned decided to head home the next day"
"The next day saw us eat our last rations as the remaining two loads of food were also found to be bad" 
 "Once more we reached the river crossing where I successfully hunted enough fresh food for an evening meal".
"Our spirits were uplifted slightly as we knew were were only a day away from the safety of Jimland and a decent meal. This euphoria was brought swiftly down to earth by an ambush almost as soon as our column set out."
"We quickly saw off these rogues to the loss of a single soldier and returned to Jimland without further incident"
Only five attackers, 3 spear armed, to the left and 2 riflemen to the right
Two of the attacker will move forward into the cover of the Jungle
The Native riflemen will also move forward and duck into the jungle
Soldiers ordered out to engage
The firing line is formed
The natives make it to cover...
...probably wishing they hadn't
Horatio joins in the fight, felling the native
"With such bad luck the expedition arrived back at Jim's Landing a beaten force. Ned was murmured to have bungled the whole thing."
"With so little land explored and only a single find, I do wonder if another expedition can be launched."
"We shall wait and see"
Ned's 2nd Adventure's route (New trails formed have been omitted)
In game terms the expedition wasn't too bad, as all the explorers survived, but the points scored were few and far between, a mere 117 points total, hardly enough for a decent expedition. I'm in two minds whether to continue with Ned's expedition, despite its lack of funds, or sack Ned and start a new expedition!

 That's it then for this week, next week I'll probably be posting about my experimental Treasure Hunt game, the mechanics of which proved very successful imho.

 As always thank you for taking the time to visit and your comments, of course, are both welcomed and appreciated



  1. I think Ned needs the boot! Better send a letter back to Blighty to Ned older and more experienced bro Jed. Now he's the biz!

    1. Thanks Ray, he may need the boot, but he has a cunning plan - Stiff upper lip old boy, what, what ?

  2. Another great game Joe - that's one tough bearer, now wearing snakeskin...

    1. I guess so, he'll probably have drinks for life, relating his story.

  3. The Expedition does seem to have more problems with food than anything else, maybe buying some Tupperware might be an option.

    Cunning plan or not Ned is on his notice or is that yellow card, he is exploring less than the previous expeditions and doesn't sound like he's turning much of a profit.

    The Pirate treasure hunt sounds interesting. I'm selecting figures to take away with me for painting and the choice is cowboys, gangsters or pirates and the pirates were the last choice, but you might change that decision.

    1. Thanks Vagabond,I do thinkthat the next expedition (planned today) may well be the last we seen of poor old Ned, unless of course he has a bit of luck!
      I really don;t wish to be blamed for your choices either! My cowboys (mostly 54mm Timpo) haven't seen thelight of day for over thirty years,; my gangster (all 160+) have been based and undercoated (thanks for reminding me) and havebeen unloved for a few years now; my pirates (about 400) Ive found the most pleasure from, having used eight (8!) in a game just this last week!

    2. I'm always impressed with the quantity of figures you have, my unpainted gangster mountain is about 30 figures and cowboys about the same, for me thats a lot of figures to paint.
      I seem to have lost the work ethic entirely. :)

    3. Thanks Vahgabond, I reckon it's a left-over trait from having large Historical armies - you can't really play Waterloo with just a couple of dozen figures, if you really want to get the feel of a big battle.
      I also laugh at Fantasy 'armies' of 50 figures.

      [Thank goodness I didn't mention the 100 (approx) unpainted zeds I have yet to add to my horde (standing at approx 500 atm.]

  4. Good to read new article of these project!
    Really love it sir!

    1. Thanks Michal,they do taketime to write up, ut it's a rewarding experience.

  5. Another great yarn and for that alone Ned gets another chance, maybe?

    1. Thanks Michael and "Bungling Burlington" (the unlucky) will certainly get another chance to redeem himself.

  6. Poor Ned, he didn’t have much luck with his food, this clearly hampered his expedition. Perhaps he deserves one more chance?

    1. Thanks dGG, I reckon everyone feels a bit of sympathy for unlucky Ned and he will be getting another chance at fame and fortune!

  7. Another great report Joe & glad to read that you got some games with someone! Things are going up ... is it coming home? :)

    1. Thanks Colin, yes having an opponent was a great treat and as I hadn't previously gamed with him even though I've known him for nearly 20 years!
      I'll still be watching football (of course), but would swap England Winning the World cup for a regular gaming opponent or two.

  8. I say sir more gripping stuff from the pen of Ned. I would wish for Ned to continue luck must go in his favour soon! Perhaps he should try for the right hand side from Jims Landing! Maybe that will be better, maybe worse. Perhaps he wil find a friendly vllage that wil trade him food! There just seems to many Slavers the way he has been going!

    I would like to wish Ned well on his next trip into the wilderness!

    1. Thanks Clint, and you've read my mind too. The next two expeditions in jimland (not mine) went to the east as I inytended to leave some "easier" areas for any potential plaer (now acheived), but Ned will be leading an expedition North and east of the lake!
      Slaver are a pain when they're hostile, but they tend to want to be left alone (leaning towards neutral).
      I'll pass on your best wishes to Ned.

  9. It might not have been much of a success for poor Ned, but it was still another cracking good AAR to read Joe :-)
    Just plain bad luck that Ned took more food along but it ended up being inedible - perhaps he should have a word with the supplier, who's obviously palming off stuff which is passed it's sell by date!

    1. Thanks Wa, if only their was a HEalth and Safety Inspector of the rations being dished out at Jim's Landing eh? However expeditions do seem to like ending up in the Jungles and swamps of Jimland where food hygeine seems to be a tad lacking.

  10. Nice, entertaining AAR,Ned seems to be drinking in the last chance saloon!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain, you're probably right, let's hope he doesn't turn into a lush.

  11. Poor old Ned he just can't seem to get a break, guess it better to be lucky then good.

    I hope you push on with Jimland Joe & am looking forward to the AAR on your treasure game.

    1. Thanks Frank, I have solvd why Ned can't get a break and will report upon it in due course!
      I am indeed pushing on with Jumlans, after renewed interest from others and have 3 new games under my belt to report upon.
      The Treasure Hunt is "in the can" as you film types say, look in again tomorrow!

  12. Pleased to hear that Joe, lots for your paying public to look forward to :)