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Monday, 7 May 2018


Getting a title for this post was very difficult as I haven't managed to do one single thing hobby-related in the last week or so!  The exception being my post last week and taking a few pics of a box I found.
Everything in this post then has been the result of things I've done in April (no fooling).
Cartington (2nd left) and his new colleagues
I did manage to get in another Jimland Adventure with the intrepid Frederick Cartington at the fore and and he was so 'successsful' in his last adventure he could now afford to have Soldiers rather than Askari accompany him into the wilds of Jimland, hence the photograph above. They're figures from my collection of Indian Mutiny forces painted many years ago, hence the different bases (currently my 'Slavers' are from the same source).
Still didn't find the source (or outlet) of the mighty Brown river!
I did realise, too late to post last week however, that I'd omitted the map from Cartington's last adventure, here it is (just in case you weren't already bored).
The map shows the route and would have enabled you to follow his last adventure a bit better (possibly, maybe, who knows?)

With my Sudanese Fuzzies finished I noticed that I'd inadvertently swapped two flags around so I 'fixed' this by stripping the flags, replacing them with the correct coloured ones, spray-varnished them outside.  Subsequently  I forgot about them, left them overnight whilst it rained. The photo shows the fairly washed out look the flags have now (I don't mind as it gave them a bit of character!) outside.

Outside being varnished
I also finished the 120 Arab types for the Sudan, way back at the start of April. Rather than the spots etc. on the backs of the figures' bases these units are almost uniformed with their patches coloured in pairs (eg. Black and red for one unit, red and blue for another etc.).

Flags added.
 As the figures can have two or three patches on an arm, one, to or three on their front and one or two on their sides, the number of colour combinations  are sufficient to allow no two figures in a unit are identical.
The Leader figures are all based on the same sculpt, 'bloke pointing' and are easily spotted.
Their flags are a random assortment, but including some blue ones, taken from the same source as the Fuzzies' flags i.e. Warflag.
"Get back in the box!"
Like the Fuzzies, they've been put into storage, sadly, probably never to seethe light of day again, let alone a wargame table.
I did wonder why I had so few guns for my Sudan and came across these, which in addition to the two other field pieces, would bring my artillery up to a reasonable level. 
Guns (bit obvious really)
The above join these two, the right-hand one found amongst my Indian mutiny  figures
Cigar box  Cornucopia of delights
As artillery is almost an  essential  for the allies when dealing with the Dervish and I have about 10 or so four figure gun teams  I was delighted to find this box of wonders, whilst looking for some model fences I made a while ago,
It had the long lost artillery that I'd wondered about and more besides.
They were obviously bought for my Boxers, but are equally at home in the Sudan.
Machine guns and a cannon!
Casualties, nine Boxers and two Sailors - how strange!
And this bloke ("Hello Sailor" ?)
Current state of paint tray (Obligatory boring picture)

My paint tray looks like the picture on the left and is in need of repair...

Current state of my paint 'tray' (piece of wood)
So I had to revert to another tray (piece of wood) for my current painting efforts.
I gathered together as many of my boxes, barrels and other stuff that I've been accumulating over the last few years and decided to paint them up, There are items from Ainsty, Col. Bill's, some home made and 3D cast  things amongst the various bits and pieces.
Whilst I may not have done anything this last week, I still have another adventure to write about, but next week I'll probably be showing some new terrain I made in April as the adventure writeup, photo editing etc. is far more time consuming.

After a week where I lost the Interweb thing for most of it, it's good to be able to post comments on  the various blogs I follow ( I think I'm finally caught up), as currently it's the only real social activity I have hobby-wise. I think I was having some form of withdrawal (and maybe it accounts for any lack of hobby progress)

I also noticed that ALDI have similar green mats in store at the same price (£6.99) as the Lidl ones and appear almost identical, the link should take you straight to it.

So that's it then for another week, I hope you've found something of interest here and as always your comments are both welcomed and appreciated.


  1. As always great to read your entries with "expeditions"
    I admire next models and shopping :)
    best regards

    1. Thanks Michal, there will of course be more expeditions to follow.

  2. Green matts in Aldi..... I may head there tomorrow.
    Really like anything Jimland related and long for the next adventure, this time with soldiers. That should discourage the slavers!

    1. Yep, I spotted them on another plog (wrongly priced at £7.99 instead of the correct price of £6.99) and thought others may still be interested.
      The soldiers aren't that much better than the Askari to be fair, but they do have slightly better save and shooting skills than the Askari.

  3. Riveting read, Joe, and I was especially interested to see your next journey into Jimland will be carrying some additional firepower. I have been meaning to ask which version of "Jimland" you use, is it the old 'freely' available PDF version, or the modern glossy-covered version by "Minden Games"?

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I'd hardly say riveting, but I'll take it anyway. (See my response to Clint re the soldiery.)
      Being the Cheapskate I am, I had the original rules (v1) released about 2003, I then updated to v1.6 and hae found the latest incarnation that I know of (1.7) that afaik was the last freely available one. (I can still find it on the interweb though).
      The "Minden Games" version, is rarer than Roking horse shit and I wouldn't buy it even if it was available.
      Email me if you want to know the addy I got my copy from.

  4. Interesting post Joe, I for one find that these kind of post can be a nice change of pace :) I have to admit I can't paint models that I didn't believe that I was going to use but then painting is not my thing, but I can admire someone else that willing to do so & have to say I'd have loved to seen them all in a big brawl :)

    1. Thanks Frank, painting figures is not my thing - I hate it with a passion, but then again I won't play with unpainted figures. I painted these up so I can justify buying more and they have been sat around for about ten years. Like so many other projects I started, it was at the whim of someone else, but I thought it should be advanced a little further (and it;s reduced the lead mountain by at least a hillock!)

  5. My word you have been busy Joe and it must be good finishing off a unit and having them safely put away.

    1. Thanks Michael, it was a good feeling getting all the Fuzzies and Arab units completed, but sad too that I can't envisage them being used in the foreseeable future.

  6. Nice post Joe it's interesting to see what you are up to. Aldi carpet - you little tease, I looked in 3 Lidl's the last time you posted about this, and couldn't find them. I was very fortunate that Greg took pity on me and let me have half of the mat he was able to buy. I have to say it is very good, so if the Aldi ones are the same they are a worthwhile buy.
    Wilko had 2 more of the elephants the other day so I now have a herd of 3 of them, for when I get to Jimland.

    1. Thanks Vagabond, I like the caper too and have two, but I'm almost certain that I'll be cutting one in two to get a playing area with one half and the other will be used for a river (stay tuned).
      I've been popping in to Wilkos fairly frequently in the quest for another Elephant, so consider me jealous.

  7. Nice propaganda pictures of the vast horde of followers you own and send out into battle. Also, I am wondering what lies hidden in the white hex in the jungle.

    1. Thanks Jay, I do wonder though that even though a lot of bloggers have several hunders followers, their number of comments don't reflect it and more importantly it doesn;t matter to me.
      Ahh, the white hex and the course of river too, both targets for the next expedition !

  8. Wonderful mixed bag of a post Joe, and what a cracking find with the box of boxer wonders :-)
    Talking of boxes - that's an impressive collection of containers currently "under the brush".

    1. Thanks WA, I been buying, collecting and squirrelling away containers for quite a while now, so time to pint something other than figures.

  9. Great progress though Joe! Bah I am on the look out for one of those mats. Was skint when I saw some in the local store. Now all gone since I been paid!

    1. Thanks Brummie and a bummer about the mats, if you're desperate for one, maybe you should put a call out on your blog?