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Monday 29 May 2017

Star Fort

Not a star fort
This last week saw me completely dissatisfied with my new terrain boards, the finish just wasn't what I was after, so I've decided to re-do them using more filler to hide the linear streaks that had appeared.

Above board covered in filler (still not a star fort)

As  I leave the filler to dry overnight and wanted to crack on with this project I cut out my template for the proposed star fort. It had to be fairly small, unlike the two I've made previously - a five bastion one needing about a 5 foot square to set up and a six bastion one needing a slightly bigger area.
Here's the boring steps:
The template (pretty boring huh?)

The top "layer" (only slightly less boring)
The lower layer (60mm blue foam stuff)
Top layer cut out (this will form the parapet)
The two layers with the middle cut out!
I used the top layer as a template for the central hole , the standing part of the parapet is about  50mm wide, the parapet itself is 25mm high and 15mm wide,
You'll notice the fort isn't at all square, this was intentional and leaves a little extra  internal space to fit some sort of building in it, but it'll still be tight.
I glued on the top layer and again used it as a template for the bottom blue foam piece (the foam fell off the back of a wagon - honest guv!), leaving about a 1cm 'sicking out' , this was then sawed down to an angle, with the parapet
losing about 5mm from it's 15mm thickness. The blue foam stuff I found fairly hard to work with, having never used it before but I got there in the end  and filler will cover up all the mistakes!
Start of the harbour board
I also started on another board, that will be used as a harbour, cutting two triangles into it and using the pieces cut out as extensions to the board.

And glued in place (Evo Stick PVA)
 I also did that to both ends and cut out the middle bit giving a bit of a bay.; here's the result
Here's the result (again ! - *yawn!)
"Lift that barge, tote that bale" - bear with me... 
I also managed to finish off and varnish (more or less) some of the figures I've been painting over the last, though I'm not happy with the basin, though they're not for the pirate project and not will they be seen in a Zombie game!
Yup, it's another 10-15 year old project being resurrected  (Clint does not have the monopoly) 
Monkey Island anyone ?
Lastly, I've also being digging about for other 'useful' for the new (ahem) project and came up with this  model I'd started all those years ago.
It's a plastic baboon/monkey from goodness knows where and that had a bit of  filler on it (it was also on a 5mm piece of foam with a screw through the base ?)
The base has been cut down and the model painted up a bit, though I've  yet to add a bit of jungle greenery!

 So I've had a frustrating week, especially with the boards, bought more filler and realised I can't tell the difference between 'Burnt Sienna' and 'Burnt Umber', but I've made some progress (- namely the boring bits - sorry).

That's it then for this week, thanks for taking the time to visit and as always your comments are both welcomed and very much appreciated.


  1. Oh very, very interesting project.i'll be waiting for the next steps.
    best wishes

    1. Thanks Michael, I hope to make a little progress over the next week

  2. I am loving the "star Fort". There is a Napoleonic fort near here... (Actually there are several but one open to the public).

    As for Monkey Island who could resist!

    1. Thanks Clint, th ebest example I can think of near me is Berwick upon Tweed city walls and the sconce at Newark, both fine examples that have inspired me.

  3. Despite you saying you've had a frsutrating week, I think you've made some marvellous progress, Joe, as well as written a very good posting too. Great stuff, and looking forward to seeing how the Star Fort turns out.

    1. Thanks Blaxx, I do feel I've made progress, just not as much as I'd have hoped I guess and at the very leasfocused.

  4. The star fort looks great Joe, progress is progress

    1. Thanks dGG, as you say progress is always a good thing no matter how little (though a little more would have been nice)

  5. You've been doing plenty of hoovering up, too, I'd expect. Polystyrene gets everywhere!
    Looking good though.

    1. Thanks Roy and you're correct about the mess too. The mess is however all contained in the one room and is in a continual state of being tidied.

  6. Nice starfort, terrain always takes me more time than I allow for it and makes me impatient, I think your making good progress.
    Best Iain

    1. If it wasn;t for blogging I'd still be content with chalk markson a green painted table I reckon. I hate all this modelling and painting, whther it be terrain figures or buildings, I'd rather be playing games!

    2. Zabadak, those are heretical words and you don't mean them. You inspire us with your terrain.

  7. I love this model of yours and it is one of your best and also one that can be used in many scenarios.Great work!

    1. Thanks Ptr, I hope it gets a lot more use than a lot omy other models that I've made...
      another star fort (large)...
      a Japanese style castle...
      I could go on...

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